5 Things I Want to See in the Will & Grace Revival

If you haven’t heard, Will & Grace is officially returning to NBC for a 10-episode run. This is real, kids. No internet rumors, Beverly Leslie gossip, and certainly no fake news. According to the NBC press release (which you can read on Sean Hayes’ facebook), talks about a revival began around the same time the mini webisode “Vote, Honey” broke the internet.

In case you didn’t watch it, or if you just want to watch it again, here it is:

Guys, I love Will & Grace. It’s one of those shows that just makes me happy to watch. I am so thrilled about the idea of it being back on television, but I’ve gotta be honest.

I’m hella nervous about this revival.

[spoilers ahead, but also, it’s been literally over a decade since the series finale, so…]

I didn’t watch the finale of Will & Grace live (I got into the show late–which was a pain because this was before I got into the Netflix/streaming seasons game, so I had to catch up by buying the box set DVDs of previous seasons) so I didn’t see the finale until about a year after it premiered. Honestly, I loved it. I was really surprised to hear later on that some people hated how they wrapped Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen’s story. I thought it was a charming, serendipitous bookend to the story of Will and Grace’s charming, serendipitous friendship. So while this show will likely be taking place some time before that infamous last shot that the four took in the bar, where will it fall on the timeline?

Ultimately, if the show manages to recapture the magic of Will and Grace’s friendship, the show will find its footing. So here are five things I need in the 10-episode revival to make it work for me:

Will and Grace need to still be friends


I know this seems obvious, but if you’ll remember, before the finale’s flash forward, Leo returned and got back together with Grace (who was very pregnant with his baby). Grace choosing Leo strained her relationship with Will, and we were led to believe they really didn’t speak again until their kids got together in college. So unless they plan to set the show when an older Will and Grace get back together while their kids are falling in love, they need to somehow retcon the story line and make Will and Grace rekindle their friendship sooner. Honestly, I’m not even picky how they do it. But I know that episode and half in season 5 where Will and Grace were mad at each other when Grace asked for more time before trying again to get pregnant with Will’s baby (incidentally, also because of Leo) was the worst. I don’t want to waste much of my revival time with those two needing to make up.

Karen and Jack need to stay exactly the same


This is a tumultuous, ever-changing world. I need my Karen and my Jack to stay as silly, shallow, crass, and as lovable as ever. I mean, I know they both had some deeper character moments in the series (like that one time we learned that Karen had a room in her house dedicated to a baby that she never had or Jack dealing with his father issues), but I don’t want the revival to change them. They’re fun and silly, and I want them to stay the same Karen and Jack we fell in love with years ago.

We need meaningful appearances from characters like Rosario and Beverly Leslie


Part of what makes the show great is the amazing peppering of tertiary characters like Rosario, Beverly Leslie, Elliott, the shadowy appearance of Stan Walker, Rob, Ellen, Joe, Larry, and the like. Karen, Jack, Will, and Grace are the heart of the show, but those other characters give the show spice and life. While I don’t want the show to err on the side of peppering in gratuitous cameos as overly-obvious winks to the fans, I don’t want them to be forgotten either. I mean, at the very least, I think we need at least one game night with Rob, Ellen, Joe, and Larry, right?

We can’t forget Vince and Leo


I love Vince and Leo. Even though the two of them can sometimes step in the way of Will and Grace’s friendship, I think they’re so important to the story. Any good friends have gone through that awkward stage of making space in their lives for both their significant other and their best friend, so I love that Will & Grace talks about that–while also celebrating the romantic relationships. Plus, I love watching Vince interact with Grace and Leo interact with Will. It’s so hilarious, and I’d hate to have the revival ignore them to tell only Will and Grace-centered stories. Will and Grace love Vince and Leo, so they’ve got to have a meaningful place in the story.

Show Will and Grace (and Vince and Leo) as parents


I realize this isn’t Will or Grace, but it’s too fun not to include

Chances are pretty solid that wherever this falls on the timeline, Will and Grace will officially be parents. We’ve seen Karen’s parenting style, we’ve seen Jack’s parenting style, and we’ve seen the homes Will and Grace grew up in, but we haven’t really seen them as someone else’s parents. I can’t wait to see how Will and Grace’s lives are different and the same with kids in their lives. I just really hope they don’t undo the fact that their kids Ben and Lila end up together.

