Everyday Cosplay: Negan

By now, I’m betting that most of you have seen the season finale of The Walking Dead (and don’t freak out if not, no spoilers in this post), and I’m assuming Negan captivated you as quickly as he captivated me. I mean, it wasn’t a pleasant captivated, not by a long shot.

jeffrey dean morgan shrug

Negan is hella terrifying, and a SUPER bad guy–but he’s a bad guy that you just can’t forget. I think he’s the most formidable foe that the group has faced since the Governor. Plus, he’s played by Poppa Winchester, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, happily bringing the Supernatural universe together with the Walking Dead universe.

While this season may have ended on a CRAZY cliffhanger, I just couldn’t manage to shake Negan. Since I couldn’t get him out of my subconscious, I decided I’d commemorate his part in my stress dreams by creating a Negan-inspired everyday cosplay look. Take a peek:

Everyday Negan



What did you think of Negan? Do you think he’s the toughest enemy Rick and the gang have faced yet, or do you think someone else is? Let me know in the comments!

Everyday Cosplay: Carl Grimes

You guys, ever since I had to bow out of recapping The Walking Dead for The Mary Sue, my Walking Dead life has been a mess. I am currently two–yes, TWO–weeks behind on TWD. I just don’t even know what to do with myself right now, because I know the last two episodes were intense, and remaining out of the loop is just a bit too much for me right now.


So while I am painfully behind on TWD, I decided to do what I could to keep the walker-fever alive with some CORAL-inspired everyday cosplay. I even included a fancy purse that I found on Etsy that straps around your thigh. And, no spoilers in this post, but I included some sunglasses since Carl’s all about the…um…eyewear these days. Trust me, in this outfit, you’ll NEVER be able to stay in the house*.

Everyday Carl Grimes



Are you caught up on The Walking Dead? Without giving spoilers, are you enjoying this half of the season so far? Let me know in the comments!

*Okay, I know Carl is way beyond his “where is Carl, I told you to stay in the house, Carl” days, but it will still be one of my favorite TWD inside jokes ever–second only to Rick Grimes dad jokes

The Walking Dead: Nobody’s Safe? Really?

First off, let me just say that I’m sorry for the radio silence around here. I was super sick for the past several days, but it’s all good now!


Back to the matter at hand! Fandom! Geekery! Zombies!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a Walking Dead recap this week. Unfortunately, because of huge amounts of scheduling conflicts, I’m not going to be able to recap The Walking Dead at The Mary Sue anymore. It’s a bummer, and I’m so sad to have to miss out. However, I am going to be so incredibly busy in the next few months and I just won’t be able to do a good job for TMS recapping. I don’t know who is going to be taking up the helm, but I’m sure they’ll be great so check ’em out. And don’t worry, I’ll still be live-tweeting the show when I can and writing about the show here when I can.

I was able to watch the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, and I had All the Thoughts. So before I jump in, all those not caught up on The Walking Dead be warned:


My thoughts on the premiere? Overall it was a fun episode. It had lots of zombie gore and Daryl saved the day with a rocket launcher twice. Even so, I didn’t fully agree when I tuned in to Talking Dead and Chris Hardwick called it one of the best episodes ever. Why? There was drama. We watched Rick lose Jessie, a woman he was starting to allow himself to fall in love with. We saw Carl get shot, and then Rick got a great monologue where he told Carl he wanted to show Carl the “new world”. Dr. Denise and her Wolf captor had a lot of great character development, but I didn’t think it was the best because it didn’t exactly live up to the expectations I had.

After all, they were calling this premiere one of the bloodiest in a while, and touting how “everyone will NOT survive”. That’s the thing with The Walking Dead. The show always preaches about how “no one is safe” and that every single character could die at any moment. For a while, we all believed them. The early seasons brought us Carol’s husband’s death, Andrea’s sister’s death, T-Dog, Sophia, Dale, Andrea, Herschel, Lori, Tyrese, Beth, Noah, and Shane. All major characters whose deaths were shocking, but since Noah died last season, we haven’t had any big character deaths. You could maybe count Deanna in that, but since we were only just getting to know her, I’d say she wasn’t quite yet to the level of Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Carol, Rick, or Carl.  Instead of a major character death, we get situations like this:

glenn dumpster.gif

In case you can’t tell, in the center of that horde (in front of the magic dumpster) is Glenn Rhee. He survived this by simply scooting and camping out underneath that dumpster. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that Glenn is alive, but as more episodes go by without major character deaths and the show runners keep saying, “No one is safe!” it makes me wonder. Is that even really true anymore? Do I even want it to be true?


