GeekGirlCon 2014 Wrap-Up: Part II


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my first post about a few of the highlights of GeekGirlCon ’14, and if you haven’t checked out my two pre-con posts, you can see those here and here. In my last GGC post, I talked about 5 highlights from the con. In this post, I’m going to talk about what I learned after my first convention as a member of the press.

1. The Red-Eye Flight 

GGC was in Seattle, so I had to fly to get there, which was fine. However, I didn’t leave myself a bunch of free time in Seattle before and after the con. I flew into Seattle super late the day before the con, and super early the morning after the con. I’m a bit of a night owl, so I had no trouble with the late night. Plus, going to the airport late in the evening does have its perks. Namely? No lines at security:


This was the nearly deserted security line at the airport. Beautiful.

Going to the airport in the unholy hours of the morning, however? Not quite as special. First off, there are significantly more people taking an early morning flight. Still not as many as more reasonable times of the day, but they are still there. And a great deal of them are morning people.


Secondly, if you are like me and you didn’t rent a car, that means you must take a shuttle to get to the airport from your hotel, as it is cheaper than a cab. So that means the shuttle will pick you up at 3:45 in the morning to ensure you make your red-eye flight on time. And, of course, since the airport is about an hour and a half drive from your home, by the time you finally arrive at your house?


2. Cons are Crazy

Part of the reason I was so spent when I got home, and why a red-eye flight was a bad idea is because I was busy all weekend. It was a great busy, and a super fun busy, but that entire weekend, this was me:

BusySince I had a press pass, I wanted to attend as much of the convention as I could. Minus a migraine that came on in the afternoon on Saturday, I spent all day either at the convention center or asleep. I felt like everything was a bit chaotic while I was there because though I had a rough idea of what panels I wanted to attend, my schedule was pretty murky. Which leads me to point number three…

3. Pre-Gaming


As far as I know, every single convention releases their schedule early. GeekGirlCon not only had a schedule up online, but it also had the schedule up on GuideBook. Instead of thinking about my schedule ahead of time, I kind of noted all the panels that sounded cool to me (which, of course, all overlapped). Once I got to the convention center, instead of taking a second to plan out my day, I continued flying by the seat of my pants (ex: like I said in my previous GGC ’14 post, I was pleasantly caught off guard by Anita Sarkeesian’s presence at the con, as well as Marissa Meyer’s). Con planning is a consistent problem with me. If you remember my Denver Comic Con ’14 post, I mention how I had plans to meet up with friends–a thought that never came to fruition because nothing was actually planned. So press or not, I need to get better at making a game plan for cons.

4. Packing Well

hotel room

My hotel room had two beds, so the second bed became the “toss crap here” bed.

Part of the pre-con pre-gaming is planning out the packing situation a bit better. I attempted to pack light, but things just got a bit out of control. I’d love to say that in the future I’ll pack on the essentials and I’ll have a highly organized packing system in my luggage, but I know that will never happen.


However, once I arrive at my hotel, setting my stuff in a more orderly fashion will help me find things quickly, especially when I have to pop back in the room for something between panels. The other thing that would have been helpful was having a better organization system for all my stuff while I was actually at the con. I only had my giant purse, and that got cumbersome and annoying after a while. I scoffed at the Nerdist/Her Universe con hoodie when it first came out, but now it kinda makes a lot of sense.


I also should have paid attention to the tips given to me from The Nerdy Girlie and Nerdist.

5. Connecting with Others

I’m an introvert, and I can be shy, especially in situations where I don’t know anyone. So attending a convention alone in a brand new city was a bit…intimidating. I can get really quiet and awkward when I’m uncomfortable, which is not a great way to make connections with others.


The great thing about GGC was that everyone was incredibly friendly and super welcoming. For instance, when I attended the press and panel mixer at the Raygun Lounge, I ordered a drink, and immediately had one of the other bloggers there tell me to pull a chair up to her table. So while I should definitely work on being more outgoing at future cons, GeekGirlCon is awesome in that it makes even the most awkward and shy among us feel welcome.