Keep Jack’s celeb obsessions


From Cher to JLo to Janet Jackson to my personal favorite of Jack’s obsessions, Kevin Bacon, Will & Grace has always showcased Jack as a person obsessed with celebs. Some of them know about him (like Kevin Bacon), but some he’s only met in passing instances (like Cher). Regardless, it’s part of what keeps Jack zany, and in a celeb-filled town like NYC, I really hope they keep that part of Jack’s story in tact. Okay, I’ll be honest. I really just want him to keep stalking Kevin Bacon…That is one of my all-time favorite Jack McFarland quirks.

Bonus: a Debbie Reynolds tribute

debbie reynolds.gif

Okay, I know I said this was a list of five things, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the flawless Debbie Reynolds, who played Grace’s mother, Bobbi Adler. Bobbi was hilarious and lovable, and I just loved episodes where they featured her. Even if they don’t do a whole “Grace’s mom dies” episode (which could be too heavy for the revival’s short run), I hope they at least mention Bobbi. She was too pivotal to the show to not mention at all.

Honestly, if they keep the original spirit of the show without turning the revival into nothing more than flippant fan-service, I think it can be great. We all love Will & Grace for their story, and bringing them back means there is more story to tell. If that’s true and they spend their ten episode run adding something meaningful to the Will & Grace canon, I’ll be pleased. Sure, I’m nervous, but I’m ultimately really excited to get to hang out with my old friends again. What kind of things do you want to see in the revival? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

2017: Rebellions Are Built on Hope

It’s a brand new year! Even though nothing magically changed when the calendar changed from 2016 to 2017, I love that we all as a society take the time to try to reset, reevaluate, and strive for a better life in the new year. I thought that this year I’d try to do a “word of the year”, but I realized that I couldn’t find one word to perfectly encapsulate my feelings for 2017. A phrase did, however.


[Side note: I realize Cassian actually says this first, but I can’t find any gifs of him saying it, only Jyn.]

It may seem a bit silly to have this be my guiding phrase for 2017, especially when I am decidedly not planning on spending this year searching for the plans of the Death Star in the face of overwhelming odds (seriously, if you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, GO SEE IT. IT IS SO GOOD). So why is this my phrase for the year?

Because even though I’m not engaged in a giant rebellion against the forces of the Dark Side, I do have my own battles to fight. 2016 was a year that knocked me down quite a bit, so 2017 is the year I’m rebelling, and I’m fighting back.

I’m fighting back against my anxiety and depression, and am not going to let myself be overcome by them anymore. I’m getting the help I need, and I’m going to start taking better care of myself. That means physically and emotionally.

I’m fighting back against injustice. I’m just one person, but I’ve decided to use this year to do whatever I can to do good in the world and fight against the bad in it.

I’m fighting back against feeling obligated to do certain things and act certain ways. There are really only a handful of things that I actually have to do every day. This year, I’m going to work on letting myself step back from things that I either no longer have the time/mind-space to do, I no longer have the desire to do, or that I simply think I shouldn’t do anymore. I’m going to let myself feel more comfortable with myself as I am, allow myself to enjoy those things I love, and let myself let go of those things in my life that just bring me trouble.

I’m fighting back against feeling directionless. I feel like it’s not that unique of a problem to be a millennial these days and feel totally directionless and like you have no clue what you’re doing with you life. However, I’m getting closer to turning 30 every day, so I’m going to use this year to really find where I fit.

I don’t want to end 2017 feeling like I wasted an entire year, so this is the year I’m rebelling against, well, myself. Or rather, I’m rebelling against the crazy expectations I put on myself. I’m choosing to be hopeful that I can find a better grasp on my own mental health, that I can actually do some good in the world, and that I can find a life that brings me direction and joy. It is a bit cliché, but that feels like a crazy mountain to climb. I’ve been fighting with myself for just shy of 3o years now, so to try to make any sort of headway towards direction and peace seems almost like an unattainable goal. Still, rebellions are built on hope, and I’m ready to start rebelling against those things that have kept me in places I no longer want to be.

