Kendall on Lighten Up Podcast


Hey kids! I was on another podcast, this time the podcast of my buddy Melanie Dale called Lighten Up. We had a hoot talking to each other about comic con, Cursed Child, and Melanie’s many failed attempts to be a walker on The Walking Dead (she lives right where they shoot the show and has eaten AT NORMAN REEDUS’ RESTAURANT and I am an infinite ball of jealousy). Melanie’s a great internet turned IRL friend (because meeting once IRL for Thai food totally counts, y’all), so I’m really excited for y’all to hear the episode.

Enjoy the episode!

Denver Comic Con 2016: Saturday Panels

Friday was a day that, apart from my own panel, not much else happened for me. I got to explore the exhibition floor–which was SPRAWLING this year. This is just the Pop Culture Classroom area:


But on Saturday, I attended panels galore. In previous years, the big “main stage” panels were held in one of two (maybe three) ballrooms. You had to line up outside for FOREVER in a different ballroom that was essentially modeled after Crowley-run hell. This year, they had one giant theater for the big main stage events that didn’t clear after each panel. So, in theory, you could stay there from the first panel to the last. So on Saturday, I really just parked myself in the main stage room and enjoyed some of the amazing panels–they really got a pretty amazing lineup this year.

Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell DCC

I was so. excited. for the Hayley Atwell panel. Though I’m painfully behind on Agent Carter, I love her and the entire Captain America story in the MCU. You guys, if you are ever in the position to see a panel with Hayley on it, GO SEE HER. She is full of energy, and you can tell she has loved every second she’s gotten to play Peggy. Of course she touched on some of the more painful things happening in the Peggy-verse these days. She addressed the show’s cancellation, letting fans know that she hadn’t given up hope just yet. When she was asked if Peggy could fit in well with the darker tone of the Marvel Netflix shows, she smiled and said, “Peggy could handle it.” So it’s unclear what Peggy’s future holds, but Hayley seems up for whatever opportunities Marvel gives her. Of course, she also spoke about the infamous Hydra Cap situation. Of course, Peggy Hayley wasn’t entirely convinced he had gone full dark side.

So hopefully Cap’s story is one that will be redeemed. If Peg has faith, so do I. But that wasn’t the only Cap scandal she covered. She also mentioned that kiss Cap shared with one Sharon Carter–Peggy’s niece. Of course she made headlines when she said the relationship was a bit messed up, and while she still stands by the fact Cap dating Sharon is wrong, she reminded fans that it’s all in good fun. After all, it’s comic books and superheroes. They should be fun, right? The panel also touched briefly on her episode of Black Mirror, which she called just a long crying session for her (which is fair, because that’s what it’s like to watch Black Mirror), as well as an answer to her interest in playing the Doctor. Her one stipulation? Her companion has to be Billie Piper.

atwell piper.gifI think the Doctor Who fandom would be more than happy to see a run of Hayley Atwell’s Doctor travelling around with Rose Tyler, amirite? These two are such a huge IRL BroTP for me anyway, so I’d love to see them having adventures across time and space in the TARDIS.

So if you need me, I’ll be campaigning for an Atwell/Piper season of Doctor Who.

Cary Elwes

cary elwes

You guys, I had no idea Cary Elwes was so great. I mean, I love most of the stuff he’s been in, but this guy is HILARIOUS. He does some of the best voices, and spent his panel impersonating everyone from Andre the Giant to Rob Reiner to Cockney British actors. He also spent a huge chunk of his panel telling us stories from the set of Princess Bride, like the fact that he severely broke his foot just two weeks into shooting after going on a wild ride on Andre the Giant’s ATV. It’s so bad that Elwes says you can see him occasionally limping or hopping about in some of the scenes on Princess Bride. Even better, they had to postpone all of his sword fights until the very end of filming just so he could be standing on a solid two feet. And though he started out his panel really trying hard to not say “as you wish”, calling them “those three words that I say”, he obliged when a fan finally asked him directly to say it. That movie was such a huge part of my childhood, so it did my heart good to not only say his most iconic line from the film, but also to hear how much fun the cast had together.

John Barrowman

Barrowman Outfits

The last panel of the night was John Barrowman–who I got to interview with his sister over at Nerdist, btw–and his panel was NUTS. John basically feeds off of the energy of a crowd, so his panel was tons of fun because he was just amped the entire time. He came out in genderbent Cas cosplay (he loves Supernatural, and would love to be on the show), and then changed mid-panel. But his panel was full of fun hijinks like that. He brought a fan up to dance with him and his husband, and at one point he crawled over all of us (I was thisclose to touching his ankle when he went past me, but I deemed that creepy) to answer a fan question up close and personal.

