Fandoms I Love That I Never Thought I Would


Fandom is a great thing, and sometimes it can sneak up on you. There are always those fandoms you never thought you’d fall for that you find yourself obsessed with, and there are some you were sure you’d hate that you end up adoring. This week’s fandom five is all about those fandoms that surprised you with how much you love them. Here are my top five:

Comic Books

Okay, so there isn’t really a “comic book” fandom, but I didn’t ever think I would like comic books. It wasn’t until I took a literary criticism class in college where I read Persepolis and took a comic book genre study for my senior seminar that got me hooked on comic books. I never thought I’d be a person who reads comics, but I LOVE comics and graphic novels.

Comic Con

comic con spiderman

Okay, so this is another one that isn’t technically a fandom. Still, with my introvert ways and my anxiety in big crowds, I never thought I’d be one to love comic con. While I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con because of where I live, I’ve been to several other conventions and I love it so much. Who knew comic con season would become one of my favorite times of the year!

The Flash

the flash

Back when the show started, I wasn’t sure how I felt about The Flash on The CW. In fact, I was ready to stop watching the show. I’m not sure what got me back into the show, but I’m so glad I did. I love The Flash so much, and it’s such a great addition to DCTV.

Harry Potter


When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to read the Harry Potter books or watch the Harry Potter movies. Because of that, I figured I just wouldn’t ever jump in to the story. However, I met a girl who told me that, despite being an adult, that I HAD to read the books, and I’m so glad she did. I fell in love with the story, and even though I didn’t get to grow up with it, the Potter-verse has such a special place in my heart.

Being Human US

Being Human

Being a part of the Being Human US fandom wasn’t just something I didn’t expect. I was vehemently against liking this show. I loved Being Human UK so much, and I just felt like the US version simply couldn’t be as good. I was SUPER wrong. I love this show so much. Hopelessly in love with it, despite my best efforts.

Your turn! What are those fandoms you were surprised to find yourself in? Let me know in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Guilty Pleasures


I talk about fandom here. I’m a part of several fandoms myself, and there is nothing more fun than getting to spend tons of time in fandom-land. Some of my favorite aspects of fandom is wading into the “guilty pleasure” territory when it comes to celebrating my faves, and that’s what this week’s Fandom 5 is all about: my favorite fandom guilty pleasures!

Binging Shows


I’ve made it no secret how much I love a good Netflix binge, even though I should probably be a bit less open about my Netflix binging habits. However, I just can’t help how much I love popping a show on and losing myself in that universe for a while. Thank you, Netflix, indeed.

Collecting Funko Dolls…and Keeping Them At My Work Desk

pop funko

This is only a small portion of my collection of work desk Funko dolls. Though  my collection is far smaller than some of you, I am proud to say my desk is guarded by an angel, a rebel princess/general, a shiny stormtrooper, a hunter/hacker, a vigilante, a Khaleesi, an Asgardian god, a droid, a Time Lord…and an Adipose. I just love these little guys way too much.

Quoting My Faves in Everyday Life


75% of the things I say are just from movies and TV shows. Seriously. I’ve always been like this (my parents are the same way, it’s not my fault). I even managed to smush an Anchorman and Supernatural reference into my tiny Twitter bio. #skillz

Having a Serious Desire for a Fandom Tattoo

anti posession tattoo

Seriously. I talked about my top five fandom tattoos that I’ve always wanted in a previous Fandom 5 post. The Deathly Hallows symbol, anti-possession sigil, “all was well”, and the small scarlet pimpernel are my top tattoo dreams. I actually thought seriously about getting the scarlet pimpernel tattoo when I was in Europe, but ultimately decided against it–mainly because of time and my lack of ability to research the shop before I got the ink. But seriously, I have a mighty need for some fandom ink.

Paying Money to Spend Hours in a Line and 5 Seconds With My Faves

Kendall and Karen

I spent the entire time in line obsessing about what I’d say to her, stressing over the fact that I didn’t have some cute idea for a pic, and hoping that I didn’t say or do anything dumb. Turns out after the giant chunk of cash I shelled out and the literal hours in line, they were moving people through the photo ops with startling speed to fit everyone in (she had been scheduled for two days of photo ops and had to cancel one, so the line was EXTRA long). I had time to say hello, and that was basically it.

Still though! I got to meet (however briefly) Karen Gillan. Best. Day. Ever.


