Thor: Ragnorak’s First Teaser Is Here!

Thor is undoubtedly my favorite Avenger (at least in the MCU–I am a bit more torn in the comics universe). His standalone films haven’t always garnered heaps of fan praise (though I’ll fight anyone who says Kat Dennings isn’t a freaking gem in those movies), but Thor’s latest movie seems like it’s going to be one for the ages. I am so excited for Thor: Ragnorak to hit theaters, and I’ve been hyped up since they first announced it WAY back at the Marvel Event in 2014. Marvel has slowly been releasing images from the film and promotional pieces, and they look AMAZING. Just look at this poster:

I think Ragnorak is going to feel unlike any other Thor film before, and will work nicely into the new look and feel that Marvel is cultivating with Phase III. And while I personally enjoyed the first Thor and Dark World (though I admit that they most certainly had their issues) I think infusing some fresh energy into his films can do nothing but good. Let’s take a look at the teaser trailer that released today!

Obviously, this trailer is teaser and doesn’t give too much away, but we know that Thor has been captured and is forced to become a gladiator (and cut his hair–which some might argue is the real tragedy here). And happily, we find that he’s captured with his ol’ green buddy, Hulk/Bruce Banner–though I’m really curious to see how much Bruce Banner we’ll see and how much of The Other Guy we’ll see in the film as this can’t be a safe environment for Bruce to show his human form–unhappily, they’ve got to fight each other in the ring. Regardless of the outcome of their fight (though my money’s on both of them surviving…because, well, obviously), I absolutely adore Thor’s reaction to seeing the Hulk in the ring. I definitely wanted to cheer alongside of Thor when the Hulk burst onto the scene, but I just died when Thor shouted, “He’s a friend from work!” Classic Thor, and I love that this movie isn’t losing that corny Marvel shtick that makes these heroes lovable (while still portraying them as highly skilled fighters).

Apart from getting a fresh story from one of my faves, there are some amazing new faces entering the MCU. Jeff Goldblum as General Commodus, Cate Blanchett is the utterly badass Hela, and Tessa Thompson is the incredible Valkyrie. We didn’t get too much of Valkyrie in action (though she looks like she’ll be a force to be reckoned with), so I’m excited to see more of her. And Hela…oh man, Hela. I wasn’t sure how Cate Blanchett would do as an MCU baddie, but HOLY CRAP. Hela looks like she’s going to kick some serious ass in this film, and I am READY FOR IT.

As the MCU grows, it can get a bit nerve-wracking that this behemoth of comic book goodness will get too big for Disney and Marvel to handle well. However, I think Phase III has gotten off to a great start, and this new Thor film is going to knock everyone’s socks off. Of course we’ve got to wait quite a while for Thor to hit theaters–November, to be exact. But to slate your Marvel thirst, here are the dates of all of the amazing Marvel stuff coming out between then and now:

Out now: Iron Fist, Netflix
May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy 2, theaters
July 7: Spider-Man: Homecoming, theaters
August 18: Defenders, Netflix

Are you excited about Thor: Ragnorak? What other Phase III properties are you excited to see? Let me know in the comments! 

Everyday Cosplay: Loki

Who doesn’t love Loki, amirite? He’s one of those great villains who straddles the line between bad guy, a dude who is so wonderfully sassy that you can’t help but love him, and a guy with a tragic backstory that makes you want to love him forever.


Loki is the best, and I just love the dynamic he brings to any of the MCU films he’s in as well as any comic he’s in (I really loved his appearance in Ms. Marvel, for instance). So of course I wanted to pull together a look to bring the Trickster into everyday life–especially with comic con coming up, I need to start thinking convention fashion! So here’s a Loki everyday cosplay look, because every day can use a little Loki.

Everyday Loki



Who’s your favorite MCU baddie? Have you started thinking about what you’re wearing to comic con? Let me know in the comments!

Fandom Nails: Avengers!

It’s Ultron week, so I’ve been focusing pretty heavily on getting you ready for the premiere with tips on throwing an awesome watch party and some everyday cosplay suggestions. Of course I couldn’t let this week go by without doing some Avengers-inspired fandom nails, right?


Weeellll, Avengers nails weren’t as easy as I thought they’d be. I began with these grand plans of putting very elaborate designs on my nails that would clearly and perfectly represent each Avenger. However, after the zillionth failed attempt at painting a tiny mjolnir on my nails…

i'm done

Still, I wasn’t ready to give up entirely. I packed up my nail polish for the night, and came back the next day to give it another try. Only this time I opted for some less-obvious tributes to my favorite group of superheroes. Here’s what I used (spoiler alert: I used a crapton of nail polish):

Nail Polish

OPI, Yoga-ta Get This BlueSalon Perfect, Black DiamondSalon Perfect, White OutNicole by OPI High Shine Top CoatPetites, Passion OrangeNYC, White Lights GlitterPure Ice, BewareSally Hansen, Slick SlateSally Hansen, Black HeartSally Hansen, Purple CrazeOrly, Teal Unreal

I got my inspiration from other nail designs I found online. However, most designs I found were super colorful. I decided that I didn’t want to have so many contrasting colors happening on my nails, so I opted for blue on my ring fingers, and then I alternated between the slate and the black on my other nails. I work in an office, y’all. I can’t go around work with bright red, green, purple, AND blue nails, yafeelme?

