YOU Could Name the Official Denver Comic Con 2017 Beer

Denver Comic Con 2015 Official Beer

It’s that time again! Time to enter the Denver Comic Con beer naming contest for 2017! As always, this contest is sponsored by the amazing Breckenridge Brewery. The exclusive DCC beer is one of the most fun and unique pieces of Denver Comic Con, and this year the mastermind behind the con beer could be YOU! Past cons have had amazing names like Hulk’s Mash and Snape-ricot (last year’s brew that I found particularly tasty), and I just know that some of you fine folks could think of some other fantastic names. So while you get your creative juices flowing, here are the contest details:


The annual “Name the Denver Comic Con Beer” contest starts March 21. This is the sixth year Breckenridge Brewery has brewed a special beer exclusive for Denver Comic Con (DCC). The 2017 DCC official beer is a Bohemian-style Pilsner. It’s delicate and well-balanced, light yet complex. Saaz hops, a classic pilsner ingredient, impart a pleasant, earthy aroma while giving spicy flavor characteristics and a crisp, dry finish. Past winners of the “Name the Comic Con Beer” contest are, The Fantastic Pour, The Caped Brewsader, Brews Wayne, Hulk’s Mash, and Snape-ricot.


March 21 – “Name the Denver Comic Con Beer” contest starts
March 23, 5:00 pm – Deadline for name submissions
March 24 – Final four names announced and voting period opens
March 29 – Official name and winner announced
April – May – Stay tuned for more info on final artwork and beer release date


To submit an idea for a name, comment in the section of this Facebook post here by 5:00 pm on Thursday, March 23rd. Check back on Facebook, Friday March 24th to vote for one of the four select entries decided on by Breck and DCC.


This year’s winning name will be illustrated by a local comic book artist and featured on this year’s DCC pint glass. The winner receives a custom prize package from Breckenridge Brewery that includes free beer for a year and a Denver Comic Con beer tap handle.

So get to naming, nerds! The hero behind this year’s brew could be YOU! And if you haven’t bought your passes for the con yet, be sure to get yours ASAP! Are you attending DCC? Let me know if you are, or your other convention plans in the comments! 

Image credit: Breckenridge Breqwery

Please Enjoy theCHIVE’s Secret First Look at Iron Fist

,aIron Fist is set to hit Netflix on March 17! If the waiting for a new Netflix Marvel series is KILLING you, I’ve got some good news. theCHIVE is featuring an exclusive clip on their site. But, because we’re dealing with Danny Rand here, you’ve got to get a bit creative to reach the content.

iron fist.gif

When you get to theCHIVE, you’ve got to enter a secret cheat code (think old-school gaming): Up, Up, Down, Down, left, right, left, right, b,a

Once you do that, you’ll have to break through a brick wall (because Iron Fist, y’all) to access the content. Of course, if you can’t make the cheat code doesn’t work, or you just want to make things easier, you can access the clip by entering “Danny Rand” into theCHIVE’s search bar. Trust me, regardless of how you get there, you’re gonna want to check out this clip. March 17th cannot get here quickly enough!

What did you think of the new clip? Are you excited for Iron Fist, or are you more excited for another Netflix Marvel show to return? How do you think Danny Rand will play into The Defenders? Tell me your thoughts in the comments! 

Feast Your Eyes on the New Doctor Who Trailer!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper, season-long adventure with the Doctor. Can you believe that season 9 ended in 2015?! But happily, our wait for the new season of Doctor Who is nearly over. Season 10–also known as the first season for Pearl Mackie’s companion, Bill, and Peter Capaldi‘s final season as the Doctor–will start on April 15. From the looks of the trailer, we’re in for a fun season.

Capaldi’s Doctor has been met with some mixed reviews. He was starkly different from Matt Smith‘s Raggedy Man, and fans had a bit of a tough time adjusting to that new dynamic between Clara and the Doctor. However, I personally felt like Capaldi finally settled into his role as the Doctor last season, and I think this new season will be the perfect cherry on top of his tenure as our favorite time traveler from Gallifrey.