Your turn! What are some of your geeky guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Stores to Buy Geeky Swag


I’m kind of picky about where I buy my geek swag. I rarely like to buy stuff that is too obviously referencing a fandom, but I like it to be obvious enough that other fans notice it. So where do I find my geek swag?

Hot Topic

I’ve bought a lot of my Supernatural gear here. While there is a lot of SUPER obvious geek stuff, you can also find some more low-key fandom items like my favorite Supernatural wallet. Even better, they’re usually super cheap.


I love Jordan Ellis‘ fashion line, Jordandene. Every tee has a line from an awesome geeky movie, show, or book, and the design is subtle, classy, and cute. She’s even got some really cute stuff for kids in her Younglings line. Really, there’s something here for any type of geek.


Welovefine is another great geeky fashion company. I’ve been able to get some great finds here like my Jedi cowl dress and my Spider-Gwen hoodie. They have all sorts of great, geeky designers working to create all of the wonderful wares, and unlike a lot of geeky/fandom-related clothes, it all is pretty great quality.

Her Universe

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of Her Universe. Headed up by Ashley Eckstein, Her Universe was one of the first major fashion companies to sell exclusively geek girl clothing. Her Universe has everything from jewelry, to shirts, leggings, jackets, dresses, and more. The quality is always great, and the fact that outlets like ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, and even Khols carry it, getting H.U. gear is easier than ever.


Etsy is really the end-all of all geeky gear. I tend to come here mostly for geeky jewelry and cell covers. There is nothing more fun than finding some unique, hand-crafted geeky jewelry. Finding geek gear on Etsy takes your look up a notch simply because you know you’re getting something that not a lot of peopel have when you buy from Etsy, which is cool.

Where is your favorite place to shop for geeky stuff? Where is your least favorite? Let me know in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want


I love tattoos, and I’m blown away by the skill it takes to be a tattoo artist. The thing is, tattoos are, like, forever. That kind of commitment freaks me out something fierce, and always gives me pause when I think about getting some ink. Sure, maybe today I’m cool with getting a geeky tattoo, but will I love that fandom/show/character enough that I’ll still be proud of my tattoo when I’m 50? I want to be sure whatever tattoos I get will be important and meaningful to me for the rest of my life. So while I have quite an extensive list of tattoos I’d like to get, who knows how many–if any at all–I’ll actually end up getting. Though my list spans all sorts of areas in my life, here are my top 5 geeky tattoos that I’d love to get.

Rebel Alliance Symbol


Image credit: Chris-Alvarez/

If I’m honest, the chance of me getting this tattoo is super small, but all you have to do is do a quick Google search of Rebel Alliance tattoos to see how awesome these babies look. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, and have always though Princess Leia was a complete and total badass. I think getting a tattoo that signifies a group of people fighting against oppression for freedom is kind of awesome.

Anti-Possession Sigil

anti posession tattoo.gif

Any hunter worth her salt has an anti-possession sigil. Sam and Dean got this tattoo, and both Kevin Tran and his mother got it as well. While I don’t actually think it would keep demons from possessing me, I do like the idea of something on your skin reminding you to keep evil away. Plus, it’s also the sort of unofficial symbol of the Supernatural fandom. Loads of people in the Supernatural fandom have this tattoo, but I love the instant-bonding that can bring.

Deathly Hallows Symbol

deathly hallows

Much like the anti-possession sigil, loads of people have this tattoo, so this isn’t necessarily an original idea. BUT I kind of love the idea of having a small Deathly Hallows symbol somewhere on my body to align myself with the hundreds of other Potterheads out there with a similar marking. It gives almost a weird sense of community, and I think that’s awesome. Being able to instantly bond with someone over a shared fandom love is something I’ll always value, regardless of my age.

“…all was well”

all was well

I’m a big fan of the idea of getting a literary-inspired tattoo, especially getting actual words tattooed on your body. I absolutely adore how J.K. Rowling ended the Harry Potter series, and these three little words pack such a meaningful punch to me. Despite all of the fear, pain, the fighting, the death, and the destruction, Harry and his friends had come out the other side, stronger, happy, and safe. Life wasn’t perfect, but all was well. It’s one of those things you cling to when times are hard, and the books’ message of bravery, loyalty, and friendship make the conclusion of Deathly Hallows that much more impactful to me. I’d love to have that phrase tattooed on me forever.