Over the past several seasons, they’ve seriously culled the herd of major characters. Now we’re down to a pretty small member of “main characters”–I’d say that’s Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne. They all feel almost vital to the show. I can’t imagine The Walking Dead any one of those characters, but still, watching the show knowing that anyone who isn’t in the main bunch (or even the secondary main bunch like Sasha, Abraham, and Eugene) is essentially a Red Shirt really lowers the stakes for me. The Walking Dead is often likened to Game of Thrones, another show notorious for killing off its main characters. That show has killed off loads of highly popular, main characters, and it keeps on killing it in the ratings. It’s kind of awesome to watch a show not knowing exactly who will live and who will die. For a while, that was The Walking Dead, but I fear that they’re moving away from those crazy high stakes that we’ve come to love. Sure, it’s rad to know that our main characters will be safe more often than they’re endangered, but after a while doesn’t that start to remove the urgency of a zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic world? In the mid-season premiere, there were loads of times where the survivors wiggled away from a near death experience, and by the end of the episode, I almost felt like rolling my eyes.

No, I don’t want any of my walker-fighting babies to die, but part of what I love about TWD is how brutal the world is. If it’s only brutal to Red Shirts, that urgency and moral questioning is gone. Of course, this all could be lulling us into a false sense of security. If you know the story of Negan from the comics–don’t worry, not spoilers here–you know that he will be bringing some serious craziness into the safe lives of our survivors. So it could be that the stakes are just about to get higher.

Ultimately, it’s a fine line to balance, making sure there are enough characters for us to get involved in the show without losing the show’s edge. I don’t want to lose any of my faves, but I also am really concerned that The Walking Dead could potentially be losing its edge by giving in to fan pressure. Of course, only time will tell.

What do you guys think? Is The Walking Dead losing its edge by keeping so many of the core group alive for so long–even in crazy circumstances like Glenn and the dumpster–or is it simply taking time to develop characters before they launch into the next, gut-wrenching story line? Let me know what you think in the comments!  

The Mary Sue Post: The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale Recap

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of the first half of season 6 of The Walking Dead. This season has been quite unique in that it has only spanned across the time of a couple of days, but despite that small amount of time, this season has been packed with action. I’m talking about the entire thing over at The Mary Sue–and the crazy ominous introduction to NEGAN.

Speaking of Negan, did you catch the “post credits” scene that was the prologue to part II of this season? If not, never fear, I’ve got it for you right here. Didn’t see the finale? No worries. There aren’t any spoilers in this clip:

OH MY WORD, I’m so nervous about Negan, you guys. But enough hand-wringing over what’s to come. For now, head over to The Mary Sue and we can talk about the mid-season finale. Here’s a bit from my recap (SPOILER ALERT):


…I can officially say that I am frustrated beyond belief with Morgan. His character progression has been fascinating to watch, but I’m so tired of his new lifestyle putting literally EVERYONE at risk. I appreciate Morgan doing everything he can to keep a firm grasp on his humanity, but I fear that all he’s ultimately doing is making naive choices that will crush him and the entire group. I’m curious, especially with the introduction of Negan and the Saviors (we’ll talk about them in a second), how Morgan will fare in the second half of the season.

Over at Rick’s group, the group makes a startling discovery once they are safe in Jessie’s house: Deanna has been bitten. As they decide what move to make next, and as they allow Deanna some time to process that her life will soon be over, Ron and Carl are in the basement having the worst-timed fight in the history of ever. Last week’s episode ended with Ron very clearly intending to shoot Carl. Ron holds a lot of anger towards Carl and Rick, with Rick killing Ron’s dad, and Carl having a strange relationship with Ron’s girlfriend, Enid. I had hoped that the ginormous walker herd would sway Ron’s teenage bursts of anger, but it only served to amplify it. Ron attacks Carl and tries to shoot him, breaking windows and letting walkers in the house in the process. When Rick asks Carl if everything was okay in the basement between the two boys, Carl assures Rick that everything is fine. Carl then goes into the other room with Ron, lays the verbal smack down on Ron. While Carl managed to diffuse the situation for the moment, I feel very certain that we haven’t seen the last of murderous Ron…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue, and let me know your thoughts about the episode and what’s to come in part II of season 6 in the comments!