But in addition to saying hello to new faces and goodbye to old ones, it looks like this season has a lot of fun in store for us. We, happily, will get to see more of Michelle Gomez as Missy/The Master, Matt Lucas as Nardole, and we’ll also get to see some of our old faves like Daleks and Cybermen (and not just the upgraded Cybermen–this season will kick it old school with the original 1960’s Cybermen), as well as the return of the Ice Monsters.

So even though we’re going to have to say goodbye to yet another Doctor (and potentially a companion, as there is no word on Pearl Mackie’s intentions to stay or go after Capaldi regenerates), this season is shaping up to be one hell of a last ride for Twelve…or Thirteen, depending on how you count the War Doctor. Regardless of where you count him, be sure to set your DVRs for the Doctor Who premiere on April 15th on BBC America!

What do you think of the season 10 trailer? What are you most pumped to see this season? Are you excited to see Peter Capaldi regenerate, or did he win you over? Who do you want to see helm the TARDIS once he’s gone? Tell me in the comments! 

International Women’s Day: To the Women Who Inspired Me

It’s International Women’s Day, so in honor of this day celebrating girl-power and badass women doing amazing things, I wanted to highlight the women who have inspired me. While I thought about doing a post highlighting some of my favorites from movies, books, and television, I decided instead to focus on those real-life women who inspired me as a writer. These are the women that gave me courage, made me feel empowered, and made me feel like my goals were achievable. Our world wouldn’t be the same without these women, and I know several of you likely feel the same way.

Felicia Day

felicia day
Felicia is such a huge inspiration to me. She blazed her own trail, opting to make her hugely popular webseries, The Guild, on her own when she couldn’t  a network interested. She’s created her own website, her own brand, and she gave us all permission to embrace our inner weird and to be unabashedly ourselves. She’s also legitimately kind. She can sit at a book signing for hours, and make everyone feel like they’re the first person she’s interacted with all day–I got to experience this firsthand. All the while, Felicia is battling crippling anxiety, and isn’t embarrassed about it. She’s helped me feel empowered to blaze my own trail, start something based on my passions, and to not feel embarrassed about my mental health struggles.

Rachel Bloom

rachel bloom.gif

Do you ever read or watch something, and it’s so good that you get almost annoyed that you didn’t write it yourself? That is how I feel when I watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s that perfect blend of self-deprecating humor, feminism, messed up, dark humor, dumb humor, and ~*~showtunes~*~ that speaks to a very specific part of me that I didn’t think anyone else had. Rachel wrote a show that is real about mental illness, it doesn’t shy away from making its heroine strong and likeable yet DEEPLY flawed,  and it portrays women in a real and hilarious way. I’m a latecomer to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but I’m so glad to have found something that speaks to my sense of humor so specifically. She inspires me to write stuff that truly makes me laugh, and she inspires me to be true to myself while owning my shit (even if that comes from writing a hyperbolic version of myself where she admits how messed up she is).

Mindy Kaling

mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling inspired me to embrace all parts of myself, and to not be just one thing. She’s girly, she’s sarcastic, she’s hilarious, she’s smart, she’s creative, she’s quick to acknowledge her shortcomings, but she’s confident (or at least appears confident) in her strengths. She hustled her ass off to write Matt and Ben, to write for The Office, get her own show, and she writes the most hilarious and relatable books ever. She inspires me to be a better writer and a better businesswoman.

Tina Fey

tina fey

Tina Fey doesn’t just inspire me to be a better writer, but she also inspires me to lean in to my quirks. She’s self-deprecating, she shined one of the best (and most accurate) lights on my kind of introversion, and the fact that the idea of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came from her brain makes her my kind of twisted. Tina Fey was one of the first women to show me that women can be really, really funny, and that they can write stuff that will make you cry laughing, and they can do it all while rockin’ a Snuggie, snacking on some Night Cheese. She was the original person to inspire me to be myself in my writing, and let myself be real, at least in the stuff I wrote.