What changes are you making in 2017? Do you have a word or phrase for the year? Tell me in the comments!

You Need To Be Watching Crazyhead


It’s the winter hiatus for most of our favorite shows right now, so it is the perfect time to pick up a new television obsession. So if you’re busy missing Supernatural, if you’ve never recovered from losing Being Human UK or US, or if you just want to see a show about two women kicking demon ass and taking names, you’ve got to check out Crazyhead. For now, there’s only one season (and a mere six episodes) of this spectacular show, but it’s six episodes of supernatural hunting fun. It’s streaming on Netflix so you can binge the whole thing over your winter break. Don’t worry, this whole post is spoiler-free, so if you haven’t checked out Crazyhead just yet, you can read on without fear!

Fans of Supernatural will definitely notice some…well…some differences in things like exorcism rites (it’s a bit more…personal and, well, flat out gross than simply shouting out some words in Latin), and the mythology and lore surrounding demons has a unique and interesting twist from what I’ve seen before (I’d go into it more here, but it’s a HUGE spoiler for the show). Still, it’s got that fun, other-wordly vibe that made us all fall in love with watching Sam and Dean kick monster butt. The show’s heroines, Amy and Raquel, are so much fun to watch together. The two meet for the first time in the show’s premiere, but by the season finale, you can’t help but want to be in Amy and Raquel’s squad.

The two are hilarious together, and Raquel is a perfect mix of tough, crass, and lovable. Amy is quieter with a more skittish and awkward nature, and watching the two women try to protect the earth from demonic threats is like watching two friends. Unlike Sam and Dean Winchester, Amy and Raquel didn’t grow up as trained warriors, and are both relatively new and uninformed about the dealings of demonic ways. So we get to learn right alongside the women as they get to know the underworld a bit more, and figure out the best way to get rid of demons once and for all.

One of the biggest complaints of Supernatural fans has been the lack of women hunters who aren’t killed off in some horrific fashion (read: Charlie, Jo, Ellen, and the OG, Mary Winchester). So it’s awesome to find such a cool, engaging show about two awesome women going up against the darkness. And without getting into any spoilers, they’ve set us up to explore a supernatural world outside of demons alone. So I cannot wait to see what exciting stories and frightening monsters we get to see Raquel and Amy fight in season two.

Have you watched Crazyhead on Netflix yet? What did you think of it? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Image credit: E4/Netflix

My TBR List For the Holidays

I’m lucky enough to have a day job that provides quite a bit of time off, especially around the holidays. So with a rather large break looming, I’ve stacked myself a bit of a reading list, and I simply cannot wait to settle in for some time away from the office with lots of good books. Here’s what I’m reading over the holidays this year!

Name of the Wind


OMG, Kendall you haven’t read this book? Are you serious? You HAVE to read this book! You’ll love it I just know it! Yes. Yes. I know. I need to read this book. Honestly, I want to read this book. I have absolutely no doubt that I’ll love it.

So why haven’t I read it just yet? Honestly, it’s because I’m a snob. I currently only have this book in digital format on my iPad from DAW Books. I’ve said it before, but allow me to reiterate that I hate reading books digitally. A big part of the reading experience for me is getting to hold a book while I fall into a story. Still, I’m really working hard to not buy books so flippantly (space has become a real issue) so I’m not allowing myself to buy a hard copy of this book until I read it once and officially can say that I love it. So I’m carrying on digitally (yes, this is totally and completely a #firstworldproblem), and despite my love of what I’ve read thus far, it’s been a lot of starting and stopping on this book. However, I’ve decided that now is the time to read this book and officially get into the Kingkiller Chroncile series. I also put the book on hold at the library if I prove too pretentious to read the ebook.

Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1


I’ve watched and loved the Netflix Jessica Jones series, so I decided that I should probably check out the source material, too. A while back, I picked up Jessica Jones vol. 1 from Marvel for myself, and for one reason or another just never read it. I am absolutely going to remedy that this break.