A Scarlet Pimpernel


Image credit: preesterjohn1/

The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my all-time favorite books, and I love the film version with Sir Ian McKellan. I’ve been watching the film and reading the book since I was a kid, which is why, out of all of these, this tattoo is the most likely for me to get. The Scarlet Pimpernel would mark his letters or announce that he had been somewhere by leaving a small drawing of a scarlet pimpernel (a flower). I’ve always loved the idea of getting a small scarlet pimpernel tattooed just behind my ear, hiding it just out of sight like all of the scarlet pimpernels Percy Blakeney had around his home.

What tattoos are on your geeky tattoo wish list, or what geeky tattoos do you already have? Tell me about it in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan (who happens to be the proud owner of a Deathly Hallows tattoo herself). 

5 Fandom Friday: Star Wars Fandom Styled 5 Ways


This week’s Fandom 5 is a catch-up week where you can pick any of the topics you missed out on the first time around. I’m using the “one fandom styled five ways” prompt, and the fandom I’ve picked is the Star Wars fandom. I’ve done some Star Wars everyday cosplay in the past, both on this website and Geek & Sundry, so instead of doing five straight up everyday cosplay looks, I went to give more Star Wars inspired looks. Namely, a Jedi, a Sith, a Matt the Radar Technician/Kylo Ren fan, a Star Wars workout look, and a “wear all your Star Wars gear at once” look. Check it out!

Everyday Jedi

I have this Jedi dress from WeLoveFine, and I absolutely love it. In fact, I’m wearing it AS I TYPE THIS BLOG (#crazy). These cowl dresses are just too cute, and are subtle enough that they don’t scream fandom. Of course, you’ll also need a trusty droid to help you out, so I added a Artoo and BB-8 bag–you can pick your favorite droid.

Everyday Jedi Knight


Everyday Sith

Of course it can also be fun to channel your inner dark side. WeLoveFine also has a dress for that. I don’t this dress just yet, but I am planning on buying one soon. I’m a sucker for black and red. I also added one of the adorable Darth Vader clutches from Sent From Mars in addition to some other dark side-inspired jewelry to keep everything on the Dark Side.

Everyday Sith


Matt the Radar Technician Fan

We all remember where we were the first time we saw the Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base sketch on SNL. Because it was likely one of the best things ever, Jordandene came out with a shirt to pay tribute to the amazing moment in pop culture. Because the shirt is so great, Kylo Ren is so unintentionally hilarious sometimes, and Matt the Radar Technician is amazing, I built an entire outfit around Jordan’s tee.

Everyday Matt the Radar Technician Fan


Star Wars Workout Outfit

If you’ve hung around mine ol’ blog long, you know I take ballet several times a week. So when I head to the studio to get my workout on, I rarely head out in sneakers. I tend to wear some variety of Uggs to keep my feet warm because doing pointe work on cold toes is a special kind of hell. But since most of you are normal and choose not to murder your feet, I also included regular tennis shoes in this look. But most importantly, let’s just talk about how obsessed I am with that sports bra. It’s ADORABLE.

Star Wars Workout


All the Star Wars Things

The thing with having a lot of fandom gear is that sometimes you just have to wear it all at once. So I’ve got a Her Universe Storm Trooper skirt, a Jordandene tank, and a Sent From Mars bag. Because sometimes, the only “theme” you need your outfit to have is a mashup of “I LOVE STAR WARS” and “I HAVE SPENT A LOT OF MONEY ON STAR WARS STUFF!”

The "All the Star Wars Things" Outfit


What is your favorite fandom to wear? How do you show your fandom love in your everyday outfits? Tell me about it in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Things In My Bag At All Times


I carry a big purse. Like, it’s ginormous. Usually I can have anything in there from a book (or two), dance stuff, writing stuff, stuff from years and years ago that I forgot I put in the bag…I love my purse, but more often than not, it’s kind of unruly. I just hate the idea of getting caught in some sort of a waiting room, line, or whatever else without anything I could EVER need. Every now and then I’ll get this fancy idea that I’m going to transfer to smaller purses, but I can never make it work. So while the exact contents of my purse are often enigmatic and ever-changing, there are always five constants–some are even fandom-related, because obviously.


