A Book for Geeky Business Owners

I’ve talked a bit about managing a full-time job and a blogging schedule, but what about if you’re trying to launch a geeky business? Selling products that are perfect for geeks is a unique task all its own. How do you make it work? How do you actually make money at a convention? Have I got a book for you:

Here’s a quick summary of the book:

The ultimate guide that walks you step-by-step through every major decision involved in launching your anime vendor business.
This information-rich book steers you through every critical step from sourcing your merchandise to ultimately meeting your goal of being swamped by customers at your very first anime convention. Bursting with unfiltered advice, insider tips, pertinent website resources and vendor disaster stories, new vendors will hurdle mistakes that caused others to crash and burn. Never before has anyone revealed so many insider secrets about the convention vendor business.

There are tons of unique aspects to starting a geeky businesses, and Selling to Heroes, Villains, and Geeks helps you sort through the world of selling stuff at conventions. While the real magic in your business is your idea, hopefully this book can help make convention season a bit more profitable for you and your growing business. If you’re interested in the book, head to the Anime Vendor website and enter the code “villains” to get 10% off on your book order!

Geek Fuel June Box Review

At this year’s Denver Comic Con, I got the opportunity to talk with some of the fine folks from the geeky subscription box, Geek Fuel.

geek-fuel-bw-logoGeek Fuel is a Denver-based company, that despite being ALL OVER THE PLACE, these guys haven’t even been around for a full calendar year. Now, I’ll be honest, the market is getting a bit saturated with geeky subscription boxes, and the folks at Geek Fuel know this. So instead of stuffing a box full of geeky swag, they’ve tried to make their boxes a bit different.

When you get a Geek Fuel subscription box, you’re not only going to get fun, geeky swag, but you’ll also get “usable” items that can range from anything to a mug to a book or even an energy drink. They also include a Geek Fuel magazine and video game magazine. The heart behind Geek Fuel is not to send you a subscription box each month that just gives you more stuff to crowd your desk at work or your shelves at home. Instead, they want to give you a bit of swag, a bit of usable stuff, and they want to feature indie artist. Basically, Geek Fuel boxes are subscription boxes for the whole geek, not just their collectible-loving side.

Geek Fuel was nice enough to send me the June box to review here, and I have to say that I was pretty stoked about what I received:


First of all, the book had TWO books in it. TWO. You want to win my heart? Give me books. For real. I was also really excited that the books were the two Jurassic Park novels by Michael Crichton. I had just watched Jurassic World shortly prior to getting my box, so it was perfect timing.

They also included a fantastic Mortal Kombat bookmark. Just the motivation I need to continue my summer reading!

Book Collage

Of course there were tons of other great things in the box. I got the Red Ranger magnet (he’s currently guarding my cubicle at work), a literal keychain and code to a game, some Ooze that sent me RIGHT back to my childhood, and a GREAT X-Files-inspired alien tee.

Geek Fuel Box Collage

I was particularly excited about the tee for a few reasons. First, I’ve started watching X-Files for the first time IN MY LIFE (I know, I know), and I’ve fallen instantly in love with that show. So I was stoked to get a bit of fandom gear for my newest TV obsession so soon into my fandom-lationship with X-Files. Secondly, I’ve gotten other subscription boxes where the shirt is not the cutest thing in the world, and the sizes are weird so I end up with an ugly shirt-dress. For Geek Fuel, they had a pretty broad scope of shirt sizes (even specifying men’s and women’s sizes since we all know a large in men’s and women’s are often two VERY different sizes). So I was able to get a size that worked perfectly for my body and my style, and it was pretty cute, too. I’ve worn it LOADS of times since it came in the mail.

I couldn’t recommend Geek Fuel highly enough (but if you want a second opinion, Megan at The Nerdy Girlie is also a subscriber, and she loves it). They also gives away a free box every month. To see if the odds are in your favor, head to the site to enter the monthly contest.

If you’re ready to subscribe, take a peek at Geek Fuel’s TwitterInstagram and Facebook, but most importantly go to their website to subscribe. Because Geek Fuel and I love you so much, anyone who subscribes through my website link above will get a free bonus item!

Have you subscribed to Geek Fuel before? What do you think of them? Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? Tell me about it in the comments!


I posted on Monday about Free Comic Book Day. In the post, I mentioned in passing how there is a really dark side to the comic book community. I didn’t spend a lot of time talking about it; it wasn’t really the point of  my post. However, I’m sure we all can share a story either we’ve experienced firsthand, or a story we’ve heard of the geek/comic book community treating someone incredibly poorly because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. For a community that is stereotypically a community of outcasts, we do a great job of alienating our own.