Carrie Fisher

carrie fisher.gif

Carrie Fisher. She was the first. I knew Leia Organa long before I really knew anything about Carrie Fisher. Through Leia, she taught me about being strong and being brave (I wrote all about this at Nerdist, so I won’t rehash it here). However, as I grew up and saw her in other roles like the furious jilted lover in Blues Brothers, and as I learned about her as a person, her own struggles with addiction and mental illness, I saw her more as an IRL-embodiment of that princess from Alderaan that first inspired me as a little girl. Fisher was honest, brutally honest, and she was never afraid to use her mistakes to help teach others. She was vocal about her mental health, and made other people–me included–not only feel safe to share their struggles, but made us feel empowered. After all, if Princess freaking Leia could still be amazing while having to fight with her own brain, so could we, right? But she wasn’t just an advocate and an actor. She also wrote–and she wrote amazingly well. She has that dark sense of humor I love, and she is able to effortlessly make you laugh and make you think all at the same time. Plus, she was an unabashed crazy dog lady. Carrie Fisher has been a constant, ever-evolving source of inspiration for me since I first met her watching Star Wars as a little girl. She inspires me to be creative, to be bold, to be honest, to be funny, and to be strong.

Who are some the women who have inspired you? Tell me in the comments, and be sure to tell THEM! Happy International Women’s Day! 

2017 Convention Plans!

ECCC just wrapped up, so I think it’s safe to say we’re officially starting into the spring and summer convention season! Last year I kept my convention plans pretty chill, and I don’t have a zillion cons planned this year either. However, I am hitting up some pretty exciting conventions, and I cannot wait! Here’s where you can catch me this year:

Denver Comic Con, June 30-July 2


I go to this convention every single year, and every single year it’s better than the last! DCC 2016 had several amazing from The Hillywood Show, to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman, Hayley Atwell, and WAY more. In this year’s convention it looks like the guest list is going to be even more kickass. Right now they’ve got appearances announced from people like Felicia Day, Khary Payton, Weird Al, Finn Jones, Caleb McLaughlin, Billie Piper, and TONS more.

So will I be seeing you there? If you haven’t already bought your tickets, jump on it! The speed passes have sold out already!

San Diego Comic Con, July 20-July 23


Guys. This is a big one. For the first time EVER, I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con. I have wanted to attend this con FOREVER. Usually, I’m chilling at home covering the news breaking from the convention, so I’m so incredibly stoked to finally be able to be in “the room where it happens”.

This is the biggest convention ever, and what makes it even more fun is that there is not only a ton of stuff to do and see within the convention, there are loads of rad things to hit up outside–one being the wonderful Nerd HQ. I cannot WAIT to see what this convention has in store for me. If you want to go, be sure to register for a Comic Con Member ID to be sure you can get a ticket! They go fast!

Will I see you at either of the conventions? Let me know in the comments! I hope to see you there. As always, I’ll be covering the conventions here on my blog and on my Twitter, @Kendall_Ashley


10 Things You Need To Know About Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I just returned from an AMAZING one-week adventure in Los Angeles, California. It was my very first time in the state (okay, once in high school I had to catch a connecting flight in LAX, but I never left the airport so it doesn’t really count). I was certain I’d love California, but I wasn’t sure if I’d love LA. I knew my blog buddy Megan at The Nerdy Girlie loved it (which by the way, if you haven’t heard about her 100 Cups of Coffee book project, you should check it out), but I wasn’t sure if it’d be my style.

Let me just tell you that LA is definitely my kind of city. It’s beautiful, and it’s got such a unique vibe between that California cool and breezy beach vibes with the excitement and bustle of a big city. Yeah, traffic can be rough, but it is worth it to get to spend time in such a cool place.