Especially since we’ve got quite a bit of a wait between now and the release of Iron Fist, Defenders, or season two of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, I need something to distract me from my Netflix Marvel withdrawal.

One thing I’m especially excited to see is how the characters in the show and the comic are different and alike. I’ve heard that Kilgrave was amped up quite a bit for the Netflix show, so I’m really excited to see how Tennant’s Kilgrave differs from the original Kilgrave from the comics.

Harry Potter A L’Ecole des Sorciers


I absolutely adore the Harry Potter books. I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t grow up reading these books, and first journeyed to Hogwart’s as an adult. Regardless of my age, I found the books completely magical and wonderful.

After my trip to Europe earlier this year, I was really inspired to continue learning and beefing up my French language skills. I was able to successfully get me and my husband around France with the French I remembered from high school and the skills I gained from using Duolingo, but the reality is hearing a language in IRL is a lot more overwhelming than just interacting with isolated sentences with a word bank at the bottom. So one of the things I’m doing to help beef up my French vocabulary (because I absolutely plan to return to France someday) is reading books that I’m familiar with in French. The obvious place to start was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I found the entire series in a French mass market edition from the publisher Assimil. While I’ve only bought the first book (I figure it will take me a while to get through the whole thing), I’m really excited to start expanding my French language learning into the Wizarding World!

What books are you reading over the holidays? Tell me your TBR list for the month in the comments! 

5 Things To Know Before Your First Time as DM

I’ll be honest, when I grew up, Dungeons & Dragons wasn’t a game that ever appealed to me. If had friends who played it, they kept it very secretive. So it wasn’t until I started working for Geek & Sundry that I started to learn more about the game. Honestly, it sounded cool. I loved Skyrim, and D&D felt like a game that was basically a tabletop version of that. Once Critical Role premiered and I got to watch the adventurers of Vox Machina do their thing, my desire to play was only strengthened. However, there was one specific role that appealed to me. While I loved watching the players unfurl the story before them and try to solve the puzzles put forth by Matt Mercer, I realized that I wanted to do what Matt does. I wanted to be a Dungeon Master.

The thing with games like Dungeons & Dragons is that there are so. many. rules. It’s an intimidating game to start from scratch, and it’s even scarier to decide you want to try being a DM when you’ve never played the game before. I decided I was only going to play if I could find a group of friends who were willing to explore the game with me. Finally, I found that group of friends, and tried out DMing a couple of times.

The learning curve for this game and being a DM is pretty steep, so even though I’m an extremely new DM (like SUPER green, y’all), there are a few, basic things that I have learned about kicking off your first run as Dungeon Master (illustrated with Critical Role gifs, because obviously).

Do your homework


This is a big game. While you don’t need to be an expert at the game, as DM–especially if you’re playing with an entire group of D&D first-timers like I was–your friends will look to you for answers. There is no way you’ll know the game inside and out before you start your first game, but there are plenty of resources to make sure you have a strong enough grasp on the game to make you feel less shaky when your friends ask you a question about the game. Geek & Sundry has a lot of great resources for DMs of all skill levels, and there is a great YouTube series by DM-extraordinaire Matthew Colville that can also help you get started. There are lots of books you can buy that are good for a DM to have, but if you’re just trying on the game and role of DM for size, I wouldn’t recommend buying more than the Players’ Handbook and downloading basic rules from Wizards of the Coast.

Keep your first campaign simple


The thing about D&D is that it’s a really long game. If you end up buying the D&D starter kit, there is a pre-made campaign included with the kit. That’s a great one, but it could take you quite a while to work through it. Still, the thought of writing your own campaign might really freak you out. So don’t feel like you have to create your own, crazy campaign for your first experience with D&D. Instead, let yourself use some pre-generated campaigns. Use the starter kit campaign if you want (knowing you probably won’t finish it in your first session), or use another pre-generated campaign like the one Matthew Colville introduces in his Running the Game series. Just don’t let using a pre-generated campaign be an excuse for you to not read the campaign ahead of time. You’ll want to know the story as well as you can, even though you get to read as you go. Trust me.