So it’s time we changed that! Today Amy Dallen posted the video above on a Geek and Sundry vlog, letting people know about the We Are Comics project on Tumblr. It’s a crowd-sourced project to show to diverse nature of comic book fans, in hopes to create a more positive, inclusive community of comic book lovers. Personally, I think it’s awesome. If you are so inclined, you should go check out the site, and add your photo and story. You can post directly to the Tumblr, or use the hashtag #IAmComics. You don’t have to feel like you are a comic book expert in order to post to the We Are Comics page–that’s the whole point! If you love comic books, you belong!

i am comics

There is no “invading force” in the comic book community, just a bunch of people who love comics. Let’s stop alienating, discriminating against, and threatening comic book fans simply because they are female, gay, a person of color, or because they don’t meet whatever random set of “proper comic book fan” criteria you have created. We all are different, but we all love comics.

We are comics, and comics are for everyone.

If you haven’t already, check out the We Are Comics Tumblr!


I Need to Talk About Star Wars: Episode VII

April 29th, Pinewood Studios, UK - Writer/Director/Producer J.J Abrams (top center right) at the cast read-through of Star Wars Episode VII at Pinewood Studios with (clockwise from right) Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Producer Bryan Burk, Lucasfilm President and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Writer Lawrence Kasdan. Copyright and Photo Credit: David James.

Copyright and Photo Credit: David James.

The cast for Star Wars: Episode VII was released today. You can click on the picture for a link to the article, or click here.

I just need to take a second to talk about how nervous and excited I am for this movie. Star Wars holds a really special place in my heart. I’ve been watching the original three since my early childhood when my mother plopped my brother and I on the couch and said, “I need to make sure you watch these movies.” Sure, the originals have their faults, but those movies will forever be films I illogically revere and belligerently defend. They were the first sci-fi movies I watched and the first sci-fi movies I loved. They hold a strange, shiny place in my heart. I’ve gotten so excited over the release of old blooper reels and behind the scenes photos from the original trilogy. I just really, really hope the new trilogy is done well, because I’m a little tired of crappy additions to the Star Wars story.

Episodes I, II, and III were pretty…underwhelming, to put it lightly. While Episode III was alright, I really didn’t like Episode I at all. Though I have to say Episode I does that one awesome fight scene with Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi…

If I’m being honest, the only reason I saw Episode II as often as I did was because of my pre-teen infatuation with Hayden Christensen.

Say what you will about his acting, that is one cute boy.

Okay, I saw it because of Hayden Christensen’s face AND because of that one fight scene with Yoda and Saruman Count Dooku where Ani loses his arm.

Regardless of the cute boys and cool fight scenes, I just wasn’t a big fan of the prequel trilogy. Then, George Lucas decided to go back and fix something that was never broken by messing with the original trilogy, offering CGI “bonus additions” that were fully unnecessary,  super obvious, and distracting…


…AND Lucas decided it was a good idea to superimpose Hayden Christensen over Sebastian Stan in the ending of Return of the Jedi. If someone who is a big fan of Hayden Christensen’s face tells you putting Hayden Christensen’s face somewhere is a bad idea, it’s a bad idea.  So all that to say, I’m kind of dubious when it comes to George Lucas’s Star Wars judgement.

return of the jedi


However, the new trilogy has J.J. Abrams is at the helm. I’ve gotta be honest, this makes me a lot more optimistic and excited for the new movies. I’ve personally enjoyed what Abrams has done with Star Trek, despite his trademark cinematic move.

The other thing that has me excited (and kind of nervous) is the fact that the original cast is returning. Including original cast members doesn’t automatically make an awesome series reboot (looking at you, Indiana Jones), but it certainly can add to a series if it’s done right. I think Abrams does a good job using Leonard Nimoy in his Star Trek films, so I’m hopeful he can incorporate the original Star Wars cast in an equally awesome fashion.

Ultimately, I don’t know what to think. I want this movie to be amazing, but I just don’t know if it can live up to the hype (not to mention the ridiculous expectations from fans like me). I’m excited about some of the new cast members, namely Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Adam Driver. Still, I can’t get rid of that nagging voice at the back of my head reminding me that the prequel trilogy had good actors, too.

Still, everyone involved with the movie has said again and again how they are working hard to make the fans proud. I really hope they are able to come up with something fun, creative, and exciting to add to the Star Wars universe. I think it’s possible, and I think they have an incredibly capable team. The movie comes out on December 18, 2015, so I’ll just sit here in nervous anticipation until then.

Vamers – FYI – Star Wars Episode VII – Fan Made Poster (linked to source)

Kendall’s Geeky Summer Reading List!

