International Women’s Day: To the Women Who Inspired Me

It’s International Women’s Day, so in honor of this day celebrating girl-power and badass women doing amazing things, I wanted to highlight the women who have inspired me. While I thought about doing a post highlighting some of my favorites from movies, books, and television, I decided instead to focus on those real-life women who inspired me as a writer. These are the women that gave me courage, made me feel empowered, and made me feel like my goals were achievable. Our world wouldn’t be the same without these women, and I know several of you likely feel the same way.

Felicia Day

felicia day
Felicia is such a huge inspiration to me. She blazed her own trail, opting to make her hugely popular webseries, The Guild, on her own when she couldn’t  a network interested. She’s created her own website, her own brand, and she gave us all permission to embrace our inner weird and to be unabashedly ourselves. She’s also legitimately kind. She can sit at a book signing for hours, and make everyone feel like they’re the first person she’s interacted with all day–I got to experience this firsthand. All the while, Felicia is battling crippling anxiety, and isn’t embarrassed about it. She’s helped me feel empowered to blaze my own trail, start something based on my passions, and to not feel embarrassed about my mental health struggles.

Rachel Bloom

rachel bloom.gif

Do you ever read or watch something, and it’s so good that you get almost annoyed that you didn’t write it yourself? That is how I feel when I watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s that perfect blend of self-deprecating humor, feminism, messed up, dark humor, dumb humor, and ~*~showtunes~*~ that speaks to a very specific part of me that I didn’t think anyone else had. Rachel wrote a show that is real about mental illness, it doesn’t shy away from making its heroine strong and likeable yet DEEPLY flawed,  and it portrays women in a real and hilarious way. I’m a latecomer to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I’m so glad to have found something that speaks to my sense of humor so specifically. She inspires me to write stuff that truly makes me laugh, and she inspires me to be true to myself while owning my shit (even if that comes from writing a hyperbolic version of myself where she admits how messed up she is).

Mindy Kaling

mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling inspired me to embrace all parts of myself, and to not be just one thing. She’s girly, she’s sarcastic, she’s hilarious, she’s smart, she’s creative, she’s quick to acknowledge her shortcomings, but she’s confident (or at least appears confident) in her strengths. She hustled her ass off to write Matt and Ben, to write for The Office, get her own show, and she writes the most hilarious and relatable books ever. She inspires me to be a better writer and a better businesswoman.

Tina Fey

tina fey

Tina Fey doesn’t just inspire me to be a better writer, but she also inspires me to lean in to my quirks. She’s self-deprecating, she shined one of the best (and most accurate) lights on my kind of introversion, and the fact that the idea of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came from her brain makes her my kind of twisted. Tina Fey was one of the first women to show me that women can be really, really funny, and that they can write stuff that will make you cry laughing, and they can do it all while rockin’ a Snuggie, snacking on some Night Cheese. She was the original person to inspire me to be myself in my writing, and let myself be real, at least in the stuff I wrote.

Carrie Fisher

carrie fisher.gif

Carrie Fisher. She was the first. I knew Leia Organa long before I really knew anything about Carrie Fisher. Through Leia, she taught me about being strong and being brave (I wrote all about this at Nerdist, so I won’t rehash it here). However, as I grew up and saw her in other roles like the furious jilted lover in Blues Brothers, and as I learned about her as a person, her own struggles with addiction and mental illness, I saw her more as an IRL-embodiment of that princess from Alderaan that first inspired me as a little girl. Fisher was honest, brutally honest, and she was never afraid to use her mistakes to help teach others. She was vocal about her mental health, and made other people–me included–not only feel safe to share their struggles, but made us feel empowered. After all, if Princess freaking Leia could still be amazing while having to fight with her own brain, so could we, right? But she wasn’t just an advocate and an actor. She also wrote–and she wrote amazingly well. She has that dark sense of humor I love, and she is able to effortlessly make you laugh and make you think all at the same time. Plus, she was an unabashed crazy dog lady. Carrie Fisher has been a constant, ever-evolving source of inspiration for me since I first met her watching Star Wars as a little girl. She inspires me to be creative, to be bold, to be honest, to be funny, and to be strong.