You’re gonna mess up…just know that now


It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, you’re going to mess up, and that’s okay. The good news is that because you’re running the game, it is possible that you can simply roll with it and the players might not even know. But even if you mess up in a noticeable way, just be cool. This game has a lot of rules and nuances, and it will take a while before you feel like you’re a “good” DM.

You’re not going to be Matt Mercer, but that’s good!


We don’t need two Matt Mercers in the world. While he’s a great DM, and it’s awesome to aspire to his passion for the game and his creativity, you won’t be him. Don’t make your bar of being a “good” DM to become Matt Mercer. You’re going to be your own style of Dungeon Master, and that’s what is going to make you awesome. It will take you some time to find your DM style (I’m definitely still finding mine), but remember that you’re playing a game with your friends. As long as you’re having fun and getting into the game as much as your buds, you’ll be as awesome to your group as Matt Mercer is to Vox Machina. This is even more true if you and your friends are all playing for the first time. None of you knows what to expect, so just have a fun time without trying to be someone else!

Your friends will do something you weren’t expecting


Like I’ve said, I’m a very, very new DM, but each time I’ve played my friends have made choices that have surprised me. While you can’t help but try to anticipate their reactions to the story you set before them, it’s inevitable that they’ll look at the story and see a solution you weren’t expecting. That’s what makes this game cool! So while it may throw you for a loop, and you might have to think about the best way to make your universe interact with that unexpected choice made by your players, roll with it! So long as they play by the basic rules of your world, let them try it and see what happens. Be flexible and willing to adapt your story based on how your friends perceive the story, even if it catches you off guard. Besides, those are usually where the coolest in-games stories come from!

This game can be an intimidating one to start, and an even more intimidating one to run. So the best piece of advice I can give is to play with a bunch of friends that you trust, and who will give you the grace and the space to figure out what being a DM looks like to you. And though it’s totally cliché, the best advice to remember when running your first game is to have fun. It’s just a game, so if you get so stressed out that the game isn’t fun for you, it won’t be fun for your friends either. Things might be messy when you guys first start playing, but just let yourself keep learning, improving, and having fun.


Have you been a DM before? What are some tips that you have for newbies? What tips do you have for new D&D players, DM or not? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

An Update on the Blog

Hey, guys.


So I’ve been doing a pretty crappy job of writing here. I’m going to be straight with y’all. I don’t always have the most free time to devote to this site. Plus, these past few months have been extremely hard for me personally (maybe I’ll explain that more in a blog someday, but today is not that day). However, I still have a lot of love for this site, and not writing on Distracted Blogger makes me sad. So I’m going to be writing more in the coming weeks, and officially re-dedicating myself to this site in 2017. I’m so excited and READY.

But if you want to keep up with what I’m writing elsewhere, you can always check out what I’m doing over at Nerdist and Geek & Sundry. I’ve been writing about The Walking Dead over at Geek & Sundry, so I’d love for you to come and chat about this CRAZY season over there. I’m also pretty active over on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So if you’re not hanging out with me over there, you definitely should join in on the fun.

While that’s all awesome, what is in store for Distracted Blogger? Well, I’m planning a lot more content on books, writing/running a blog, conventions, movies, television, and gaming–specifically talking about my newest endeavor: being a Dungeon Master! So stay tuned, kids. I’ve been off my game lately, but it’s time to get back at it! Let’s do this!

Marvel Comics Collectors Editions Cell Covers

Guys. I drop my phone. A lot. So when I buy a cell cover, it’s a serious thing for me. The case has to be cute, first, but it also really needs to offer me a bit of protection–namely from accidental droppings and throwings (I once accidentally threw my cell when a wasp got all up in my grill). So when I got the chance to check out one of the Marvel Comics cell covers from SkinIt and Speck. I kinda rolled my eyes. Still, when I took a peek at the cell covers offered, and I had to admit they were kind of awesome.


