I’ve always thought ballet was beautiful. Yes, even after I saw Black Swan. One of my friends in college was a ballerina. I remember watching her as the peacock in the yearly production of The Nutracker. I was blown away. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth Esther. Ballet is truly beautiful.

Well, last night was the night. I decided to stop waiting for the day I looked like this:

I decided to stop waiting until I felt I was “good enough” in my appearance, my physical strength, and my gracefulness, and do something that would bring me joy.

How was my first ballet class since I was a toddler? Let me allow the magic of the .gif to tell you:



I wasn’t great. However, it was amazingly fun, and I can’t wait to go back next week. I tried something new, I tried something that scared me, and I tried something that played against my insecurities. True, no one asked me if I had taken ballet before, but I faced a fear yesterday. I stopped putting my life on hold for some faraway, unrealistic goal I’ll never reach. I enjoyed today. 

So how was my first ballet class? It was freaking awesome.

8 thoughts on “Ballet

  1. Teryn O'Brien says:

    Yes!! Face those fears. And at least you’re not alone in facing them. We all looked pretty silly last night, BUT there is room to grow in gracefulness and skill, I do believe. How will be grow if we don’t try? 🙂

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