  1. My Supernatural wallet: I got this guy at Hot Topic, and I love it. It’s something that doesn’t scream fandom, but it still catches the eyes of Supernatural fans I encounter in the wild.
  2. My phone: Yes, that picture is only of my cell phone cover (Supernatural, because obviously). I was using my phone to take the picture. Leave me alone. But seriously, my phone is ALWAYS on me.
  3. My Passion Planner: I really love this planner. It helps me stay organized while also making me focus on my goals and passions. It’s the perfect planner for a creative type!
  4. My lip balm: No, that isn’t a clown nose, it’s one of those Eos lip balms. I love these guys. My lips are perpetually chapped, and I would ALWAYS lose my chapstick and lip balm when I used stuff in a regular tube. Ever since making the switch to the Eos orbs (as I call them), I never lose my lip balm–that is, unless my dog finds them. He likes to chew on them. Rude.
  5. My sunglasses: It’s super sunny in Colorado, so having sunglasses on you at all times is a must. Plus, they’re super adorbs, so I love wearing them whenever I can.

What is in your bag at all times? Do you have something fandom-related that you always have on you? Tell me about it in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: Female BroTPs That I Ship


It’s nearly Galentine’s Day (which, btw, did you see the article I wrote about a long-distance Galentine’s over at Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls???) so that means it’s time to talk about and celebrate female friendships. Remember:


Movies and TV have given us some pretty great buds to fall in love with (if you’ve never heard the term”BroTP“, Urban Dictionary is there for you). While there is something great about shipping a couple together–I talked about my top 5 OTPs last week–there is something extra special and extra relatable to shipping friends. Friends, especially in the movie and TV world, can often seem more constant than a romantic partner, and often times your bestie has been in your life longer than your soul mate. There are loads of iconic friendships out there. Kirk and Spock. Pinky and the Brain. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. However, since we’re nearly to Galentine’s Day, I’m focusing on female friendships. So without further ado, here are my top 5 female BroTPs:

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins, Parks and Recreation

ann and leslie

It should come as no surprise that one of my all-time favorite female brotps is Leslie and Ann. They are the cutest friends, they love each other so much, and they support one another through thick and thin. Also, Leslie forces Ann to watch all of the Harry Potter movies, and I’m thisclose to forcing my own best friend to watch Doctor Who (you’d better watch out, S) so their relationship resonates with me for quite a few reasons.

Sheriff Donna and Sheriff Jody, Supernatural

Jody and Donna

Donna and Jody are my favorite reluctant besties ever. Jody has, understandably, gotten a bit crusty around the edges after losing her family and chasing down monsters, so bright and shiny Donna came into her life at just the right time. They’re both dedicated cops, truly awesome women, and now are able to support one another as they help the Winchesters fight things that go bump in the night. Plus I just love watching Donna get all adorable and northern, saying things like, “What the H-E-double hockey sticks?” while Jody wearily watches on in the background, rolling her eyes.

Karen Walker and Grace Adler, Will & Grace

karen and grace

Though the headlining friendship on Will & Grace was, well, Will and Grace’s friendship, I always really loved the bizarro friendship shared between Grace and Karen. The two come from completely different walks of life and share almost entirely different moral compasses. Still, they both love each other very much and manage to be there for the other, even if some name-calling and general sitcom hijinks come before the real friendship moment.

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker, Jessica Jones

Jessica and Trish

Jessica and Trish most definitely have a tumultuous relationship, but ultimately they aren’t just best friends–they think of themselves as sisters. So even though Jessica can be self-destructive and close herself off, Trish will always be there for Jessica. And even though Trish pushed her away for several years and was lost inside abuse and addiction, Jessica was ready to kick the ass of anyone who hurt Trish. They’re definitely not perfect, but they care very deeply for the other and are willing to do whatever it takes to help their sister. Plus, the actresses themselves have amazing chemistry, so it’s awesome to watch them onscreen together.

April Ludgate and Leslie Knope

leslie and april

I defy you to not love April and Leslie as buddies. Their relationship starts out as a boss/employee relationship, morphs into a mentorship, and ultimately becomes a pretty deep friendship not unlike when you see a happy golden retriever licking a not enthused but ultimately grateful cat. Leslie pushes April to set high standards for herself, and April teaches Leslie how to let things go (occasionally–let’s not get crazy). Add Ann Perkins into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid squad.

What are you favorite female brotps? Do you have any Galentine’s Day plans? Tell me about them in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–the hashtag and series, of course, are courtesy of the awesome Kristen and Megan). 

5 Fandom Friday: My Top 5 OTPs


I’m not a big shipper myself. Sure, I have fictional couples I like, but I’m not like the shippers I tend to see on the interwebz who are pining for non-canonical romances that will likely never be. I tend to be more of the variety of shipper that says, “If the show tells me to like them as a couple, I will”–which is why it utterly rocks my world when actors and writers come out YEARS after the movie/TV show is complete and speculates on how a couple that ended up happily ever would “probably be divorced” *shoots glare at Rupert Grint*.