GeekGirlCon ’14 was a truly amazing con, and attending was so fun experience and a great learning experience. If you’re interested in learning more about GeekGirlCon, head to their website. Everyone who works for the con is a volunteer, and they rely largely on donations. If you’re interested in donating to the con (they even have prizes if you donate certain amounts), you can do that here.

Her Universe Fangirl of the Day!


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Her Universe--if you don’t believe me, check out my first Fandom 5 post. It’s like 95% Her Universe stuff. So I was thrilled when I found out this morning that I was picked as the Her Universe Fangirl of the Day! I’m so excited to get to keep the company of other amazing fangirls. If you want to hear more about Ashley Ecksetin and Her Universe’s Fangirl of the Day, watch the video below. If you want to submit yourself or another awesome fangirl to be an upcoming Fangirl of the Day, you can do that here. Also, don’t forget to check out my FGOTD post over at Her Universe!


The Mary Sue Post: The Walking Dead Recap

I’m over at The Mary Sue again today recapping last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. I hope you’ll join me over there.



If you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead, this is your official spoiler alert. Also, be sure to check out my recap of the season premiere, “No Sanctuary”.

You know when you watch a little kid blow up a balloon, and they keep blowing more and more and more air into it? You know that balloon is about to pop at any moment, so as you watch the kid blow up the balloon you sort of hold your breath and wait for the inevitable pop? That’s kind of how the latest episode of The Walking Dead went for me. This episode just had too many happy, silly moments, from Glenn tripping over boxes on a supply run, to Daryl tossing Carol some water and dropping it, to a giant, rosy group dinner. I knew, I just knew something awful was on the horizon.

Last week’s episode reunited almost everyone in Team Prison, with a few additions. Our group of survivors hasn’t been this large in a really long time, so it has been great to see (almost) everyone back together. As the group tried to find a new place to live after destroying Terminus, they stumbled across a priest who was being attacked by a group of walkers, Father Gabriel…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue!

Project-Nerd Post: Posthuman Project

I had the opportunity to review the film The Posthuman Project over at Project-Nerd. The Posthuman Project is an independent movie about teenagers who gain super powers, so of course I couldn’t wait to watch this film. I hope you’ll join me over at Project-Nerd to talk about the film!

With Marvel eating up the box office, and DC invading television, we’re not experiencing any sort of a shortage of superhero stories. FromThe Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, to Gotham and Arrow, there are a lot of costumed heroes guarding our cities. If you don’t look too closely, they can all start to look a bit alike.

Enter The Posthuman Project, a movie described as a film with the heart of a John Hughes movie, and the flare of one by J.J. Abrams. I will be honest, I would have never put those two things together myself, so I felt like I had to see this film–if only to slate my curiosity…

Read the rest over at Project-Nerd! 


Doctor Who Recap: Flatline

While I wasn’t able to recap last week’s episode of Doctor Who because I was at GeekGirlCon (but you can check out this recap on The Mary Sue), be sure to check out my recap of “Kill the Moon,” “The Caretaker,” and “Time Heist“. And if you aren’t caught up on Doctor Who, this is your official spoiler alert.


This week was the week of Clara Oswald! Ever since Clara was able to move past the “Impossible Girl” story line, evolving into an actual person rather than an anomaly on the Doctor’s timeline, I have become such a huge fan of her. This episode in particular has been one of my favorite Clara episodes.

This episode had the Doctor and Clara separated for most of the episode, the Doctor trapped inside the TARDIS, and Clara running the show from the outside. Clara has to figure out what is causing a string of disappearances in Bristol, and ultimately has to fight an inter-dimensional battle with a creature that can hide and attack from the floors and the walls.

Also, we finally got the context of those tiny TARDIS pictures released by the Daily Mail over the summer.


After months of speculation, we finally learn that the tiny TARDIS happens because the creature in this episode latches onto the TARDIS and scavanges bits of its technology, causing the TARDIS to be quite a bit bigger on the inside than we’re used to, ultimately shrinking it to a size where Clara is able to stow the TARDIS (with the Doctor trapped inside) in her purse.