While there were so many amazing things to see (which I’ll talk about in later posts), one of my favorite experiences from the trip was visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Of course, visiting a popular theme park can be a bit of a daunting task. Navigating crowds, deciding which lines are worth the wait, and maximizing your fun can feel like a big job when all you’re wanting to do is spend some time hanging out with some of your faves from Universal flicks. So to help you maximize your time at Universal, here are five things you should know before you head to the park:

Everyone will tell you Universal Orlando is better. Don’t listen to them.


For some weird reason, when you tell people you’re planning to hit up Universal in Hollywood, their knee-jerk reaction will be to tell you that they’ve either heard or they think Universal Orlando is better. Now to be honest, I’ve never been to the park in Orlando, but I can tell you that Universal Hollywood is a blast. I’m sure the park in Orlando is larger with more attractions, but you’re going to have loads of fun at the Hollywood park. So when people say that to you, just shrug and tell them you’ll have fun regardless. Because you will.

Download the Universal Studios app.

I’m always dubious when places tell me to get their companion app. Space on my phone can be precious, so I don’t want to waste it with useless apps. In this case, you definitely want the app. It certainly won’t make or break your time at the park, but with a live update of line lengths and an interactive map, it makes finding your way a lot easier. We were able to maximize our time at the park and seriously minimize our time in line thanks to that app.

Go to Ollivander’s first.


I’m sure by now that you’ve heard of the fun wand-choosing experience at Ollivander’s. It’s a super brief encounter, and only one person is chosen to experience a wand choosing them (and it’s usually a kid, so don’t get your hopes up adult Potterheads). Still, it’s utterly magical and it’s a really well-made experience. The thing is, it’s a shorter encounter, but the lines can be LONG waiting to get in. So when you first arrive in the morning, head straight to Ollivander’s and experience that first. You’ll still have to wait in line (it’s inevitable, folks), but the line will most certainly be longer as you get into the afternoon.

If you can, go when school is in session.

Guys, the longest I waited for a ride was about thirty minutes. Truly. My guy and I went on a Tuesday when school was in session, and while there were definitely kids there (there are always heaps of people), we seriously lucked out in every single ride. We got to go on just about everything twice (and Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey three times, because HARRY POTTER, y’all), and we stayed til the park closed. I can’t promise you similar results if you go on a school day–the park is always packed, regardless of school and work days–but it’s a bit less chaotic when most people are at work or school.

Buy your tickets ahead of time online.


Seriously. It’s cheaper, you don’t have to wait in line, and it allows you admission into the park one hour early to check out the Harry Potter world. Listen, I’m not a morning person at all, but getting to access the Harry Potter stuff an hour early made everything extra special. While there are still a good number of people there early, the crowds were a bit smaller so I was able to take my time, really enjoy Hogsmeade, and take some fun pics of the attractions without worrying that I was getting in the way of everyone.

Definitely do the studio tour.

As a huge movie buff, I was stoked to see stuff like the Universal backlot. However, if getting to see the house from Psycho doesn’t fill you with childlike glee, you might be tempted to skip the studio tour. Don’t. It’s so much more than just a standard backlot drive-through. I won’t give away any spoilers, but it is one part tour one part immersive experience. I had a blast, and I know you will, too. Plus, it’s just rad to see the Psycho house. I don’t care who you are.

Watch Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron pose for pictures


Even if you aren’t interested in getting a picture of you next to a very realistic-looking Transformer, you should definitely hang around to watch them pose for pictures. While Bumblebee’s words are understandably limited to whatever he can pull from pre-recorded audio, Optimus and Megatron spend their photo op time posing for pictures and talking to the crowd. Obviously, Optimus goes for the inspirational route, which is fun to see, but Megatron goes back and forth between antagonizing the audience and coercing them to join the Decepticons. It’s quite fun to watch, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Don’t prioritize the Shrek 4D experience.