So I thought Sure, I’ll try your little cell cover for a bit, and then I’ll go back to my actual cell cover. I grabbed myself a Thor cover, and popped it on my phone. It was cute, I had to admit it, even in the midst of my skepticism. It also went with just about any outfit.


Not too long after I got the cell cover, I had a medical emergency take over my life (I’m fine). But that meant I was in bed a lot. Which meant my cell phone didn’t get treated as carefully as it should have. It fell between cracks on the couch, it fell off my super tall bed, but the cover kept my phone safe. It’s rubbery with a nice bumper around the screen, so when it fell to the ground, it was protected. Now, yes, this isn’t some magical impenetrable case, but when you’re used to all cute cases offering no phone protection at all, it’s pretty freaking amazing when they do.


Regardless of who your fave is, Thor, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, or more, they’ve got a SkinIt cover for you. The designs are exclusively for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus, and they are a thing of beauty. So check them out today! Not sure which hero you want? Might I try to inspire you with the latest hero to enter the MCU on November 4?

Do you have a SkinIt Marvel Comics cover? Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

In Which I Get Coffee at Luke’s Diner

I didn’t ever really watch Gilmore Girls when it was on the air. I remember watching it in college because ABC Family (or whatever it was called in the late aughts) used to air four hour blocks of the show in the afternoons when I’d have breaks from class, but they never played the episodes in order so even though I enjoyed the episodes I watched, I didn’t ever really follow the story.

When the revival was announced, I had several friends who were super stoked about the show coming back, and were shocked that I’d never watched. So after a fair amount of friendly bullying–and a friend actually coming to my house to force me to start the show by watching the first four episodes with me–I started watching Gilmore Girls, and was totally hooked. I’m not through the entire show, but I’m in the third season. It’s still weird for me to call Sam Winchester Dean


…and I sometimes like to think of Gilmore Girls as this weird Supernatural side story where Sam gets left behind in Stars Hollow while Dean and his dad are hunting, I’m obsessed. So when I found out that Netflix was installing pop up Luke’s Diners all over the country, I had to see if there would be one in my city. While I figured there would only be shops in New York and LA, I was stoked to find one near me. So I got up early…really early…


…and headed to my local Luke’s before work. It was a really good thing that I was getting up early with the sole purpose of grabbing coffee.


Seriously. I woke up like an hour and a half early for this. Caffeine was a MUST. When I arrived, the Luke’s sign was right out front, and it was just adorable.


There were LOADS of women out front getting pictures of the sign, awkwardly trying to take selfies of themselves with the sign (and then other people jumping in to help take a picture for that person). It was adorable. Even better, all of the baristas were wearing flannel with backwards hats.


I think this actually was the uniform for the day. All of the hats said Netflix on them, so I’m guessing they were provided to the staff of all the pop up diners. But even better than the snappy outfits, there was a barista who really tried to channel Luke when he interacted with the customers–crusty but loveable (what I’d like on my tombstone, btw). It was great. While the shop itself (Kawa Coffee, for those curious) was adorable, they also added a few things to make the place feel more like Stars Hollow.


Really, the only thing missing was a town trubador. But the entire environment was great. Everyone was really friendly, and it was the perfect place to sit and read, like a true Gilmore.

Gilmore book.jpg

While there weren’t any stars of the show in my coffee shop–apparently Scott G. Patterson hit up some LA versions of Luke’s Diner–it was still wonderful. It was so fun to get to spend some time in Luke’s and feel like a true Gilmore, if only for a bit. It felt just like you’d expect Luke’s to feel, and since just about everyone there was in the shop to celebrate their Gilmore love, it really felt like a small, tight-knit community like Stars Hollow. It was amazing. I’m so hoping they do this again in the future, because I’m already missing Luke’s.


Check out them sleepy, 6AM eyes!

Did you hit up a Luke’s Diner today? Tell me about it in the comments!