Who are some the women who have inspired you? Tell me in the comments, and be sure to tell THEM! Happy International Women’s Day! 

It’s Totally a Real Job: Teal Sherer, Actor

it's totally a real job...

I can’t really remember what made me tune in to The Guild for the first time, but all I can remember is that I fell in love with the show immediately. I loved the character so much, and often times related a bit too well with Felicia Day’s character, Codex. While I may have related better with the Knights of Good, I was obsessed with the show’s clan of evil gamers, The Axis of Anarchy. The Axis is hilarious, every character bringing something uniquely hilarious to the Axis. One of my favorite Axis members is Venom, played by Teal Sherer. Venom is hilarious. She’s hysterically angry all the time, and her furious outbursts are some of my favorite things to watch. I knew that I had to learn more about Teal after falling in love with Venom, and I stumbled across her series My Gimpy Life where the plays a paraplegic actor trying to make their way in show business. While Venom is hilariously ridiculous, Teal’s character in Gimpy Life (also named Teal) is real. She’s dealing with real struggles, fighting for real dreams, and she’s genuinely likable and funny. I knew that I had to talk to Teal for the series, ask her about being an actor, making her way in show business, and the amazing ways that she’s breaking down stereotypes of what it means to be a disabled person. She’s amazing, kind, and inspiring, and I’m thrilled to feature her here.

Teal Sherer

When did you decide you wanted to be an actor?
I started acting in college at Oglethorpe University. I had to take a theatre class as part of my Communications major and fell in love. My professor, Troy Dwyer, was so supportive and encouraging. He cast me in my first play, “The House of Bernarda Alba”, playing a character that wasn’t written to be disabled. I’ve been acting ever since.

I was first introduced to you through your character on The Guild, Venom. What was it like being a part of a web show that has become such a cult classic?
It’s super special. Felicia Day’s show has impacted so many people and The Guild fans are the absolute best! I miss playing Venom – she’s so cool.

Teal and Felicia

Screenshot of Teal and Felicia on My Gimpy Life

You created your own web series, My Gimpy Life. Did you want to keep that show web-based, or did you try to get it on TV first?
I would love to make My Gimpy Life for broadcast or cable or HBO or Netflix or Hulu or anywhere we could reach a larger audience. After we shot our pilot, which we released as episode 3, we did festivals and took all the meetings we could get, but we weren’t able to find a home or traditional funding for a series. Luckily, we found a partner in Steven Dengler and Dracogen to finish our first season.

What are the advantages you’ve found from doing a show online rather than through a television network?
Some people might say the silver lining in web producing is that you don’t have to compromise, but that’s not necessarily true. I look at shows like Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasm and I don’t see them compromising at all. With web projects you often have to make compromises because of limited time and money.

What was the most challenging part of creating your own web series?
The biggest challenge is finding your audience. By the time you reach the finish line, you probably don’t have a marketing budget. There are so many web series now that people have poured time and money into and they’re lucky if a thousand people watch the show. We hear a lot from new fans “how have I never heard of this?” and it’s because people are bombarded with major marketing all the time, and the only way our show breaks through is word of mouth.

What advice do you have for aspiring creators hurting for funding?
If you’ve never produced anything, crowd funding probably shouldn’t be your first avenue. Start small. Maybe try a 48 Hour Film contest in your city. Make friends, borrow and rent gear. Outside of Hollywood, people get excited about volunteering to be part of an indie project. If you’ve got more experience, crowd funding is a great way to expand and engage your fans.

What advice do you have for people wanting to start creating a web show, participate in one, or create something original online?
Don’t wait for the perfect time, just make something. Even if you shoot it on your phone. And emerging platforms are a great way to get noticed. YouTube is saturated, but if you can be one of the first people on whatever becomes the next hot app, you’ve got less competition.

I’m sure you’ve faced your fair share of struggles finding work in Hollywood as it isn’t always the most inclusive place. Though disabled actors feel it quite acutely, the industry has also come under fire for other ways it isn’t inclusive to women, people of color, or transgender individuals. How do you keep from becoming cynical and overwhelmed by that, and have you started to see any positive changes towards inclusiveness in Hollywood?
Creating my own opportunities, like My Gimpy Life, has helped me keep the cynicism at bay. And, yes, I have started to see positive change. For example, Ali Stroker is the the first wheelchair user to be on Broadway (in Spring Awakening playing a role that’s not disability specific), and I loved Target’s Halloween ad that featured a girl with a disability as Princess Elsa.