If you’re a huge Shrek fan, then you’ll have loads of fun. Even if you aren’t, it’s a good time. However, the Shrek experience is one of the older rides, so the tech behind it is just not as impressive as experiences like the Transformers ride or Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey. So unless Shrek means a lot to you, I’d put it a bit lower on your ride priority list.

Even if the lines are long, Universal makes waiting fun.


With the exception of just a couple attractions, Universal does a great job integrating the line into the actual attraction. So even though you’re waiting, you get to see awesome set pieces from the show or movie, and often times you get introduced to the story line behind your specific ride–it’s never as simple as something like “let’s pretend you’re in the first Transformers movie!” So be sure to look around and listen to any videos or recordings that they have playing while you wait. There’s lots to see and hear!

Be sure you look properly terrified in The Walking Dead walkthrough experience

The TWD attraction is essentially a zombie-themed haunted house. So once I realized that, I applied haunted house rules to the attraction, and got a bit nervous (if you’ll recall, I am not a fan of haunted houses). So I reminded myself of things like, the actors can’t touch me, I’m allowed to run through the experience if I’m too scared, and realizing that the chicks directly in front of me would likely feel the brunt of the jump scares. However, once I got in, the whole attraction was so cool, and the walkers looked so true to The Walking Dead that I just became utterly delighted. So I started going through the experience with a stupid grin on my face. This clearly frustrated some of the walker-actors, and they started jumping back out to scare me a second time. So my advice to you is, even if your heart is filled with blissful, walker-loving glee when you go through the attraction, make sure your face conveys the appropriate amount of terror to keep those walkers in check.

What are some of your Universal Studios Hollywood tips? What should I know when I’m able to make it to Universal Studios Orlando? Let’s talk theme parks in the comments! 

Making 2017 a Healthier Year with Geek Girl Strong

If you’ll remember from my big “New Year’s resolution” post, I didn’t really do much in the way of New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t pick a word of the year, and I didn’t make that many clear resolutions. Instead, I wanted this year to be a year where I fought back against the negativity, unhealthiness, and injustice in my own life and those around me. After a year of struggling with both my mental and physical health, one of my big ways to fight back in 2017 is making healthier habits.

If you’ve been around here long, you’ll know that I do ballet several times a week. I love it, but apart from choosing to strap on my pointe shoes a few times a week, I don’t make many other healthy choices. And while there are many awesome gyms like NerdStrong in LA, I don’t have as many cool options like that in Colorado. That’s why I’m super excited about the Geek Girl Strong challenge that is kicking off on February 19th and runs through the 25th. If you live in NYC, chances are you’ve already interacted with these awesome women, but now those of us outside of the Big Apple will also get a chance to join in the fun.


What I love about this challenge is it’s meant to train you to make healthier lifestyle choices, not to drop a crazy amount of weight in a super short time. This is truly something that teaches you to care for yourself so you can feel better every day, and helping you find your own inner, superhero strength. I’m all about that.

Geek Girl Strong is headed up by Stormy Riot, and she’ll be spending those weeks sending out weekly emails, offering webinar invites, an invitation to the Live 1up Results Master Class, and give you access to the growing and supportive Geek Girl Strong community, among other things. Plus, I’ve also heard that the workouts have marvelously fun, nerdy themes to really help you get into that superhero frame of mind. It’ll be a time to learn, support one another, and ask those questions you’ve been dying to ask about taking care of yourself.

I’ll be joining in the fun, and you should too! If money is an issue, don’t freak out. This is a pay-what-you-can online challenge, so don’t let a tapped out bank account be the barrier between you and realizing what a badass superhero you truly are! I’m really excited to take part in this challenge, and I’d love it for you to join me!

Have you ever tried the Geek Girl Strong Challenge before? What tips do you have for a newbie? Let me know (and tell me if you’re taking part this year) in the comments! 