While an earpiece let the Doctor communicate with Clara while the Doctor was trapped in the TARDIS, Clara was basically on her own to wield the sonic and try to keep those around her–and the world in general–safe.

doctor clara

I loved getting to watch Clara run the show. After several episodes of Twelve’s roughness, his lack of empathy, and his frequent rudeness, it was great to see Clara take up the role of “Doctor” to infuse some of that loveableness (is that even a word?) back into the role. Clara made tough calls, she wasn’t perfect as she was not always honest with the people in her care, but she was ultimately able to make the people around her feel safe. While Twelve can make you feel protected in a moment of crisis, Clara was able bring a bit of softness that we haven’t seen in the Doctor since the regeneration.

Ever since Clara blew up at the Doctor in “Kill the Moon“–regardless of what the Doctor says–I think he has been mulling over his actions and examining how he treats the humans in his care. So watching Clara act like the Doctor in his stead maybe showed him ways that he’s falling short.

exceptional doctor

Of course, maybe not. After all, the Doctor did say that Clara’s “goodness” had nothing to do with how good of a Doctor she was. So it stands to reason that he sees a reason and importance to having less “goodness” than Eleven.

But, honestly, the Doctor was really a supporting character this week. It was really all about Clara.

(C) BBC - Photographer: Adrian Rogers

(C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers

For the past several episodes Clara has been juggling her life with the Doctor, her life with Danny, and trying to work out how she felt about the Doctor’s questionable tactics on the moon. While her relationship with Danny and the Doctor was mentioned, the focus of the episode was Clara. In this episode, we got to see how Clara faced a crisis on her own (mostly on her own, anyway). My favorite moment of the episode was when Clara stopped asking “what would the Doctor do”, and starting asking how she felt it best to handle the situation. I’m really loving how this season is showing us Clara and the Doctor’s relationship evolve from Clara fully revolving around the Doctor–her very existence being only to save the Doctor–to Clara having a life outside of the TARDIS, and making choices without the Doctor beside her to call the shots.

Also, and I’m just gonna say this once, I think watching Clara wield the sonic showed us how a female Doctor could actually be pretty awesome, despite objections from naysayers.

Ultimately, Clara is getting a chance to blossom into an extremely interesting character. I love that they allow Clara to be feminine and show her emotions, as well as show her being fully capable to do what needs to be done in a crisis. So often in television and movies we see female characters portrayed as either feminine and emotional OR capable in a crisis. I love that Clara is a bit of both.

As a side note, I’m interested to see what will happen with Clara and Danny. Danny has made it very clear how important honesty is to him, and Clara has been lying straight to his face about her relationship with the Doctor. Danny’s presence is in the trailer for next week’s episode “In the Forest of the Night” has only made me more curious.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments, and check out the trailer for “Forest of the Night” below!

Clip From the New Episode of Supernatural: Soul Survivor

The CW just released a new clip from next week’s episode of Supernatural, “Soul Survivor”, and I’ve got it for you here!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my recap of the season premiere, “Black“, and the most recent episode, “Reichenbach“.

We’re Getting Another American IT Crowd



It looks like NBC is taking a stab at making another Americanized version of The IT Crowd.


The last time NBC tried their hand at remaking The IT Crowd for an American audience was in 2007, and it wasn’t great. The pilot was basically a shot-for-shot remake of the UK’s version, with Richard Ayoade reprising his role as Moss and, for some reason, Joel McHale playing Moss’ affable slacker bestie, Roy.

joel mchale

This was prior to McHale’s slick, pretty boy Jeff Winger/tailored suit-wearing host of The Soup days, as you can see from this picture:


I love Joel McHale, but I really wasn’t a fan of his version of Roy. The show was ultimately cancelled before it saw the light of day, but if you’re curious, you can see the American IT Crowd pilot on YouTube.

