Project-Nerd Post: Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

I’m back over at Project-Nerd talking offering a list of geeky items that should definitely be on your wish list this holiday season! I hope you’ll join me over there.



The holidays are coming up, and that means it is time to start thinking about what to get those special nerds in your lives. So here are some of the things I have on my holiday wish list that you should probably put on yours, too.

Walking Dead’s Daryl Infinity Poncho Scarf

I’m obsessed with infinity scarves, and I’m obsessed with Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead. Fandom aside, this is a legitimately adorable scarf. You can order yourself one of these bad boys for $37 at SuperheroStuff…

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The Project-Nerd Post: The Nerdcast at RMC

This past weekend I hung out at Rocky Mountain Con with the gang from Project-Nerd. Despite writing for these guys for a few months, this was actually the first time I got to meet the Pro-Nerd team face-to-face, which was great. Since we were finally in the same room together, I got to take part in a couple of the Project-Nerd podcasts, The Nerdcast and Movie Night. The latest episode of The Nerdcast came out today, so if you want to hear me talk about stickers and zombies in Denver, check out the podcast!

Head on over to Project-Nerd to hear the newest episode of The Nerdcast, with yours truly in bits of it! 

Project-Nerd Post: 1,000 Times Goodnight Review

I got the opportunity to review an amazing film starring Juliette Binoche and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau called 1,000 Times Goodnight, and I’m talking about it over at Project-Nerd. I hope you’ll join me over there!

We see images of war, poverty, and suffering almost every day. It’s easy to become desensitized to these images, and it’s easy to forget there are real lives and real people lying behind the poignant images we seen on the internet. 1,000 Times Goodnight is the story of Rebecca (Juliette Binoche), a war zone photographer who risks her life on a daily basis to illuminate the suffering and destruction happening in these very areas of the world. Rebecca sees the importance of her work and how her photographs can affect change. Yet, Rebecca’s constantly putting herself in harm’s way has put unimaginable stress on her family. The story comes to a head when Rebecca is injured while photographing a suicide bomber…

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Project-Nerd Post: Posthuman Project

I had the opportunity to review the film The Posthuman Project over at Project-Nerd. The Posthuman Project is an independent movie about teenagers who gain super powers, so of course I couldn’t wait to watch this film. I hope you’ll join me over at Project-Nerd to talk about the film!

With Marvel eating up the box office, and DC invading television, we’re not experiencing any sort of a shortage of superhero stories. FromThe Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, to Gotham and Arrow, there are a lot of costumed heroes guarding our cities. If you don’t look too closely, they can all start to look a bit alike.

Enter The Posthuman Project, a movie described as a film with the heart of a John Hughes movie, and the flare of one by J.J. Abrams. I will be honest, I would have never put those two things together myself, so I felt like I had to see this film–if only to slate my curiosity…

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Project-Nerd Post: DC Announces 10 Movies

DC just announced ten movies that will be coming to us over the next few years, and I’m over at Project-Nerd talking about it. I hope you’ll join me there! Here’s an excerpt:

We’ve known about the Man of Steel sequel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, for some time now, and there has been a lot of speculation on what the roll-out of the DC Cinematic Universe was really going to look like in the coming years. Well, the speculation is over! DC officially announced the next 10 movies after Batman v. Superman. Here is what DC has in store for us starting in 2016…

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Project-Nerd Post: J.K. Rowling and Anagrams

The internet exploded yesterday over some cryptic tweets and an anagram sent out by J.K. Rowling. I’m over at Project-Nerd breaking it all down. I hope you’ll join me there!

The Harry Potter fandom has laid dormant for some time now, but with the upcoming release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie and J.K. Rowling’s short story contributions to the Harry Potter universe on Mugglenet, this dormant fandom has gotten quite a bit of new life. It seems that Rowling has stirred up her fandom again after a series of pretty vague tweets.

She tweeted out how busy she was with writing a novel and a screenplay, in addition to her work with her charity, Lumos!, and promised her fans that she would be back on Twitter when she had completed something. Just after that, she tweeted about being tempted to give her fans a riddle or anagram as a hint to what she was working on…

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Project-Nerd Post: Indiana Jones 5

I’m over at Project-Nerd today talking about Indiana Jones 5. Yes, you heard me right. There’s gonna be a fifth Indiana Jones. Honestly, if Crystal Skull was any indication of what is to come, maybe they should just stop trying to pump money out of the Indy franchise and just let it be. You know, leave it alone, untouched, kept in good condition somewhere nice for future generations to interact with?


I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me at Project-Nerd!

Today in  “Thing That Really Don’t Need to Happen,” it appears we are getting the movie no one asked for, Indiana Jones 5.

How do we know this is happening? In a pretty unceremonious fashion, cinematographer Janusz Kaminsk made an off-hand comment to Variety about his next project being Indiana Jones 5. I mean, after subjecting us to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I feel like the movie execs owe us a bit of a flashier announcement. And maybe some “sorry about the last film” chocolates…

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Project-Nerd Post: Deadpool Movie? Deadpool Movie.

The internet kind of exploded when Deadpool test footage first hit the interwebz (embedded below for your viewing pleasure). Now it looks like a Deadpool movie is actually going to happen! Join me over at Project-Nerd to talk about it!

Here’s an excerpt:

After test footage of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was leaked a few months ago, the rumor mill has been working over time on whether or not a Deadpool movie would be in our future. Turns out, it definitely is–though it might be rated PG-13.

Since the movie was just greenlit, I think it’s still a bit early to say if the PG-13 rating will hurt the movie. It certainly stands to reason that movie Deadpool might be very different than the foul-mouthed, jovial (yet a bit psychotically bloodthirsty) Deadpool of the comics, and Deadpool fans have certainly been burned before (shoots angry glance to X-Men: Origins)…

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Project-Nerd Post: Mojang Bought By Microsoft

Hey, guys! I’m at Project-Nerd again, talking about Microsoft buying Mojang. I hope y’all will join me over there! 

The rumor has been whirling around the gaming world for the past few days, and now it has been officially confirmed that Microsoft is purchasing Mojang for a cool $2.5 billion. Mojang is, of course, the company that is responsible for the mega-hit, insanely addictive video game, Minecraft.

Microsoft’s acquisition also signals the departure of Mojang’s creator, Notch (or Markus Persson), Mojang’s CEO Carl Manneh, and Jakob Porser. No word on the rest of the Mojang staff, or “Monjangstas”, but Notch said in a blog post published today he expects most of the staff will stay on with the company.

No word yet if Herobrine will be following Notch or Microsoft after the acquisition…

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Project-Nerd Post: Iron Man 4

Hey, guys! I’m back on Project-Nerd talking about Iron Man 4 (or the potential lack thereof). Check it out! 

You heard me right, guys. It looks like removing the arc reactor from his body at the end of Iron Man 3 is where Marvel has decided to end Tony Stark’s story. In an interview with Variety, Robert Downey Jr. said straight up, “No, there is no plan for a fourth Iron Man.”

I’ve got to be honest here. I’m really having a hard time believing Marvel is going to stop making Iron Man movies, especially when they’ve mapped out a giant plan for their cinematic universe to about 14 years in the future…

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