4 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block–Especially When Writing Pays Your Bills

I’ll be honest. I’ve felt completely drained of any words lately. It’s a melodramatic thing to say, I know, but it’s the best way I can describe how I’ve been feeling. I can’t point to any one thing that has drained me of my words. It’s a mix of the shitshow that was 2016, working myself too hard (for those keeping score at home, I have one full time job, four part-time gigs, ballet class, and this blog), personal stuff that led to my anxiety and depression coming on STRONG, and the very natural ebb and flow of creative inspiration. Still, as someone who pays some of her bills with her writing money, feeling tapped of inspiration can feel frightening. So here are some ways that I both fight writer’s block:

Remain calm


This one is the hardest for me to remember when I’m going through a writer’s block. Whenever I feel creatively tapped, regardless of the reason, I always fear that this writer’s block will be THE writer’s block. I’ve used all my words, and my writing days are over. It’s easy to feel panicked when you feel like you’ll never string a solid sentence together again in your natural life. Regardless of where the creative dry spell is coming from, try to keep your wits about you. This won’t last forever, so don’t make things worse by freaking yourself out.

Keep writing, even if you’re phoning it in.

ron swanson typing

If you’re writing for money or just writing for the joy of it, but especially if writing is paying your bills, don’t let a creative dry spell stop you from writing. You may not produce your finest work during this time, but keep trying to string words together. This is easier if you write for a place that sends you pitches, but even if you don’t and you can’t even strike up an idea to get a pitch approved, still try to write something. Even if it’s nothing more than errant words, stream-of-consciousness thought, journaling about your day, or doing word games to keep working that part of your brain out. It’s a bummer to pitch to your editor and repeatedly get ideas shot down, but try not to let it stop you from writing completely.

Spend time with things that inspire you.


For me, when I’m feeling a persistent bout of writer’s block, my gut instinct is to either feel defeated by it or to spend all of my free time staring at a blank Word doc as I wait for Lady Muse to stop by. I can’t help but feel I shouldn’t spend time watching shows or reading books. It feels like wasted time. However, for me, most of my inspiration to write comes from engaging in content that gets me excited and inspired. For instance, I got the idea to start this blog simply because I wanted to have a place to unabashedly talk about the show Supernatural. So whether it’s a show, movie, book, or something else entirely, spending time engaging in stories that inspire you–time where you’re just there to enjoy it, no strings attached–is a great way to recharge your creativity tanks.

Move Around


This is important for anyone who has a largely sedentary, solo job to remember. However, it’s extra important when you’re feeling creatively drained. Remember to give yourself good chunks of time to be active. It’s easy to get a bit of tunnel vision when you’re fighting writer’s block, so getting away from your computer, maybe even going outside and moving around for a while can help broaden your scope. I have a lot of walking trails by my house, and I love to walk around the trails for long chunks of time and let myself daydream wildly. Even if I don’t come back with a cure to the block, I feel more creatively recharged.

Writer’s block is a bummer, and when it interferes with how you pay your bills, it can be downright scary. The important thing to remember is that writer’s block and feeling creatively drained are just seasons in your life–you haven’t run out of words, and you are going to be able to write something you’re proud of soon. Just give your brain the space to breathe, do what you need to in order to recharge your creativity, and be sure you’re taking care of yourself.

How do you fight writer’s block and creative dry spells? Tell me your tips in the comments! 

5 Things I Want to See in the Will & Grace Revival

If you haven’t heard, Will & Grace is officially returning to NBC for a 10-episode run. This is real, kids. No internet rumors, Beverly Leslie gossip, and certainly no fake news. According to the NBC press release (which you can read on Sean Hayes’ facebook), talks about a revival began around the same time the mini webisode “Vote, Honey” broke the internet.

In case you didn’t watch it, or if you just want to watch it again, here it is:

Guys, I love Will & Grace. It’s one of those shows that just makes me happy to watch. I am so thrilled about the idea of it being back on television, but I’ve gotta be honest.

I’m hella nervous about this revival.