Ways the Supernatural Family Is Really Saving People

Part of what makes the Supernatural fandom so special is the huge emphasis that gets placed on helping people. For a show about killing monsters, we do a lot of good, and really look out for one another.familyUnsurprisingly, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles launched a new Always Keep Fighting hoodie campaign just in time for Supernatural Day. Here’s a video of Jared and Jensen introducing the new campaign:

I’ve talked before about how important I think Always Keep Fighting is. Mental illness gets such a terrible stigma, and as someone who has anxiety and depression themselves, I am so happy to see my favorite fandom do so much good  and offer so much help to those who need it. The fandom and the #AlwaysKeepFighting movement meant so much to me, I got a tattoo reminding me to always keep fighting:

I did a thing… #AlwaysKeepFighting @jaredpadalecki

A photo posted by Kendall Ashley (@kendallashley_0128) on Aug 3, 2016 at 6:48pm PDT

Of course you don’t have to go and ink yourself if you want to participate in the AKF campaign. Instead, you can just scoop up your own hoodie from the latest campaign by heading over to the Represent page to order your hoodie and get your special 12 pin. But don’t wait too long, the campaign ends on September 27th!

But of course AKF isn’t the only way that Supernatural looks out for its own. If you haven’t heard yet, Supernatural and Random Acts have also created an actual crisis hotline, and they have people working on the hotline 24/7 and at Supernatural conventions.

And Sheriffs Jody and Donna (Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster) have also started the Wayward Daughters Academy, which is a tee-shirt campaign that raises money to help homeless and at-risk women and girls. Not only that, but it’s become a bit of a supportive community among Supernatural‘s fans, allowing a place for them to really be themselves,  to help others, and to find others who love them for just being themselves.

Of course Wayward Daughters and several of Osric Chau‘s campaigns all fall under the BEHEMOTH that is Random Acts, a huge charity started by Misha Collins. You’ve probably heard of Random Act’s big event, the giant and crazy scavenger hunt known as GISHWHES. However, there is so much more to the organization that just that. Random Acts is working all over the globe to help those that need it most, promote kindness and generosity, and even do huge things like raising money to build schools and homes in areas that need it.

This is what makes the fandom so special–how connected we are, and how important it is that we help others. You can joke around about the show running for too many years, you can say you think the various Supernatural shippers are weird, and you can get confused at how meta the show can get sometimes, but at the core of all that, the fandom is just trying to do good in the world. That’s what makes this group and this show special, and it’s why we’re still talking about the show after all these years.

What’s your favorite charity or cause that the Supernatural fandom has rallied around? Tell me about it in the comments! 

How in the World Could Supernatural End Well?

Happy Supernatural Day, SPN Family! All week I’ll be talking about the show, extending Supernatural Day into an entire week of saving people, hunting things, and the family business.

If you aren’t caught up on the show, be warned that there will be spoilers in this post, so read on at your own risk! 

SPN title

If you checked out the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly–the one that has Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and the Impala on the cover–you might have seen the big news they shared about the 300th episode of the show. Namely, that they think 300 episodes, should the show make it that far, would be a great place for Supernatural to end.


Okay, I know talking about the end of Supernatural does kinda suck, but at the same time I really like that they’re looking at an end game to the show. For such a long-running show, I’m sure there is a great temptation (at least on the part of the network) to let Supernatural run its course until the viewership has utterly abandoned it. So I’m glad that Jared and Jensen, at the very least, are looking at a way to end the show well. If you’ll recall back at Denver Comic Con this year, Jeffrey Dean Morgan even mentioned in his panel how he’d love to return for the final episode of Supernatural (especially if Jensen directed). If the 200th episode is any indication, Supernatural knows how to celebrate big milestones well.

But how could they end the show on a note that fans could be okay with? After all, I’d hate to see Supernatural go out in a manner similar to How I Met Your Mother, with most of the fandom frustrated with–and straight up rejecting–the ending. Even worse, the season five finale–the original series ending that the show’s creator, Eric Kripke imagined–was kind of a solid series ending. So what could the show do to end the show well since episode 300 will take us into season 14, several season past the originally planned 5?

Leave the Boys in a Believable Situation


Except, you know, for the times you literally kill Death.