The 2007 remake got such negative reviews that I’m pretty surprised to hear NBC is giving an American IT Crowd another go. Not only that, but says NBC has given the show a put pilot commitment, which means the pilot has to be aired. So unlike the 2007 pilot, we’ll all be able to see this version of The IT Crowd on television rather than seeking it out from the dark corners of YouTube.


I really just wish they’d cut their losses and stop trying to make American IT Crowd happen, but here’s the silver lining: the show is going to be coming to us from the brains behind other successful, quirky shows like Scrubs, Cougar Town, Community, and the cult web series hit, Nobody’s Watching: Bill Lawrence, Neil Goldman, and Garret Donovan. According to Deadline, Goldman and Donovan, who were nominated for an Emmy for writing the Scrubs episode My Screwup, also wrote the pilot.

roy it

If anyone was going to do a good job with an American remake of The IT Crowd, it could potentially be these guys. There aren’t any casting announcements yet, and we don’t have an air date, so we’ll have to wait see what NBC does with our favorite UK IT team. But really, if you think about it, attempting an American remake of a popular UK show, failing and cancelling it, and then trying again is really the TV version of Roy’s timeless tech advice:

classic roy

What do you think of NBC trying to make another American IT Crowd? Will you watch? Let me know in the comments!

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Characters I’d Love To Dress As for Halloween


I’m back with my newest post in The Nerdy Girlie‘s and SuperSpaceChick‘s 5 Fandom Friday linkup. If you didn’t see my last Fandom 5 posts about “gateway fandoms” and geeky clothes, you can find that here and here. This week’s Fandom 5 is about Halloween!

If you’ve poked around my blog for any amount of time, I’ve talked a lot about how I think cosplay is amazing, and I have shiny, unattainable goals of becoming an amazing cosplayer. I’ve pretty much resolved myself to the fact that this will probably never happen, and I’m learning to accept this reality. Still, Halloween is a time for costumes and a time for TONS of pre-made costumes for the hopeless cases like myself. Even So here are 5 characters that I would LOVE to dress up as this Halloween, in no particular order:

1. River Tam from Firefly and Serenity

Ain’t no power in the ‘verse that can stop this Halloween costume. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

If you don’t think River is completely and totally amazing, then you’re just wrong. I’ve found a cool River everyday cosplay outfit on Polyvore, but I think it would also be fun to really commit and do a River costume, weapons and all.

river tam


2. Black Canary from Arrow

I just love the Canary’s outfit. It’s super cool and functional, while still being super cute. I’m also a huge fan of the Canary’s weapon. It already takes all of my self control to not grab my broom and try to wield it like Sara. I don’t know what I’d do if I actually had a Canary costume…

black canary


3. Arsenal from Arrow 

I looooove Colton Hayes’ costume on Arrow, and I’m also just generally a fan of the color red. I’m a big fan of Stephen Amell’s costume on Arrow and all, but I’m obsessed with Arsenal’s vigilante look. Love, love, love.



4. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Khaleesi! I love Dany, and for some reason, out of all of her costumes, the outfit she wore while travelling with the Dothraki across the desert is one of my favorites. One of my Female Geek Blogger buddies, Mia, did an AMAZING Daenerys cosplay with this outfit…plus a horse heart. You can see that here.

Red Waste- Rakharo is ahead of the game

5. Dragonborn from Skyrim

More specifically, I’d probably really nerd out and dress up as my Skyrim character, whom I’ve named Gwynlienne (not pictured below). I would also probably spend most of the night just running around, pushing people yelling, “FUS RO DAH!”



Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween? What are your costume plans? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to check out the other 5 Fandom Friday posts by following the hashtag, #Fandom5. 

GeekGirlCon 2014 Wrap-Up: Part I


I’ve been so pumped for GeekGirlCon 2014 for months now, and I’m still in a bit of a haze now that it’s behind me. If you haven’t seen them yet, go here and here to see my pre-con posts. This was the first con I attended as “press”, so this was kind of a giant learning experience, but ultimately it was amazing.

Fancy badge! This means I'm officially a member of the press, right?