The Mary Sue Post: The Walking Dead Recap

You guys, this season of The Walking Dead has been giving me tons of feelings. With a major character that I love potentially dying but potentially being okay, this season has left me a hot mess of big fandom feels. It also doesn’t help that the showrunners are low-key trolling us all by taking the actor’s name out of the credits and making us wait WEEKS to find out this guy’s fate.

Well, this week still didn’t give us answers on that particular characters fate (can you tell I’m avoiding spoilers up here?) but it did give us an episode more Daryl-focused, which is always a plus. I’m over at The Mary Sue talking about it, and I hope you’ll join me over there to break down the episode–and the mysterious voice on the walkie at the end! (spoilers ahead–be wary)


…Daryl is separated from Sasha and Abraham after a spontaneous attack. While my first instinct was to call the attackers Wolves, they seem far too in control and too calculated for the crazy, unrestrained brutality of the Wolves. They’re also attacking in cars with guns, when Wolves–at least the ones we’ve met–attack on foot without guns. I have a guess on who the attackers are, but more on that later.

As Daryl is trying to hide from his attackers, a group of three road-weary travelers take Daryl captive and steal his crossbow. Right off the bat, it seems like these three think Daryl is someone he isn’t, repeatedly saying Daryl is “one of them”, defending the bag they’re carrying by saying, “we earn what we took.” It’s obvious that these guys have clearly escaped from someone, but again, their lucid nature and the lack of a grotesque W carved into their forehead makes me think they aren’t Wolves.

While Daryl was busy being a prisoner, Abraham and Sasha held up in the office of Sunrise Auto Insurance to wait for Daryl and plan their next move if he never showed up. I’ll be honest, things got a bit weird between those two. Sasha spent a great deal of the episode trying to figure out where exactly Abraham’s head was. Both Sasha and Abraham have really struggled with living life in this new world, but Sasha seems to have some wisdom and peace that Abraham is notably lacking. While Abraham is busy being reckless, jumping from moving cars, nearly shooting a lone walker, and yelling in the faces of walkers, Sasha tries to figure out what exactly Abraham’s motivation is for being so reckless. Sasha and Abraham have big conversations on the point of life, especially in light of their losses, Abraham losing his family and his world-saving mission, and Sasha losing her brother and her boyfriend. Their entire interaction here seems bizarre, Sasha trying to keep Abraham lucid and safe, and Abraham essentially going a bit stir crazy. Of course, it all culminates with Abraham coming on to Sasha because he just knows she’s into him. That gross pick up line aside, it’s unclear if he was right about Sasha’s feelings for him. It’s also unclear if, when she said he had things to get in order back home, if it was in reference to Rosita. We’ll have to see how that random pairing plays out…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue, and tell me your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Episode II Recap

So my recapping at The Mary Sue is in full swing. While I’m stoked to be back at TMS, I have to say that my reaction to AMC’s new zombie show, Fear the Walking Dead is…not as thrilled. I mean, this week’s episode was better, no doubt, but still, after watching the second episode of the show, I’m just not as excited about the show as I hope I’d be. The show’s not bad, but it also isn’t great. I rate it as One Sammy Shrug.

sam shrug

Still, the show has zombies in it and is a brainchild of Robert Kirkman. That alone is gonna make this one really hard for me to quit. There is so much potential here, and I feel like they’re so close to making the show truly awesome. So for better or for worse, I’m hopelessly devoted to Fear the Walking Dead. 

hopelessly devoted

So wait with me, friends, for that shiny moment that FTWD finally lives up to the amazing standards set by TWD–whether it really comes or not. Until that moment, join me over at The Mary Sue to talk about what went down on the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead is off and running. If you aren’t caught up on the show, read on at your own risk—spoilers ahead!