Silly Barrowman

Of course no Barrowman panel would be complete without talking about talking about Torchwood. He and his sister Carole are bringing us new Torchwood adventures with the new Torchwood comic. Of course, its up to us to keep more stories coming, so buy the comic, you guys!!!

You guys, I was so impressed about how amazing these panels were, and the sheer size of the event was astounding. Denver Comic Con has grown so much over the past few years, and I’m so happy to get to be a part of the convention. If you want to see another perspective, check out my buddy Amelia’s recaps of day one and two over on Geekly Planet!

Did you go to Denver Comic Con? What was your favorite part of the Saturday panels? Tell me your thoughts about the panels or any other Atwell, Elwes, or Barrowman panels you’ve seen in the past in the comments! 

Denver Comic Con 2016: What I Learned From Being On a Panel

Denver Comic Con came and went over the weekend, and I had a complete blast. There was so much to digest, but the biggest thing for me was, of course MY PANEL.


As I previously wrote, I was asked to sit on a Women in the Geek Industry panel along with two other women. The entire experience was crazy and overwhelming (seriously, I got an anxiety migraine after and had to go home early), but it was ultimately amazing. I am so thankful that Denver Comic Con allowed the spotlight to get put on women within the “geek industry” (I’m still not sure what the geek industry actually is, but I’m glad to be a part of it).

I also realized how severely I underestimate myself. As I was sitting there on the panel, I remember looking at the other two women sitting on the panel with me and thinking, “Oh my gosh, they are so much more knowledgeable than I am. I don’t know anything at all. What am I thinking, sitting on a panel like this? All of these people are gonna realize I’m one big, fat, fraud and boo me out of the con!”

Of course this didn’t happen, and the more I talked, the more I realized I actually know a thing or two. Sure, I don’t know everything, but I’ve been doing this for several years now.


The most shocking thing that came from my panel was getting a taste of the kind of impact I can have on people–even in my own small corner of the internet. After the panel, a little girl came up to me and asked about being a writer, and I got to give her some tips on becoming a writer for a publication you love. After that, a woman walked up to talk to me and told me how she’d read all my stuff, and that she was into gaming because of things she read that I wrote.


Crazy, right? I didn’t even know how to process those last two. In what universe do I get to be the one encouraging the writers of tomorrow, and inspire another human to try gaming because of my words. I was caught between being a bit teary and speechless after those two came to talk to me, but it ultimately made me feel incredibly thankful for the jobs I have with Geek & Sundry and Nerdist.

Ultimately, the panel was tons of fun, and the questions from the audience were thoughtful. I was nervous the entire time, but I think the panel went pretty darn amazing. I was so honored to get to be a part of such an important panel, and I really hope that we inspired the women in the audience to chase after whatever their dream role in the geek industry might be.

I’m still blown away that I actually got to sit on an actual panel at comic con…

If you want to see my panel, I’ve got some video of it here. I haven’t watched it (I hate watching myself on camera), but I’ve heard the audio isn’t the best in places. Regardless, it’s here if you want to check it out:

And if you weren’t at Denver Comic Con, I live-tweeted every single panel I attended, so you can head to my Twitter to see what went down. I try to use my #KenAtTheCon hashtag, but eventually I just stuck with the convention’s #DCC2016 hashtag. Not into reading live tweets? Never fear though, I’ll be writing about the panels–with pictures!–in more detail this week. Stay tuned!

Outfit Lineup for Denver Comic Con 2016

Alright, kids, it’s official. I’ve landed on my what I’ll be wearing at Denver Comic Con this year, and I’ve officially decided that this year’s Denver Comic Con will be the Year of the Fandom Shirts. I have zillions of shirts that celebrate my favorite fandoms, and comic con is the PERFECT place to wear them. So here are my outfit plans for the week:

Friday: Wayward Academy

So this isn’t the most recent Wayward Daughters shirt (if you’re interested, as of right now you have about six more days to snap a #waywardaf shirt), but it still shows your wayward pride. Also, I may or may not be appearing on a panel this day (stay tuned!!!), so I wanna rep my girls.

Wayward Daughters Academy


Saturday: #TeamCap

I don’t even want to hear about your “Hail Hydra” nonsense…

#TeamCap Style


Saturday: Always Keep Fighting

Okay, so I know I talked a big game about wearing my Hamilton shirt, but then I remembered that I also owned *this* shirt. A con is the perfect place to wear some SPN family swag.