[spoilers ahead, but also, it’s been literally over a decade since the series finale, so…]

I didn’t watch the finale of Will & Grace live (I got into the show late–which was a pain because this was before I got into the Netflix/streaming seasons game, so I had to catch up by buying the box set DVDs of previous seasons) so I didn’t see the finale until about a year after it premiered. Honestly, I loved it. I was really surprised to hear later on that some people hated how they wrapped Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen’s story. I thought it was a charming, serendipitous bookend to the story of Will and Grace’s charming, serendipitous friendship. So while this show will likely be taking place some time before that infamous last shot that the four took in the bar, where will it fall on the timeline?

Ultimately, if the show manages to recapture the magic of Will and Grace’s friendship, the show will find its footing. So here are five things I need in the 10-episode revival to make it work for me:

Will and Grace need to still be friends


I know this seems obvious, but if you’ll remember, before the finale’s flash forward, Leo returned and got back together with Grace (who was very pregnant with his baby). Grace choosing Leo strained her relationship with Will, and we were led to believe they really didn’t speak again until their kids got together in college. So unless they plan to set the show when an older Will and Grace get back together while their kids are falling in love, they need to somehow retcon the story line and make Will and Grace rekindle their friendship sooner. Honestly, I’m not even picky how they do it. But I know that episode and half in season 5 where Will and Grace were mad at each other when Grace asked for more time before trying again to get pregnant with Will’s baby (incidentally, also because of Leo) was the worst. I don’t want to waste much of my revival time with those two needing to make up.

Karen and Jack need to stay exactly the same


This is a tumultuous, ever-changing world. I need my Karen and my Jack to stay as silly, shallow, crass, and as lovable as ever. I mean, I know they both had some deeper character moments in the series (like that one time we learned that Karen had a room in her house dedicated to a baby that she never had or Jack dealing with his father issues), but I don’t want the revival to change them. They’re fun and silly, and I want them to stay the same Karen and Jack we fell in love with years ago.

We need meaningful appearances from characters like Rosario and Beverly Leslie


Part of what makes the show great is the amazing peppering of tertiary characters like Rosario, Beverly Leslie, Elliott, the shadowy appearance of Stan Walker, Rob, Ellen, Joe, Larry, and the like. Karen, Jack, Will, and Grace are the heart of the show, but those other characters give the show spice and life. While I don’t want the show to err on the side of peppering in gratuitous cameos as overly-obvious winks to the fans, I don’t want them to be forgotten either. I mean, at the very least, I think we need at least one game night with Rob, Ellen, Joe, and Larry, right?

We can’t forget Vince and Leo


I love Vince and Leo. Even though the two of them can sometimes step in the way of Will and Grace’s friendship, I think they’re so important to the story. Any good friends have gone through that awkward stage of making space in their lives for both their significant other and their best friend, so I love that Will & Grace talks about that–while also celebrating the romantic relationships. Plus, I love watching Vince interact with Grace and Leo interact with Will. It’s so hilarious, and I’d hate to have the revival ignore them to tell only Will and Grace-centered stories. Will and Grace love Vince and Leo, so they’ve got to have a meaningful place in the story.

Show Will and Grace (and Vince and Leo) as parents


I realize this isn’t Will or Grace, but it’s too fun not to include

Chances are pretty solid that wherever this falls on the timeline, Will and Grace will officially be parents. We’ve seen Karen’s parenting style, we’ve seen Jack’s parenting style, and we’ve seen the homes Will and Grace grew up in, but we haven’t really seen them as someone else’s parents. I can’t wait to see how Will and Grace’s lives are different and the same with kids in their lives. I just really hope they don’t undo the fact that their kids Ben and Lila end up together.