One thing I loved about Venom–apart from her constant rage–was that she wasn’t “the token character in a wheelchair”. She was real, and though her wheelchair was mentioned from time to time, her character really had very little to do with being a paraplegic. Even in My Gimpy Life, a show about a paraplegic actor, your character was a person with dimensions rather than a token character. How do you hope characters like those inspire other aspiring actors with disabilities?
In real life, people with disabilities are more than their disability – they are athletes, doctors, actors, moms, etc… Seeing this in the media helps break down stereotypes, and shows aspiring performers with disabilities that there is a place for them in the entertainment industry.

Where can we find you online?
You can follow My Gimpy Life on Facebook and Twitter, and you can check out episodes on Youtube. If you like an episode of My Gimpy Life, please please please show it to a friend!

My Gimpy Life

Thanks so much to Teal for taking the time to chat about acting and creating a space for yourself in your dream career. If you haven’t already, definitely check out My Gimpy Life–you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to check out the other amazing women I’ve spoken with (like IGGPPC co-founder StewieAmy, writer extraordinaireJordan, the creator of the amazing Jordandene fashion lineKathleen, author of the upcoming bookThe Fangirl LifeMari of Sent From Mars, the Geek Girl Brunch founders and Meli from Melificent) in the rest of the series, and stay tuned here every week for another women who proved success doesn’t always come in a cubicle. And if you want to continue the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #RealJob. 

5 Fandom Friday: Geeks Who Inspire Me


There are a lot of geeks out there doing a lot of good, so this week’s fandom 5 prompt of “5 Geeks Who Inspire Me” was kinda tough. There are a LOT of geeks out there who inspire me for very different reasons. So while my list is incredibly long and complicated (complicated as in: this person is a geek because they are on this geek show, this person inspires me not because of how they live, but because of how they reacted that one time, and this geek is just flawless so their mere existence inspires me…). Still, I’ve managed to whittle down my neuroses and came to my top 5 geeks:

Felicia Day

felicia day panda

Felicia Day is so awesome. She create, wrote, directed, starred, and produced her own webshow, she started her own business, and she’s starred in some of my faves like Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and Supernatural. All the while she manages to be hilarious, positive, and is always super kind and encouraging to all of her fans. I want to be Felicia Day when I grow up, y’all.

Chris Hardwick


Chris Hardwick is another geek who essentially made a spot for himself. He’s a stand up comic, he runs, he has his crazy successful Nerdist Podcast, and he hosts shows like Talking Dead and @Midnight. Not only do I admire this guy’s motivation and what he’s achieved, but I love his positive attitude. He’s another that just is genuinely nice to his fans–and humans in general.

Hilly and Hannah Hindi


Hannah and Hilly, who you may know better as the brains behind the Hillywood Show, are amazing. They’ve created something so incredibly unique with Hillywood, and the amount of creativity that goes into each of their parodies is astounding. As someone who’s always secretly wanted to do parodies, I respect–and am in awe of–what these women have created.

Jared Padalecki


I’ve talked about how much I respect Jared for his Always Keep Fighting campaign. I think it’s so great that he’s raised so much awareness for depression, anxiety, suicide, and self harm while also being open about his own struggles. He’s a guy that clearly has a huge heart, loves his fans, and genuinely wants to help people–and he uses his celebrity to do just that. I respect that so very much.

Stephen Amell


My work buddy and I always talk about how Stephen Amell has been able to get us to care about stuff we would never encounter were it not for our membership in the Arrow fandom–baseball and WWE? Who am I? Stephen is not only nice and funny, but he uses his celebrity to do good in the world (his F Cancer campaign was CRAZY successful). Beyond that, he shares his personal goals, even if they’re a bit nutty like being in the WWE, and he achieves those goals. I think that’s so awesome, and I really admire him for it.

Who are some of the geeks who inspire you? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!