So here are my top 5 OTPs. They aren’t earth-shattering, but they are the couples that I want to live happily ever after, together forever.

Jim and Pam, The Office

Jim and Pam

These two are absolutely adorable, and I love them as a couple so much. They’re adorable together, and they’re the type of fictional couple that I would love to be friends with. I definitely panicked a bit in the last season when they made us believe that Pam and Jim were going to get divorced or that Pam was going to cheat on Jim with a camera guy, but I’m so glad they kept them together. Pam + Jim 5evaaaa.

Oliver and Felicity, Arrow


I mean, obviously these two. I started shipping them before Olicity became canon, but I think there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that they’d end up getting together. I’m still a bit worried that the show is going to break them up, but for now I’m a happy Olicity shipper. They balance each other out so well, and they’re incredibly supportive of one another in anything they attempt, be it being a vigilante or being the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

Hyde and Jackie, That 70’s Show

Hyde and Jackie

Okay, these two aren’t canonical OTPs. For some reason, the That 70s Show writers broke them up, had Hyde marry (and quickly divorce) a stripper and paired Jackie with Fez. I’m still grumpy about that. Hyde and Jackie were so great for one another. Hyde challenged Jackie to think for herself and look beyond appearance and material things, and Jackie challenged Hyde to be softer and dream beyond winding up in jail at 21.  They were adorable together.

Zoe and Wash, Firefly and Serenity

Zoe and Wash

Oh, these two. I love them so very much. Zoe is one of my favorite characters on Firefly, and I just love her sweet relationship with her husband, Wash. They’re adorably in love, but they are also incredibly sarcastic with one another which is one of my favorite things ever. Of course, there’s that whole “I’m a leaf on the wind thing” that ruined LITERALLY EVERYTHING and the tragic 5 second animation that came out last year to rip our hearts out afresh…but let’s not think about that right now.

Hermoine and Ron, Harry Potter Series

Ron and Hermoine.gif

Ron and Hermoine ended up together with a lovely family and lived happily ever after. As they say, all was well. It’s canon, so that’s that. Leave it be, thankyouverymuch. Now, Rupert Grint and JK Rowling, I love you both, but I beg of you:


Who are your top OTPs? Do you tend to ship more non-canonical couples, or stick with canon? Let me know in the comments and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–the hashtag and series, of course, are courtesy of the awesome Kristen and Megan). 

5 Fandom Friday: Fave Late To The Game TV Discoveries


Y’all, Netflix has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. It’s definitely a killer when it comes to my productivity, but it’s allowed me to experience a load of shows that I would have never had the opportunity to watch without it. A great deal of my favorite television shows are a part of my life thanks to Netflix. Even though I’ve come to them late in the game, I still love them like they were brand new. It can be tough to come to an AMAZING show long after everyone’s watched it, but it’s a magical experience nonetheless. Like I said, I’ve found several TV show gems since introducing Netflix into my life, but here are my top 5 late in the game TV show discoveries.

Breaking Bad

The One Who Knocks.jpg

This show was completely amazing, and I’d argue that it’s one of the best shows of my adult life. I had heard from everyone and their mom telling me how brilliant the show was, but since I didn’t jump in at the start the Breaking Bad era passed me by. I didn’t start watching the show until at least two years–but it may have been more–after the Breaking Bad series finale. Of course I was instantly hooked, as was my husband, and we also managed to get my parents hooked as well. In fact, they were so hooked that even though we started watching before my parents, they finished up the entire series a few weeks before us. I come from a proud line of Netflix bingers.

Doctor Who


I’ve mentioned before that Matt Smith is my Doctor, and that he gets such a hallowed role in my life because he was the Doctor who brought me into the series. I joined the Whovian world in the Eleven/Pond era, which was only a handful of seasons late in the New-Who era, and CRAZY late if you’re thinking from the first episode WAY back in 1963. Regardless, I was instantly hooked on the world of Who and immediately began re-watching the series starting with Nine on Netflix. I still need to watch Classic Who, though. I’m really late to the game there.



I don’t even remember how I discovered this show. I know it was a Netflix find, but I can’t remember if I heard about it and searched for it, or just started watching it because I recognized Simon Pegg. Either way, I’m so pleased to have found Spaced when I did–especially because a month or two after I watched the show, it got taken off Netflix. I just love Simon Pegg’s brand of humor, and I think he’s at his best when he’s working with his friends Nick Frost, Edgar Wright, and Jessica Stevenson. They are all just hilarious together, and I really hope it finds its way back to Netflix soon. I’d really love to re-watch the series.