After picking base colors that would both serve my purposes and keep my bosses happy, I tackled the designs. For Thor, I opted for a lightning bolt rather than the mjolnir–way easier. I went for red (okay, dark orange–it was all I had), white, and blue stripes for Cap (I’ve seen several Captain America nails with stars, too, but I am so bad at drawing stars on paper, so I didn’t want to even attempt them on my nails). I created a arc reactor-esque design for Iron Man, and I drew a basic arrow for Hawkeye. Since I was quickly running out of fingers, I tossed symmetry to the wind and used my thumbs to rep Black Widow and Hulk. On one thumb, I drew purple and green (okay, teal–again, all I had) stripes for Hulk–I wasn’t even going to attempt to draw a DNA strand, radioactive symbol, or Hulk-face on my nails–and a red hourglass for Black Widow.

I added a green glitter to my Hulk nail to bring out the green, and on the other nails I added a silver glitter. I felt like a bit of glitter gave the nails a bit of superhero magnificence. Also, I just love glitter. Here’s how the nails turned out:

Avengers NailsWhat do you think? Have you tried any Avengers nail designs? Are you doing anything special for the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Let me know your premiere plans–be they watch parties, everyday cosplay, fandom nails, or something completely different–in the comments! 

Everyday Cosplay: The Avengers

It’s just about time for Age of Ultron to hit theaters! Get excited, Marvel fans! Earlier in the week I wrote up a few tips to a killer Marvel watch party over at Geek & Sundry, and now I’ve got a few ideas for some Avengers-themed everyday cosplay. Check it out:
Everday Hulk/Bruce Banner Cosplay
Everyday Black Widow Cosplay
Everyday Captain America Cosplay
Everyday Thor Cosplay
Everyday Ironman Cosplay
Everyday Hawkeye

And, for those of you who can’t pick just one Avenger to emulate, I give you the generic S.H.I.E.L.D. agent everyday cosplay:

Everyday SHIELD Agent Cosplay

Of course, do be careful with this one. That tank top definitely might give away any Hydra-leaning tendencies you might have…

Are you going to be watching Avengers: Age of Ultron when it premieres this weekend? Let me know your premiere-viewing plans in the comments!

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Characters I’d Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner


It’s time for another Fandom 5 post, the awesome, weekly linkup started by the lovely Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. If you haven’t checked out my other Fandom 5 posts, be sure to do that; they’re a ton of fun! This week’s post is all about Thanksgiving, specifically characters I’d love to have over for Thanksgiving dinner. Here are my five, but let me just warn you about the folks on my list:

stone cold weirdos

1. Thor

I mean, who wouldn’t want Thor at their Thanksgiving feast? He’s charming, he’s dashing, he won’t just leave his stuff lying around your house…

polite thor…and if he likes the food, you’ll know instantly.

thorJust maybe don’t bust out the good china when you have him over.

2. Luna Lovegood


Luna is one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter. Luna is genuinely sweet and caring, knows how to keep pesky nargles away like no one else, and girlfriend knows how to party.

lovegood danceReally, I just kind of want to be best friends with Luna…

3. Shane Walsh

I dunno why, but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Shane. I know he’s nuts, but still, I couldn’t help but like this guy. Besides, it’s always nice to have a wildcard at any Thanksgiving get together, amirite? Though I will ask everyone to check their weapons at the door. No one is allowed to go full Shane at my house. At least not until after dessert.

shane4. Richmond 

Because I want my Thanksgiving feast to be a giant bucket of crazy, I’d be fully remiss if I didn’t invite my favorite Goth and former executive, Richmond. Though his appearance might trouble some (I’ll have to make sure Shane knows he’s not a walker)…richmond

…he’s an absolute sweetheart. Besides that, no one else has his skill at starting interesting and engaging conversations.

richmond spider5. Donna Noble

Donna is one of my favorite companions on Doctor Who, and her sass knows no bounds. Besides, since I’ll be having the God of Thunder and a psycho zombie killer at my Thanksgiving feast, I’ll need someone to help me keep order.

donna noble sass

What characters would you invite to your Thanksgiving dinner? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out the other Fandom 5 posts by following the hashtag, #Fandom5! 

#MarvelEvent Recap


You guys, I need to take a breath here. I just finished following Marvel’s liveblog as they unveiled of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was AMAZING. Be sure to check out my livetweet of the event of it on Storify.

Oh, and I’ll just leave these here…

civil wardr strange guardians 2 ragnorakblack panther concept

avengers infinity warcaptain marvel inhumans

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer Released

UPDATE: In addition to the teaser trailer, Marvel has also released a trailer poster. Check it out!