Book Review: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

I’ve been excited about Felicia Day’s memoir since the moment it was announced. When it was first available for pre-order, by some magical act of providence, I had recently been given a Barnes & Noble gift card. If you know me, B&N gift cards make it maaayyybeee 1 hour before I buy ALL THE BOOKS with it. So the fact that I had the card–fully loaded–and found a book I wanted available to pre-order was nothing short of fate. I ordered the book immediately, subsequently zapping my gift card of most of its funds–like I said, B&N gift cards don’t last long with me.

Of course the bad thing about pre-orders is you must wait for what seems like ETERNITY for your book to come off-press. If you want an example of how early I pre-ordered Felicia Day’s book, I’ll just tell you that the book was going by nothing beyond #FeliciaDayBook, and the cover looked like this:


Yeah, I had a while to wait for this sucker to come out. Happily, the wait is over, and I was able to zip through the book in a matter of a couple of days. And let me tell you, the book was FANTASTIC. While I’m sure you’ve now seen the actual book cover for Felicia Day’s now-titled memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), but in case you haven’t here it is again:

never weird

You guys, this book was fantastic. I’m a sucker for a good memoir, but even if I wasn’t a memoir fan I would have eaten this book up. Felicia not only shares stories from her unique childhood (being home-schooled–for, as she says, hippie reasons, not religious–becoming a violin prodigy, and going to college at 16 years old, just to name a few oddities), but she also talks about chasing her dreams and carving out a space for herself online while fighting some pretty intense anxiety–also removing any doubt that Codex from The Guild is essentially Felicia.


Felicia’s story is an inspiring one, and it’s one that I related to (at least, at the front end of her story–the latter part where she becomes the internet-deemed “queen of the geeks” and launches her super successful web series and website landed more in the “inspirational” rather than “relatable” camp for me). She’s got a crazy drive to succeed, and pushes herself–often to her detriment–to do her very best and reach her goals. Driving yourself literally crazy to do your very best to achieve your goals? Oh yes, the meltdown I had at my kitchen table two nights ago will tell you that I most definitely relate to that.


My meltdown looked startlingly similar to this…

But what I loved about the book was that it wasn’t just the story of one woman disregarding her personal health and social life to achieve her dreams–and you can, too! Instead, Felicia gave us her formula for success, but she also explains how it nearly destroyed her. I really appreciated that honesty of, “Hey, I had a dream, I went after it and I definitely did not take care of myself. It worked, but I put myself through unneeded hell. Don’t do that.”

I’ll be honest, I really struggle with that desire to do everything, having dreams, but not knowing exactly how to achieve them. Most of the time, I either feel completely swamped and overwhelmed with good things happening or I feel completely ill-equipped and like a GIANT impostor. I often convince myself that if I’m not running myself ragged, I’m not doing a good enough job

Success is work, right? So why the heck do you think it’s okay to be going to bed before midnight on a work night? 

Sure, you could spend a little time turning your brain off, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the successful people are working and brainstorming right now!

I realize you haven’t seen your bestie in several months, but if you want to be successful, you’ll stay home and work on your blog today. 

My brain is a mess, you guys. So I really appreciated and resonated with someone talking about chasing their dreams and working to build something for themselves while trying to work against Jerk Brain telling them that success = no sleep, fun, family, self-care, and friends. The book ends with her talking about the healthy place she’s in now, and her excitement for Geek & Sundry and its future–as a Geek & Sundry writer, I was kinda got some warm and fuzzies at that part.

felicia day

I don’t think I can recommend Felicia’s book highly enough. She can spin a good yarn, she makes you laugh (even when she’s talking about some of the darker periods of her life), AND she includes plenty of pictures of baby Felicia in the book. That alone makes it worth the buy, but the amount of inspiration and motivation it left me with to work to make my dreams a reality made it one of my favorite books I’ve read this year. It’s impossible to close her book and not feel a bit like you should do the Xena yell and conquer the world.

girl power

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of Felicia’s book BUY YOUR COPY NOW! It’s a fun, fast, inspiring, and quick read that I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Have you read Felicia’s memoir? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments! 

Geek & Sundry Post: MOAR COSPLAY!!!