I’ll be honest, I’d love to see the show end with Sam as a Man of Letters (maybe, anyway, I’ve got my doubts about that whole group lately), Dean happy and with a family (I’ll just say it, I liked him with his little family with Lisa), and Castiel either safe in heaven or hanging out in the bunker with Sam and Dean. But honestly, I’m not sure if that’s the most believable choice. After all, Sam and Dean always talk about things will end bloody for them, and every attempt they’ve made at a normal life has failed. So while I DON’T want one of them to die and the other to live, it might make more sense for the show to end with both of their deaths, and with them up in heaven–then they could hopefully hang out with Cas, Charlie, Kevin, John, and (potentially) Mary there. I feel like that is the closest to a happy ending that they could get. However, one of the things I loved about the ending to season 5 was that there were so many open-ended stories. Would Sam ever reunite with Dean? Would Dean hunt again? What would Castiel do now that the apocalypse had been averted? What was the deal with Chuck disappearing after he wrote “the end”? There were so many ways for us to speculate on what came next for everyone. While an open-ended finale like that could be cool, I do wonder if, after 300 episodes, we should get some sort of finality with the boys. I’m not sure, but for as much as I want the boys to live happy, “apple pie” lives, I think I’d feel a bit cheated if the show ended with them magically finding a way to live that life. I want as happy of an ending as we can get, but I want to believe it. After all, if we’ve all put in 300 episodes, I’d hope we could find a solid place for the show to land.

Don’t Force Any Romances On Them


I’ll be honest, my favorite part of the Amelia relationship was Sam getting to finally have a puppy.

I’m okay with the boys having romantic relationships, but I want them to make sense. I don’t want to see them paired up with someone simply to give the finale of the show gravitas or to introduce a woman into the story to inspire the Winchesters to action or create conflict. They’ve had some really great relationships introduced on the show, with Lisa (I know a lot of the fandom hates her, but I don’t know why), Jo, Jess, Madison, and Cassie. However, most of those women ultimately died or their relationship crashed and burned. The women the Winchesters date are often times plot devices rather than actual people. So if they want to end the story with the boys in a relationship, great, but for it to be a solid ending, it needs to make sense, be a healthy relationship, and portray the boys’ partners as actual people.

Answer Some Lingering Questions Definitively


Where are you, Adam?!?

Like I said before, I’m cool with leaving some loose ends. It lets us as the audience speculate and draw our own conclusions about what really happens once the cameras stop rolling. That’s awesome, and I’m for that. But for some of those lingering, nagging questions, like what actually happened to Adam and where is John Winchester, I’d like to finally get a straight answer. I’m probably alone on this, but I’d really like to know if Meg is in purgatory or if she was “redeemed” enough to go to heaven. I’d like to think she’s in heaven, but I always liked that crazy demon. I also am pretty sure Meg would hate heaven, but that’s another issue entirely…

Give a Final Nod to the Metasodes


The fact that Supernatural can pull off having Supernatural on Supernatural in several different mediums from books to the show itself to a musical is a crazy feat. This show is incredibly self-aware, and the metasodes and meta-jokes are some of my favorite things that they do on this show. While I don’t think making the 300th a metasode like the “Fan Fiction” is the right call, I’d like to see the show give that part of the story one final send off.

Leave the Show Where it Began: Family


I still ship Ellen and Bobby, I’ll admit it…

Family is the anchor to this show. It’s what keeps us tuning in, even when the stories get a little too crazy (like being able to incapacitate the oldest, strongest monster of all with cleaning supplies, for instance). Regardless of what happens when the Supernatural story finally ends, as long as it keeps the story rooted in the importance of family, it will do the show justice. It’s what made the end of season 5 so good. It left us with that wistfulness of Sam coming back from hell, but not wanting to take Dean away from his “normal” life, and Dean trying to make life work with Lisa and Ben because he promised Sam he’d try. The show’s “family don’t end with blood” through line is what gives it heart, and it’s what makes the show more than a campy monster hunting show. While I do hope the 300th episode gives us more straight answers on where Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley all end up, as long as they remember that this is a story about the family business, the ending will feel right.

What would you need to see in a final episode for it to feel “right”? What do you hope they avoid? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!