Despite Marvel’s plans to release the first official trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron during next week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the trailer was leaked yesterday. While Marvel promptly pulled it down and made this official statement in regard to the leak…

…Marvel ultimately decided to give in to Hydra’s bullying and release the trailer earlier than planned. I’ll be honest, I’m not really complaining. Take a peek:

For those wondering, here is my official review of the Age of Ultron trailer:

jeremy renner

What do you think of the trailer? Are you as excited as I am for Age of Ultron? Let me know in the comments!

Marvel Is Dropping Milo Manara Variants…For Now


UPDATE (9/25): Bleeding Cool has approached Marvel, it seems Manara’s covers haven’t actually been pulled. He is still slated to create variant covers for upcoming issues Thor and Axis, as well as other Marvel comics. His variants will not be appearing in Thor #1 or #2 or Axis #1 due to scheduling constraints on his part, not because Marvel pulled the plug on his work. Marvel’s editor-in-chief Alex Alonso told Comic Book Resources, “Clearly, unequivocally, I want to state that this is only a scheduling problem.” 


Several comic book fans were not thrilled at all when Milo Manara’s variant cover for Spider-Woman was released, myself included. Depicting Jessica Drew in a highly sexualized, nearly physically impossible pose made some female comic book fans that, once again, they were simply not welcome to play with the “real heroes” of the comic book world–which was kind of interesting, considering Marvel recently announced one of their longest-standing heroes, Thor, would be a woman starting in October:

thor 1

Well, it seems that Marvel took the backlash against Manara’s cover seriously. The artist was slated to create a variant for Thor #2 and Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #1, and it seems his name has been removed from the comic’s credits. Instead, Siya Oum will be handling the Avengers and X-Men variant, and the Thor #2 variant artist hasn’t been revealed yet.

Obviously, Marvel isn’t dropping Manara completely. The man does have several fans of his work, and there were several comic readers who didn’t understand what the big deal was about the Spider-Woman variant in the first place. Sure, I’m not a fan of his stuff, but it makes sense that Marvel would continue to commission work from him since he does seem to still have some relevance (and makes money) in the comic book world. However, it seems Marvel will be exercising a bit of discretion on where his work is featured. But more than anything, can I just say how thrilled I am that he won’t be doing a variant for Thor (at least at this point)?

Captain America: Another Big Change in the Marvel Universe

Marvel is keeping us on our toes! A few days ago we heard the male Thor we all know and love will be deemed unworthy to wield the Mjolnir and posses the power of Thor (and apparently retain the name of Thor), and a woman will be deemed worthy instead. We also got our first glance at this new, female Thor: 

It seems the changes aren’t done yet. Last night on the Colbert Report, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada announced that Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America come November. Instead, the new hero to stand for all things justice, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will be The Falcon himself, Sam Wilson. Here’s a glimpse: 

The reasoning behind Sam taking over for Steve is a bit less dramatic than male-Thor’s exit (I am STILL not sure how to refer to “old Thor”–I really thought Thor was a name, not a title, but I digress). Steve Rogers’ body will simply not be able to take the physical demands of being Cap, and so he will pass the torch on to Sam. It sounds like Steve will still be around in this new chapter of Captain America, and he’ll be a sort of tutor for Sam (even teaching him how to toss the shield in that classic Cap way). So even though Steve might be done protecting our streets as Cap, it sounds like he isn’t going to be going anywhere. 

I’m also beginning to hear rumors that there is going to be a similar shake-up in the near future for Iron Man. I have absolutely nothing substantial to support that, but given Marvel’s changes to 2 out of the “Big Three”, it seems likely. 

It’s hard to know what to think about these changes. Part of what makes comic book characters great is that they are sort of “timeless”. They seem to abide by a different law of aging and time (even the human superheroes), and that is what makes them great–they are always around. To be fair, we’re not seeing the end of Thor or Captain America, we’re just seeing the end of familiar faces in those roles. Still, it will feel very weird at first not having Steve Rogers as the perennial Cap (even though others have stepped in that role) and Thor as…um…Thor (honestly, what are they going to call him now???). 

One thing I am proud of Marvel for doing is actively pursuing diversity in their superheroes. We have a female, Muslim superhero in Ms. Marvel, a woman in Captain Marvel and Black Widow (and now Thor), an African-American woman in Storm, and Captain America will now be an African-American man. I think that’s great, and really exciting. Comic book fans are incredibly diverse, and it will be really cool for a wider variety of readers to be able to look at Marvel superheroes and find one that looks like them. 

My only trepidation is that this new move will be nothing more than pandering to racial minorities and women, and general headline-grabbing. If this is truly the new direction Captain America and Thor are moving (not a temporary news-maker), and they have interesting and compelling story lines to follow, I think this could be something really exciting. It feels a little weird to watch Marvel take some of the oldest, most beloved superheroes and change them, and I do kind of wonder why they didn’t just add characters to the Marvel Universe. However, I am really excited to see this evolution in the Marvel Universe. If they can make these changes with the love for the characters and the readers, and not something to pat female readers or readers of color, I think this will signal the start to a very exciting and interesting character in the Marvel Universe and comics in general. 

Only time will tell! The new Thor comics will arrive in October, and the new Captain America comics will be dropping in November. Will you be picking up copies? What do you think about the changes Marvel is making? Tell me your opinion in the comments!