I do a lot of writing on cosplay over at Geek & Sundry, and I love it (mainly because I am so very bad at it–I like to talk to and feature those who are super talented at it). So here are a few of my most recent cosplay posts over at the Sundry, an interview with the amazingly talented Emily Kelley, and two outstanding cosplay gallerys. Please to enjoy!

Interview with a Cosplayer: Emily Kelley


What has been one of the coolest things to come from cosplaying?

At WonderCon 2014, when I debuted my Red Sonja cosplay, Gail Simone was a guest at the convention and I got to meet her at a signing. I was hanging out by the Dark Horse booth before her signing and someone asked to take my picture. Afterwards, he said he was Gail’s husband and she always liked to see the cosplays of her characters. When I got to her, she signed my Red Sonja #1 and took some pictures with me. Later on, she tweeted the picture her husband took of me and called me “gorgeous and fierce.” Life made!

Speaking of cool things you’ve gotten to do, I see you were recently on Geeks Who Drink! Tell us about that experience!

Oh goodness, it was amazing. From the moment I arrived on set, everyone — from my fellow contestants and the crew to Zachary Levi and the celebrity captains — were nothing but nice and inclusive. I’m a huge LOST and Supernatural fan, so when they told me I’d be on a team with Mark Pellegrino, I had a fangirl moment. He was incredibly nice and genuine and chatted with us the whole time, as did Zach. It was definitely nerve wracking being on camera and having to answer the questions, but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be with. You can see my face when it was over and I couldn’t stop smiling…

Read the rest of the interview at Geek & Sundry!

Spider-Gwen Cosplay Gallery


Marvel has been doing some awesome stuff lately, offering us up some truly amazing female superheroes. One such hero is none other than Ms. Gwen Stacy herself, drummer of the band the Mary Janes and the costumed hero known affectionately as Spider-Gwen. Spider-Gwen’s popularity took off like a wildfire, and her issue of Edge of the Spiderverse sold like hotcakes—and led to her own series, and clothing line on We Love Fine. With such a rabid fandom and crazy-fast popularity growth, it’s no wonder that cosplayers everywhere couldn’t wait to try out their own Spider-Gwen cosplay, and I’ve compiled a gallery of some of my faves…

See the gallery on Geek & Sundry! 

Supergirl Cosplay Gallery


This is an awesome time for female characters in comic books. With a woman taking the role of Thor, Captain Marvel getting her own movie, and the introduction to everyone’s favorite teenage Avenger, Kamala Khan; there are more and more amazing women getting the spotlight in the comic book world.

This fall, DC Comics will be launching a new television show featuring another amazing female superhero–Supergirl. While the trailers for CBS’ new Supergirl show have been mixed, there’s no doubt that everyone’s buzzing about finally meeting Melissa Benoist’s version of Kara Zor-El. While we’ll have to wait until October for the show to officially launch, we can pass the time by checking out some amazing cosplayinterpretations of Supergirl’s signature look. I’ve pulled together some of the coolest examples of Supergirl cosplay, from the cute to badass, all bringing exciting interpretations to Supergirl…

Check out the gallery on Geek & Sundry!

Check out the articles, and tell me about some of your favorite cosplayers in the comments! 

Everyday Cosplay: Codex

SDCC has come and gone, but after seeing so many awesome pictures from SDCC of solid Codex cosplay from Felicia Day’s webshow, The Guild, I thought I’d create an everyday cosplay look to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite character from The Game. Take a peek, Guildies! Everyday CodexHave you seen The Guild? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

Geek & Sundry Post: Adam Nimoy Interview

I recently had the AMAZING opportunity to ask Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam Nimoy a few questions for Geek & Sundry about his upcoming project, For the Love of Spock–a documentary about Leonard and Spock’s cultural impact, to be released in conjunction with Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Even though the interview was via email, the whole situation kind of had me freaking out–in the best way possible.


Like many of us, Leonard Nimoy had a pretty big impact on my life as Mr. Spock, and I was terribly sad when he died. It was incredibly thrilling to get to talk to his son about his father’s amazing life, and how he plans to honor his father with For the Love of Spock.