The IT Crowd


If you’ve been on the internet for four seconds, it’s likely you’ll have run into a gif or something from IT Crowd, be it the infamous, “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” a picture of The Internet, or even that gif of Denholm Reynholm jumping out of the window. Even if you’ve never seen the show, you’ve likely seen something online referencing it. So once I got Netflix, I knew that this was one of the first shows I needed to add to my queue, and I am so glad I did. The show is hysterical, often makes zero sense, but is one of the funniest shows ever.

Being Human (UK and US)


This is another show that I can’t recall how I discovered it. Probably a mix of Tumblr and a general infatuation with Aidan Turner’s face if I’m honest, but I don’t remember the exact catalyst. Regardless, I watched Being Human UK first because I’m a snob and wanted to watch ~the original~ before watching anything I deemed to be a “stupid American knockoff”. It didn’t take me long to become obsessed with the show and zip through the entire series. Bereft and alone without more Being Human UK to watch, I sneered at Being Human US (which had aired its final new episode about six months prior to this). It wouldn’t be as good as the UK version, and I knew it. Even though Netflix recommended the US version as soon as the credits rolled on the final episode of Being Human UK, I was indignant. I wouldn’t watch that version. Then one day, I decided to watch it just to prove to myself that it was, in fact, a trashy knockoff. But then I got obsessed. It was similar enough to the UK version for me to fall in love with it easily, but different enough that I wasn’t constantly saying, “Mitchell is a better vampire, or is Aidan? Is Josh sweeter than George? Would I rather be friends with Sally or Annie? Annie probably makes better tea…” Plus, the show also featured the acting talents of one of my favorites, Mark Pellegrino, playing Bishop (the US version of Herrick), a vampire that’s essentially Supernatural‘s Lucifer with fangs.

And, because I can’t follow rules, here’s a sixth show (seven if you count Being Human US and UK as two shows–which they technically are, I guess): 


This show started when I was a junior in high school, and I just didn’t get into it. However, the older I got and the more I got into the Tumblr world, the more I saw Supernatural stuff. It got tough to scroll through the interwebz not having watched the show.

don't understand that reference

So I watched the show from season 1 to season 6…and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m officially in the Supernatural family and hopelessly obsessed with this ridiculously wonderful show.

What are your favorite late to the game TV finds? Let me know in the comments and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–the hashtag and series, of course, are courtesy of the awesome Kristen and Megan). 

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Ways I’m Taking Chances in 2016


One of the best ways to try and make a new year great is to set off on new adventures. Take risks, chase passions, and push yourself. This year I most certainly am going to be pushing myself and taking chances. I can’t wait to see what adventures 2016 has in store for me. Here are 5 ways I’m taking chances this year:

Become Better At Networking and Small Talk


Making new friends and creating new connections in the business world is essential, and I suck at it. I know of ways to make it easier for myself, but I ultimately need to just branch out and meet new people. I’m going to really work on that, both online and IRL, this year.

Work On My French and Travel To Europe To Use It!


I took French in high school and college, and was conversational. Of course, after years of neglecting the language, I’ve lost a ton. So I’m working really hard to regain as much of the language as I can, and I’ve got a planned trip overseas this year to use (and hopefully grow) my newly-regained language skills!

Experiment With Podcasting and Youtube


I know. I’ve been talking about this a lot, but I’ve got some ideas that I’m going to flesh out this year. By 2017, I’ll either have decided to put podcasting/youtubing to bed for good, or I’ll officially be a part of those worlds.

Starting My Own Business

lauren conradlauren conrad ceo

I’m officially working on starting up my freelance writing and editing business. It’s still 100% part-time, but I’m really looking forward to building something legitimate. Who knows what it might grow into as the years go on!

Experiment With Writing a Book

nick miller writing

Ugh, this is so cliche. You see, I work in publishing, and one of the first questions I always get when people find out what my day job is (next to some variation of can you publish my book or can you edit my book) is “Do you want to write a book?” For years my answer has been a big, fat NO. But some interesting things have happened, and I have an idea that I’ve been tossing around, so I want to spend this year working on the book, just to see if it becomes something I want to try to publish. Worse case scenario, I spend a year playing around, imagining and creating characters and a world that I love. There are worse fates…

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