Always Keep Fighting



How do you style your favorite fandom shirts? Let me know in the comments! And of course, be sure to pick up your tickets to Denver Comic Con if you haven’t already. Let me know if you’ll be at the con this year. I’d love to say hi! And remember, stay tuned because I’ve got a fun panel announcement to make this week! 

Fandoms I Love That I Never Thought I Would


Fandom is a great thing, and sometimes it can sneak up on you. There are always those fandoms you never thought you’d fall for that you find yourself obsessed with, and there are some you were sure you’d hate that you end up adoring. This week’s fandom five is all about those fandoms that surprised you with how much you love them. Here are my top five:

Comic Books

Okay, so there isn’t really a “comic book” fandom, but I didn’t ever think I would like comic books. It wasn’t until I took a literary criticism class in college where I read Persepolis and took a comic book genre study for my senior seminar that got me hooked on comic books. I never thought I’d be a person who reads comics, but I LOVE comics and graphic novels.

Comic Con

comic con spiderman

Okay, so this is another one that isn’t technically a fandom. Still, with my introvert ways and my anxiety in big crowds, I never thought I’d be one to love comic con. While I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con because of where I live, I’ve been to several other conventions and I love it so much. Who knew comic con season would become one of my favorite times of the year!

The Flash

the flash

Back when the show started, I wasn’t sure how I felt about The Flash on The CW. In fact, I was ready to stop watching the show. I’m not sure what got me back into the show, but I’m so glad I did. I love The Flash so much, and it’s such a great addition to DCTV.

Harry Potter


When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to read the Harry Potter books or watch the Harry Potter movies. Because of that, I figured I just wouldn’t ever jump in to the story. However, I met a girl who told me that, despite being an adult, that I HAD to read the books, and I’m so glad she did. I fell in love with the story, and even though I didn’t get to grow up with it, the Potter-verse has such a special place in my heart.

Being Human US

Being Human

Being a part of the Being Human US fandom wasn’t just something I didn’t expect. I was vehemently against liking this show. I loved Being Human UK so much, and I just felt like the US version simply couldn’t be as good. I was SUPER wrong. I love this show so much. Hopelessly in love with it, despite my best efforts.

Your turn! What are those fandoms you were surprised to find yourself in? Let me know in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Guilty Pleasures


I talk about fandom here. I’m a part of several fandoms myself, and there is nothing more fun than getting to spend tons of time in fandom-land. Some of my favorite aspects of fandom is wading into the “guilty pleasure” territory when it comes to celebrating my faves, and that’s what this week’s Fandom 5 is all about: my favorite fandom guilty pleasures!

Binging Shows


I’ve made it no secret how much I love a good Netflix binge, even though I should probably be a bit less open about my Netflix binging habits. However, I just can’t help how much I love popping a show on and losing myself in that universe for a while. Thank you, Netflix, indeed.

Collecting Funko Dolls…and Keeping Them At My Work Desk

pop funko

This is only a small portion of my collection of work desk Funko dolls. Though  my collection is far smaller than some of you, I am proud to say my desk is guarded by an angel, a rebel princess/general, a shiny stormtrooper, a hunter/hacker, a vigilante, a Khaleesi, an Asgardian god, a droid, a Time Lord…and an Adipose. I just love these little guys way too much.

Quoting My Faves in Everyday Life


75% of the things I say are just from movies and TV shows. Seriously. I’ve always been like this (my parents are the same way, it’s not my fault). I even managed to smush an Anchorman and Supernatural reference into my tiny Twitter bio. #skillz

Having a Serious Desire for a Fandom Tattoo

anti posession tattoo

Seriously. I talked about my top five fandom tattoos that I’ve always wanted in a previous Fandom 5 post. The Deathly Hallows symbol, anti-possession sigil, “all was well”, and the small scarlet pimpernel are my top tattoo dreams. I actually thought seriously about getting the scarlet pimpernel tattoo when I was in Europe, but ultimately decided against it–mainly because of time and my lack of ability to research the shop before I got the ink. But seriously, I have a mighty need for some fandom ink.

Paying Money to Spend Hours in a Line and 5 Seconds With My Faves

Kendall and Karen

I spent the entire time in line obsessing about what I’d say to her, stressing over the fact that I didn’t have some cute idea for a pic, and hoping that I didn’t say or do anything dumb. Turns out after the giant chunk of cash I shelled out and the literal hours in line, they were moving people through the photo ops with startling speed to fit everyone in (she had been scheduled for two days of photo ops and had to cancel one, so the line was EXTRA long). I had time to say hello, and that was basically it.