Keep Jack’s celeb obsessions


From Cher to JLo to Janet Jackson to my personal favorite of Jack’s obsessions, Kevin Bacon, Will & Grace has always showcased Jack as a person obsessed with celebs. Some of them know about him (like Kevin Bacon), but some he’s only met in passing instances (like Cher). Regardless, it’s part of what keeps Jack zany, and in a celeb-filled town like NYC, I really hope they keep that part of Jack’s story in tact. Okay, I’ll be honest. I really just want him to keep stalking Kevin Bacon…That is one of my all-time favorite Jack McFarland quirks.

Bonus: a Debbie Reynolds tribute

debbie reynolds.gif

Okay, I know I said this was a list of five things, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the flawless Debbie Reynolds, who played Grace’s mother, Bobbi Adler. Bobbi was hilarious and lovable, and I just loved episodes where they featured her. Even if they don’t do a whole “Grace’s mom dies” episode (which could be too heavy for the revival’s short run), I hope they at least mention Bobbi. She was too pivotal to the show to not mention at all.

Honestly, if they keep the original spirit of the show without turning the revival into nothing more than flippant fan-service, I think it can be great. We all love Will & Grace for their story, and bringing them back means there is more story to tell. If that’s true and they spend their ten episode run adding something meaningful to the Will & Grace canon, I’ll be pleased. Sure, I’m nervous, but I’m ultimately really excited to get to hang out with my old friends again. What kind of things do you want to see in the revival? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

2017: Rebellions Are Built on Hope

It’s a brand new year! Even though nothing magically changed when the calendar changed from 2016 to 2017, I love that we all as a society take the time to try to reset, reevaluate, and strive for a better life in the new year. I thought that this year I’d try to do a “word of the year”, but I realized that I couldn’t find one word to perfectly encapsulate my feelings for 2017. A phrase did, however.


[Side note: I realize Cassian actually says this first, but I can’t find any gifs of him saying it, only Jyn.]

It may seem a bit silly to have this be my guiding phrase for 2017, especially when I am decidedly not planning on spending this year searching for the plans of the Death Star in the face of overwhelming odds (seriously, if you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, GO SEE IT. IT IS SO GOOD). So why is this my phrase for the year?

Because even though I’m not engaged in a giant rebellion against the forces of the Dark Side, I do have my own battles to fight. 2016 was a year that knocked me down quite a bit, so 2017 is the year I’m rebelling, and I’m fighting back.

I’m fighting back against my anxiety and depression, and am not going to let myself be overcome by them anymore. I’m getting the help I need, and I’m going to start taking better care of myself. That means physically and emotionally.

I’m fighting back against injustice. I’m just one person, but I’ve decided to use this year to do whatever I can to do good in the world and fight against the bad in it.

I’m fighting back against feeling obligated to do certain things and act certain ways. There are really only a handful of things that I actually have to do every day. This year, I’m going to work on letting myself step back from things that I either no longer have the time/mind-space to do, I no longer have the desire to do, or that I simply think I shouldn’t do anymore. I’m going to let myself feel more comfortable with myself as I am, allow myself to enjoy those things I love, and let myself let go of those things in my life that just bring me trouble.

I’m fighting back against feeling directionless. I feel like it’s not that unique of a problem to be a millennial these days and feel totally directionless and like you have no clue what you’re doing with you life. However, I’m getting closer to turning 30 every day, so I’m going to use this year to really find where I fit.

I don’t want to end 2017 feeling like I wasted an entire year, so this is the year I’m rebelling against, well, myself. Or rather, I’m rebelling against the crazy expectations I put on myself. I’m choosing to be hopeful that I can find a better grasp on my own mental health, that I can actually do some good in the world, and that I can find a life that brings me direction and joy. It is a bit cliché, but that feels like a crazy mountain to climb. I’ve been fighting with myself for just shy of 3o years now, so to try to make any sort of headway towards direction and peace seems almost like an unattainable goal. Still, rebellions are built on hope, and I’m ready to start rebelling against those things that have kept me in places I no longer want to be.

What changes are you making in 2017? Do you have a word or phrase for the year? Tell me in the comments!