ALSO, Adam is running a Kickstarter to raise money for the project, so if you want to offer up some financial support for the Spockumentary, you can do that at the project’s Kickstarter Page.

Here’s a quick excerpt from our interview:

G&S: One of my favorite things about your dad was his immense love for his fans. I remember him unofficially initiating several of his fans into his family as honorary grandchildren. What was it like, experiencing your own profound loss yet seeing millions of strangers worldwide also mourning your dad?

AN: The fan base was always very important to Dad as they are, really, what the whole ride was about to begin with. He was always very patient and giving of his time to people who admired him and that always impressed me. Losing Dad has been a difficult process but I, and my family, have taken great comfort in hearing the stories and anecdotes from people around the world who loved Dad and his most famous alter ego: Mr. Spock.

G&S: What is the one, big thing you hope fans come away with after watching For the Love of Spock

AN: This film will explore the creation, life, and legacy of Mr. Spock and the many sides of Leonard Nimoy including actor, writer, producer, director, poet, [and] recording artist. It will also contain some of my perspective growing up with Mr. Spock in the house. I’m hoping people will come away with a better understanding of Spock and Dad as well as the challenging journey of a father and son.

Will you be seeing For the Love of Spock? What is your favorite Spock moment? Read the whole interview at Geek & Sundry, and let’s talk Spock in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out the For the Love of Spock Kickstarter

Geek & Sundry Post: Treat. Yo. Self.

Parks and Rec has brought us a lot of awesome stuff. Not only has it given us fabulous new ways to tell our besties we love them…

space unicorn

…it’s also given us the brilliant holidays of Galentine’s Day and of course Treat Yo’ Self. While TYS 2015 doesn’t come around until October 13, today is National Splurge Day (an actual, IRL holiday). So why wait until October to treat yo’ self? On Geek & Sundry, I’m offering some ideas on how you can treat yo’ self today that stray from traditional TYS fare of clothes, fragrances, and fine leather goods. Here’s an excerpt:

…while Tom and Donna like to celebrate their particular day by showering themselves with massages, fragrances, fine leather goods, and clothes, they would be the first ones to tell you that any day where you relish in the finer things in life looks different for everyone. This goes doubly for a day full of splurges when your idea of a good time is less about rolling up in a Benz and more about rolling the 20-sided dice.

Because this particular special day only comes once a year, I’ve compiled a few creative alternatives to the traditional Treat Yo’ Self festivities of shopping and pampering. There’s no wrong way to treat yo’ self and splurge on the good times, after all. So here are a few ideas off the beaten path to get your creative juices flowing:

Get that autograph and photo op. 

It’s comic con season, and buying a pass (and potentially a hotel room) can really drain your bank account. It may seem silly to drop another chunk of change to get yourself an autograph and photo op with you favorite celeb attending the con. At least, on any other day it would seem like that…


Sure, celebrity autographs and photo ops can be pretty pricey, and depending on who the celeb is, you will probably have a good wait in line before you get to actually take your picture/get the autograph. However, it’s totally worth it to get a few minutes (well, seconds is probably more realistic) with your favorite star. Plus, you’ll have that pic forever. Worth it!

Read the whole article at Geek & Sundry.

I HAD to include getting a celeb photo op on my list of ways to splurge since I got to experience my very first celeb photo op with the marvelous Karen Gillan at this year’s Denver Comic Con. Here’s the pic again, because I most definitely splurged on it, so I’d better get some mileage out of this pic. Also, I have a picture with Amy freaking Pond, and that’s amazing. BEHOLD:

Kendall and Karen


What are some creative ways you can splurge today? I hope you’ll join me over at Geek & Sundry, and offer some of your ideas!