Still though! I got to meet (however briefly) Karen Gillan. Best. Day. Ever.


Your turn! What are some of your geeky guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments, and, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts. Follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today–and be sure to follow me on Twitter to follow the hashtag–-and be sure to check out the brains behind the Fandom 5 linkup, the awesome Kristen and Megan

Everyday Cosplay: Loki

Who doesn’t love Loki, amirite? He’s one of those great villains who straddles the line between bad guy, a dude who is so wonderfully sassy that you can’t help but love him, and a guy with a tragic backstory that makes you want to love him forever.


Loki is the best, and I just love the dynamic he brings to any of the MCU films he’s in as well as any comic he’s in (I really loved his appearance in Ms. Marvel, for instance). So of course I wanted to pull together a look to bring the Trickster into everyday life–especially with comic con coming up, I need to start thinking convention fashion! So here’s a Loki everyday cosplay look, because every day can use a little Loki.

Everyday Loki



Who’s your favorite MCU baddie? Have you started thinking about what you’re wearing to comic con? Let me know in the comments!

WiSH Con: A New Convention All About Women In Sci-Fi And Horror

There are some really amazing outlets for women in the geek industry these days, from Geek Girl Con to the newly-formed Wayward Daughters Academy, and now there is a new, up-and-coming convention dedicated to celebrating women in horror and science fiction: WiSH Con.

wish con

2016 will be the convention’s inaugural year,  and I could not be more excited about what the convention has to offer. The guest list is shaping up nicely with guests like Kim Rhodes from Supernatural, Nicki Clyne and Leah Cairns from Battlestar Gallactica, Gracyn Shinyei from Supernatural, music from Destiny Whitaker and The Salty Caramels, writers and directors will be there, there will be yoga and panels on geeky wellness, fan-led panels, a costume contest, vendors, a red carpet, and much more. I could not be more excited about this convention. I love how the founders are making an entire convention just for celebrating the women who help make horror and sci-fi a genre we all love so much. I got to chat with the convention founders to learn a bit more about the con. Here’s our conversation:

Where did the idea come for starting this convention?
Being fans ourselves, we have gone to many different conventions throughout the years. We have noticed, in those years, that there has been a lack of support for the women in front of and behind the camera that make these shows great. With all of that in mind, we wanted to make a: for fans by fans event. With all of us being conventions goers it seemed like the natural way to go.

How did you take WiSHCon from idea to actual convention?
Kerry (co-chair) and I were talking about it hypothetically for a few weeks to see if it could go from a dream to a reality. First, we came up with the concept with the name following soon after. After we came up with the WiSHCon name, we started to throw out our dream list of shows that we wanted to see participate. Once we took a step back and saw the vast list we had created, we knew that this is a much bigger opportunity than we had initially realized and there are so many women that need to be honored. After that we added in Deb (head of Vendor Relations) and Emma (Head of publicity) as well as a couple of assistants to help make this event work a bit smoother.

What was the most challenging thing you encountered while starting this convention?
In the beginning stages, with this being our first year, the challenge was where to start first and how make sure each step did not become an overwhelming event. Each stage we encounter can lead to ten more things that need to be accomplished. That alone presents multiple challenges that seem to reproduce in the blink of an eye.
Once we got to the point where our website went live and we started sending out invites for panelists, our biggest obstacle was being taken seriously. We have been seen as only fans trying to put on an event for other fans just for personal entertainment or as a hobby. To be clear, we are a: for fans by fans event, but that is not the sole purpose of WiSHCon and it is taken a lot more serious than just a hobby. Along that same line, it’s been quite difficult being taken seriously as women in a male dominated business.

Currently, our biggest challenge has been financial side of things; being that we are not privately funded like a lot of other conventions. So our present-day obstacle is getting sponsors, fundraising on Indiegogo, and maintaining broad exposure.

What do you hope attendees will gain from WiSHCon?

We really hope attendees get an appreciation of what women experience not only in Hollywood but in business in general. It’s not about showing that women are superior but that they are equals and should be treated as such in Hollywood and in life. On a lighter note, we want fans to have fun meeting these amazing women, making lifelong friendships with other fans from across the world, like all of us have.