Last week’s episode kicked off AMC’s newest zombie drama with a bit of a rocky start. The show was filled with tons of kinetic zombie energy, but none of it ever actually bubbled to the surface. We started and ended the show with some dramatic zombie action, but the rest of it was a lot of family drama. There’s nothing wrong with a show all about family drama, but we need to see some undead action here! I was really hopeful that the second episode of the show would kick things up a notch, and we’d see that same Kirkman magic that we’ve all come to love from The Walking Dead.

And … it sort of happened.

After last week’s episode where Maddie, Travis, and Nick witnessed and interacted with their first walker (second walker for Nick, of course), they were understandably shaken. They respond by rushing home to move the family out to the desert to “ride out” whatever the hell is happening in L.A…

Read the rest of my recap over at The Mary Sue, and let me know what you thought of Fear the Walking Dead so far in the comments! 

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale at The Mary Sue

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was CRAZY intense and super tragic. Join me over at The Mary Sue for some group therapy.


I say this every week, but oh my word, those of you who aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, heed my warning today especially: Spoiler. Alert.

This week brought us the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, and honestly, I’m kind of just sitting here shell shocked over the entire episode. The last time the show had me this torn up was the “look at the flowers” incident. So let’s try to process the episode together.

Last week’s episode set us up for a big showdown between Rick’s group and the hospital. Rick had captured three of Dawn’s cops, and the plan was to offer an exchange, Dawn’s officers for Beth and Carol. The episode ended with Officer Bob knocking out Sasha and escaping. This week kicked off with Bob running away, Rick close at his heels. After Rick tells Bob to stop running and Bob refuses, Rick rams a car into Bob–possibly breaking Bob’s spine–and then shoots Bob in the head. I gotta be honest. Rick acting this mercilessly and this brutally, offering Bob one chance to surrender and then paralyzing and killing him? That kind of reminds me of someone…

Read the rest at The Mary Sue!

The Walking Dead Part II Recap: After



The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead brought us back to the prison after the Governor’s attack caused the group to spread out in several different directions. Because everyone is so spread out, we didn’t reunite with all of the characters. So unfortunately, we still don’t know the fate of everyone on Team Prison, but we did catch up with a few of them. This episode focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne, and it was pretty intense. 

If there was one central theme to the episode, it would have to be about what it means to truly live and survive after the zombie apocalypse. Michonne, Carl, and even Rick start to work through what life has to look like in a world infested with walkers. Before meeting Andrea, Michonne’s survival technique was to go it alone, to not feel, and not get attached to anyone or any place. For her, she was winning as long as she was breathing. Rick, on the other hand, had a completely different philosophy. He desperately tried to cling to any sort of normalcy in his life. He would raise Carl in the way any regular parent would, walkers or not, and he still tried to cling to rules and social norms that were becoming more and more irrelevant. His insistence on clinging to any sort of life that looked like “the way things used to be” is especially important to him as Carl seems to be growing up hardened and cold in response to the chaos around him. This episode forced Carl, Rick, and Michonne to take a closer look at the life they are building and ultimately restructure their priorities…

…read the rest here at the Girls of Geek 12 site!

Questions I Can’t Wait for The Walking Dead to Answer


1. Rick and the group have officially lost the prison, and the group is completely separated. 
The Governor couldn’t get the prison and Rick out of his mind, so when the Governor re-assembled a group of followers, he marched them straight to the prison to take it over. Of course, stuff and thangs in this world are never as easy as they are in the planning stages, so what ended up happening was a bloodbath between team Rick and team Governor, causing the prison to become officially restocked on its supply of walkers, and Rick’s group ran for safety in about ten thousand different directions. We haven’t seen the group this split up since Hershel’s farm was overrun, and I’m not sure how the group plans to reunite, if there is any sort of a plan at all. n to become officially restocked on its supply of walkers, and Rick’s group ran for safety in about ten thousand different directions. We haven’t seen the group this split up since Hershel’s farm was overrun, and I’m not sure how the group plans to reunite, if there is any sort of a plan at all. 

…Follow me here to Girls of Geek 12 to read the rest!