Geek and Sundry Post: JJ Abrams Is Great for the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars holds a special place in the hearts of many sci-fi fans. So while we’re all SUPER excited about The Force Awakens coming this December, there’s still a bit of concern that we’ll have another disappointing trilogy and obnoxious characters on our hands, not that I’m thinking of anyone in particular…

jar jar


I’m over at Geek & Sundry talking about ways I think JJ Abrams will be good for the franchise, and bring in several new fans. Check out an excerpt:

We could talk for hours about what we did and did not like about the first three, but suffice it to say that Lucas faced a set of challenges and expectations that simply are not being placed on JJ Abrams—which is great for The Force Awakens. Though he is telling a continuation of the Star Wars saga, he isn’t seen as the series patriarch. Abrams is new bloo, and fans everywhere expect him to bring a fresh, new perspective to the franchise. Lucas has been tinkering with the Star Wars universe for years, creating things like the prequel trilogy and even tinkering with the original three films by adding weird, sometimes unnecessary, and occasionally awkward CGI characters to a movie born well before it existed. You could say Lucas got a bit of tunnel vision when it came to the franchise, and I think fans everywhere are excited to see how an outsider will bringStar Wars to the screen again. There are several Star Wars fans out there who, while they love the original three (and maybe even the newer trilogy), are a bit wary of Lucas’ ability to create another good Star Wars film. Bringing a fresh face into the mix, free from any Star Wars fan hate will really free Abrams up to focus on creating a great picture.

Additionally, Abrams is also pretty famous for revamping another classic science fiction franchise, Star Trek. Abrams did a great job depicting the familiar world from the Star Trek universe while adding his own personal touch (LENSE FLARE!) to update look and feel of a sci-fi classic. While a lot of die-hard Trekkies weren’t thrilled with Into Darkness, there’s no denying that Abrams managed to take the helm of the Star Trek franchise and create a movie that excited longtime fans  while also bringing new ones in. Both Star Trek movies are good films, and — love or hate Into Darkness — the alternate universe aspect of the movies makes both films an interesting addition to that particular canon…

There’s a TON of pressure on Abrams to make this movie work, and work well. However, I think that with the Disney powerhouse behind the movie, a seasoned, trusted director at the helm, and a horde of crazy talented actors, we’ll have a great film on our hands. With products out there like the cartoons and comics, new fans are already being brought into the Star Wars fandom, and I think that will only continue as time goes on.

Do you think Abrams will be good for the franchise? Can you see him bringing in new fans in a way Lucas never could? Are you excited for Force Awakens? Read the rest of the article at Geek & Sundry, and let’s talk about it!

Geek & Sundry Post: Awesome Supernatural Guest Stars

I’m over at Geek & Sundry today talking about some of my favorite guest stars from Supernatural. I didn’t realize just how many amazing guest stars have come through this show until I started trying to compile this list–let me tell you, narrowing it down to a manageable number proved to be crazy tough! I hope you’ll join me over at the Sundry, and leave some of your favorite guest characters in the comments! geek and sundry

Supernatural has been on for ten seasons now. While the show’s action and adventure as well as the incredibly attractive lead characters are certainly part of what makes the show amazing, a huge part of Supernatural‘s success comes from its characters. While the relationship between brothers Sam and Dean Winchester is certainly the foundation of the show, any member of the fandom will tell you family–especially the Supernatural family–don’t end in blood. If the Winchesters are the foundation of Supernatural, then those individuals the Winchesters meet along the way are what give the show color and life.

Obviously, ten years is a long time, so there have been quite a few guest stars along the way. There are those recurring characters we all love (or love to hate) Crowley, Anna, Meg, Kevin, Ruby, Abaddon, Chuck, Lucifer, Gadreel, Bobby, and the list goes on. Whether they were always an integral part of the plot like Bobby, Kevin, or Lucifer, or if they’re like Castiel and managed to move from guest star to recurring character to series regular, those recurring characters get a lot of airtime in the fandom. Sure, those guys are amazing (or amazingly awful, depending on who we’re talking about), but this show also has featured some pretty amazing guest stars. Some were only in one episode, some were in a few more, but regardless of the time they spent with the Winchesters, they made a lasting impact. So let’s give those guest stars a bit of airtime. Here are some of my favorites:

Layla (Julie Benz)


Layla was briefly a part of the Winchester’s lives, but she was the first one to really get Dean thinking about that whole “who deserves to live, who deserves to die” thing. Of course he would only have to think about it more after his dad’s “transaction” with the yellow-eyed demon (it’s literally been decade, but I’m avoiding spoilers in case you’re new to Supernatural), but his interactions with Layla are his first real encounters with being spared while someone else suffers in his place…

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