Who are some of the celebrity guests we can expect to see at the con?
The ones we have currently signed are Kim Rhodes best known for Supernatural, Star Trek Voyager, and the upcoming show Colony. Claudia Christian best known for her role in the Babylon 5 franchise. Shannon Eichorn who is a science fiction author. Luvia Petersen best known for Continuum and Battlestar Galactica. Marita Grabiak – writer/director – who has worked on Firefly, Dollhouse, Smallville, and Battlestar Galactica among many others. Leah Cairns best known for Battlestar Galactica, the movie Interstellar, and Kyle XY.

What kind of panels will you have at the con?
We will have a mix celebrity guest panels and fan panels representing shows past and present. Besides panels, we will have an eclectic vendor room, costume contest and red carpet, Saturday night concert, trivia contest, and a special VIP breakfast with celebrity guests on Sunday.

Where do you hope to see WiSHCon in five years?
In five years, we hope to see an event that happens more than once a year in multiple states across the country.

Where can we find you all online?
You can find us on Facebook,  Twitter, on our website, or just shoot us an email:

Can we help fund the con? Where can we donate?
Absolutely! Anyone can contribute by visiting our Indiegogo page where we have perks listed for official swag, discount weekend passes, and autographed merchandise. There are also once in a lifetime opportunities listed among the perks. Fans can also donate through our website, Red Bubble store, and an ongoing Represent campaign.

Where can we buy tickets?
Currently, the only place to buy tickets is through our Indiegogo campaign. Once our campaign has successfully ended, regular price tickets will be available come April 2016 link will be posted on our sites. In the meantime, the hotel location where the convention will be held, The Hilton Columbus Downtown, is currently taking reservations at a discounted price, rooms are limited.

Thanks so much to the WiSH Con team for taking the time to chat. Be sure to check out their website, and donate to the con if you can! What do you think of WiSH Con? Do you think you’ll attend? What would you like to see at the con this year or in future years? Let me know in the comments!  

Convention Season: Attending an Out of State Convention (Plus a Contest!)

I love convention season. There is nothing more fun than buying passes, planning your schedule, your outfits, and setting off to head to a totally amazing convention. Last year I had a pretty fun con schedule (for me, anyway), heading to Denver Comic Con, GeekGirlCon, and Rocky Mountain Con. This year, I kept things toned down and only headed out to Denver Comic Con. I had a great time, and got to hang out with new and old friends, like my buddy the Raptor Evangelist:


But the thing about going to conventions is they are all learning experiences. Conventions are NUTS, and if you’re travelling out of state for them, they can get even nuttier. So while con season is starting to draw to a close, we still have conventions like GeekGirlCon and New York Comic Con on the horizon. While I know some of my readers are located in Seattle and New York and can easily make the jump to GeekGirlCon or New York Comic Con, I know a lot of you are like me, and attending either of those conventions means a cross-country trip.

Well, since is running a contest, giving away two four-day passes to New York Comic Con, I thought I’d offer a few tips that seems simple, but can really help enhance the experience of attending a convention that is out-of-state:


Ron Swanson Wisdom

You’re going to a new, exciting city to a new, exciting convention. Not only are there tons of things you probably want to do at the con, there are probably even more things you want to see in the city itself. You’ve got to face the facts: you can’t do it all. Decide what is most important to you, and prioritize those first. Make yourself a schedule that won’t drive you crazy (only you know what that looks like). For any con I attend, local or otherwise, I always plan for a few panels in case my first choice doesn’t work out for some reason. If you want to work in some sightseeing time, do that, too. Any convention is a wonderfully exhausting experience, just make sure you plan a trip that stays wonderfully exhausting and doesn’t meander into the realm of “emotionally and physically draining” or “unpleasant and exhausting”.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable With Your Hotel


The temptation will be to book yourself a sketchy hotel because “I’ll be at the con all day, anyway”. DON’T DO THIS! You don’t have to go super fancy, but make sure you’re booking yourself a room in a hotel in which you feel safe and comfortable. You’ll be exhausted after a long day at the con, so you want to come back to a place where you truly feel you can relax. Whether that means a nicer hotel, rooming with a buddy, rooming by yourself, or making sure your hotel has a pool, don’t ignore those things that make you feel safe and cozy. I can’t tell you how many people I talked to at GeekGirlCon who dreaded going back to their rooms–one even checked out early to sleep on the floor of another friend’s hotel room–because their hotel was atrocious. Find that happy place between a crazy fancy hotel room and the hotel from Vacancy.