Chaucer the Dog reading Canterbury Tales by Chaucer the Poet

Hooray for reading!!!

Winter is finally beginning to leave us, which with the warmer weather means that most of my favorite shows are beginning to enter into that awful season: the summer hiatus. Though a nice Netflix binge is a relaxing way to pass a crazy-hot summer day, you can only marathon so many shows until you start to enter into a bleak period of self-examination. Do I do anything other than watch Netflix? What am I doing with my life? Where did this stain on my shirt come from? When was the last time I even ate? When was the last time I showered?

Maybe that’s just me…

Either way, since I am no longer a student with the awesome luxury of a completely free summer, I only have a limited numbers of hours that I can spend ingesting unhealthy amounts of television. I suppose this is a good thing. Since I work full-time, but I still need to fill the void left by my favorite horror, sci-fi, and supernatural shows, I’m making this my summer of supernatural, scary, sci-fi reading. I’m a bit of a book geek, so I can see this list will only grow over time until it mushrooms to a completely unmanageable size. Still, here’s where my Geeky Summer Reading List is starting out:

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Supernatural Recap Part II: #THINMAN



Tuesday’s episode of Supernatural, “#THINMAN”, brought back the return of the infamous Ghostfacers. To say I was a little excited to see the return of one of my favorite “hunter” duos, second only to Sam and Dean, would be an enormous understatement. I absolutely love the Ghostfacers, though I’m not sure why I love them so much. Maybe it’s because actors A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester are hilarious as the ghost-hunting duo and have awesome chemistry, maybe it’s because of that super catchy Ghostfacers theme, or maybe it is because I have come to accept that it is more likely any dabbling in supernatural hunting would result in me being more like a goofy Ghostfacer than a badass Winchester. The Ghostfacers bring some much-needed comic relief to Supernatural, and with Sam and Dean in the midst of the biggest fight they’ve had since…well, ever, we in the Supernatural family could use some comic relief. 

Sam and Dean are investigating the suspicious murder of a teenage girl who died while taking an almost obscene amount of selfies on her phone…

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Tips to Get You Started Playing Magic: The Gathering


I was never really one to get into trading card games, nor were any of my friends growing up. So when I recently decided I wanted try out Magic: The Gathering, I had absolutely no idea where to start. I was overwhelmed by the stuff I found online, and because it seemed I was the last person on the planet to start playing this game, I felt like all of my questions were stupid. Of course they weren’t, but I felt stupid asking them. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of answers I found of my top 5 “stupid” questions about Magic: The Gathering in order to help other newcomers to the game feel a bit less overwhelmed and under-informed…

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The Walking Dead Part II Recap: After



The mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead brought us back to the prison after the Governor’s attack caused the group to spread out in several different directions. Because everyone is so spread out, we didn’t reunite with all of the characters. So unfortunately, we still don’t know the fate of everyone on Team Prison, but we did catch up with a few of them. This episode focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne, and it was pretty intense. 

If there was one central theme to the episode, it would have to be about what it means to truly live and survive after the zombie apocalypse. Michonne, Carl, and even Rick start to work through what life has to look like in a world infested with walkers. Before meeting Andrea, Michonne’s survival technique was to go it alone, to not feel, and not get attached to anyone or any place. For her, she was winning as long as she was breathing. Rick, on the other hand, had a completely different philosophy. He desperately tried to cling to any sort of normalcy in his life. He would raise Carl in the way any regular parent would, walkers or not, and he still tried to cling to rules and social norms that were becoming more and more irrelevant. His insistence on clinging to any sort of life that looked like “the way things used to be” is especially important to him as Carl seems to be growing up hardened and cold in response to the chaos around him. This episode forced Carl, Rick, and Michonne to take a closer look at the life they are building and ultimately restructure their priorities…

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Questions I Can’t Wait for The Walking Dead to Answer


1. Rick and the group have officially lost the prison, and the group is completely separated. 
The Governor couldn’t get the prison and Rick out of his mind, so when the Governor re-assembled a group of followers, he marched them straight to the prison to take it over. Of course, stuff and thangs in this world are never as easy as they are in the planning stages, so what ended up happening was a bloodbath between team Rick and team Governor, causing the prison to become officially restocked on its supply of walkers, and Rick’s group ran for safety in about ten thousand different directions. We haven’t seen the group this split up since Hershel’s farm was overrun, and I’m not sure how the group plans to reunite, if there is any sort of a plan at all. n to become officially restocked on its supply of walkers, and Rick’s group ran for safety in about ten thousand different directions. We haven’t seen the group this split up since Hershel’s farm was overrun, and I’m not sure how the group plans to reunite, if there is any sort of a plan at all. 

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