Figure Out Food Options Ahead of Time

food here

When I attended GeekGirlCon last year, I didn’t rent a car. I took a shuttle from the airport to and from my hotel, and walked anywhere else I needed to go. Here’s the thing though: I’m a hardcore introvert. So once the end of the day came, I didn’t want to have to sit in a crowded restaurant. I wanted to be alone, in my hotel room, where I didn’t have to talk to anyone. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out the nearby food situation ahead of time, so I found that a lot of places I figured would deliver, didn’t deliver to my hotel. One particular sad night I got a big migraine, and I decided the only cure was hot wings–but they didn’t deliver. So I found myself tromping boldly down and back up Pike Street with a half-crazed look of migraine madness, a shabby looking hoodie, yoga pants, and purple Uggs just to pick myself up some hot wings. It wasn’t my best moment of the convention. Of course, even if you’re more social and less migraine prone than I am, it’s still good to at least scout out your food options before you sit down in a restaurant. You’ll definitely want to know–before you order–which restaurants are expensive, which ones have big waits, and which ones aren’t worth your time.

Drink Water

jesse water

When I’m at home, I drink a TON of water. I live in Colorado, so our tap water is amazingly refreshing. When I travel out of state, I often forget how gross other state’s water can be, so I get a nasty gulp of tap water and opt to lay off the water…and then I get migraines and go on half-crazed walks for hot wings. I’m just sayin’, drink that water, kids. Conventions are tiring, they’re hot, and there can be a lot of walking. Keeping some water on you at all times can help keep you upright and enjoying the entire convention.

What are some of your tips for attending an out-of-state con? Got any con horror stories or cautionary tales to share? Let me know in the comments! And if you to attend New York Comic Con and don’t have a pass, head to to enter their contest for two free, four-day passes! 

5 Fandom Friday: Things I’ve Bought at Cons


I’m gonna be real honest with you guys. I don’t buy a ton of stuff at cons. It isn’t because I don’t looooove getting some freshly squeezed, con-exclusive nerd goods, but they are usually so CRAZY expensive and I rarely have the money to get the stuff I really want. Besides, half of the fun for me isn’t getting a lot of stuff–I love the actual experience of a convention more than I love finding cool stuff to buy. So this week’s prompt of things I’ve bought at cons is a bit…sparse, mainly because I don’t have a lot of bought goods to show for my conning. Still, those things I have bought are pretty darn special to me.

Supernatural Stickers–similar (Rocky Mountain Con)

Team Free Will

For the life of me, I cannot remember where I got these stickers. They were all drawn by a local artist, but because I am awful, I can’t recall who drew them. Still, I think they’re adorable, and I stuck them all on my water bottle so they can follow me around everywhere. I mean, I live in Colorado–its high elevation, guys. We need our water bottles with us AT ALL TIMES.

SHIELD Logo Sticker–similar (Denver Comic Con 2015)


Same thing here. I can’t recall the shop where I bought this one, but this one wasn’t drawn by a local artist, so I feel a bit better about forgetting where I purchased it. I put this sticker on my car, and I LOVE how it looks. Makes me feel like an official agent of SHIELD.

Imperial Love Hoodie (Denver Comic Con 2015)

Imperial Love

This particular item is from Her Universe, but I bought the hoodie in the Super Hero Stuff booth. These guys are always a HUGE presence on the exhibition floor, and it’s tough to not get sucked in to all the shiny, fandom swag they have on sale. I’d been wanting this hoodie for some time now, so when I saw it on sale at the con, I had to snatch one up for myself. It’s amazing and SO SOFT.

Daenerys Targaryen Pop! Funko Doll (Denver Comic Con 2014)

dany pop

I picked up this doll at a comic book shop’s booth, but you can get your own Dany doll at the Pop! Funko website. This is one of my favorite Pops. I just love the little dragon that is riding on Dany’s arm, and oddly enough, her outfit as she and the rest of the Dothraki are travelling across the Great Grass Sea and through the deserts is one of my favorite Dany outfits. She currently guards my desk at work.

Supernatural Bracelet (SDCC 2015)

SPN bracelet

I know I technically did not attend SDCC this year, but since I purchased this bracelet over SDCC, I’m counting it! I got this charm bracelet from OhDemCrafts on Etsy, and I love it. The bracelet is beautiful, and it even has enough spaces so I can add some more charms if I want to (I have this idea of making a fandom charm bracelet, and this is the perfect place to start). Whether or not I add charms, I’m obsessed with this bracelet. It’s that understated fandom swag that I love, and it’s just a gorgeous charm bracelet.

What are some of your favorite con souvenirs? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!