Fancy badge! This means I’m officially a member of the press, right?

I experienced so much amazing stuff at the con, so I’ve been having some hardcore writer’s block when it comes to recapping.


So instead of doing one master post, I’m gonna break my con coverage into a couple of posts. In this post I’ll talk about a few of the highlights of the con. So here goes:

1. Anita-freaking-Sarkeesian!!!

I was fully unaware that Anita was planning to attend the con, let alone that she was going to have her own panel.  So while I had originally planned to attend a different panel during that time, as soon as I saw her name on the schedule I high-tailed it over there.


Please enjoy my crappy iPhone pic of Anita speaking!

Hearing Anita speak was equal parts inspiring and discouraging. While she’s trying to do some really cool stuff, starting a conversation on feminism in pop culture (she’s focused a lot on video games recently), she’s gotten a TON of pushback, hatred, and threats of violence. In fact, she even received a threat at GGC, and recently received another threat regarding her scheduled talk at USU.  Polygon talks about it here. So while it was inspiring to hear her goals and dreams for her non-profit, Feminist Frequency, and it was so cool to hear how strong she is being in the face of some truly scary stuff, it was so discouraging to see how many people react to her with such hatred and violence. Regardless, I’m stoked that I got to hear her speak.

2. Fierce Reads Panel

Fierce Reads

And another crappy panel iPhone photo! Whee!

I love YA, I’ll admit it. So I was so excited to see the Fierce Reads panel featuring 5 amazing YA authors, Marissa Meyer, Nikki Kelly, Lish McBride, Jessica Brody, and Gennifer Albin. I’ll be honest, prior to this panel I had only heard of Marissa Meyer, but these women were so hilarious and engaging that I’ve put each and every one of their books on hold at the library (yes, libraries are still a thing). While I’m not looking to become a YA author, I am fairly certain I’ll always be a consumer of YA literature. It was so much fun to hear about their process, and, if nothing else, listen to Nikki Kelly and her lovely English accent.

And, of course, I got autographs.


3. Nerd For a Living


The Nerd for a Living panels were in pretty high demand at the con. This particular one ran out of seats, and folks like yours truly had to stand at the back.

A group called Nerd For a Living also held several panels about starting and growing a geeky business. As someone who runs her own geek blog, I was quite interested in these panels. I was expecting to find these panels stocked with various bloggers, but N4AL was able to grab women from a wide variety of “geeky” professions, from makeup artists to cartoonists, and even yarn-makers. The panels offered a really wide range of professions, so the perspectives and experiences were quite varied. It was great. Here are two of my favorite quotes from their How to be a Nerd for a Living panel:

4. Community with a Capital C

You guys, there were so many amazing people at this convention. One of my favorite parts was getting to meet up with other bloggers at the fabulously named Raygun Lounge. I spent the most time chatting with Jamie Broadnax from Black Girl Nerds and Sarah Beck from Women in Game Studies. The folks that are a part of the GeekGirlCon community are brilliant, hilarious, and so kind. As a painfully shy introvert, I wasn’t sure what kind of connections I would make, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly that the shy introverted part of me didn’t even have a chance to take over. If you’re interested, you can read Sarah’s recap of the Feminist Community Building panel she moderated here.

5. Amazing Cosplay (also, Daleks)

con dalek

There were So. Many. Daleks. This particular Dalek was made by a con volunteer, and it was remote-controlled.  It would rove around the con, and it even had built in music to make it extra-menacing as it scooted along. The scope also moved, which was amazing. I was also a huge fan of how many parents dressed their kids as Daleks. If I’m ever a mom, you can bet your bottom dollar my kid will be spending a great deal of Halloweens dressed as a Dalek. As for the rest of the con’s cosplay, my camera failed me, so I didn’t get the stellar cosplay shots I had planned on getting. So, if you want to check out some of the truly awesome cosplay featured at GGC (because there was a lot), go here and here.


GeekGirlCon ’14 was a truly amazing con, and these five points barely scratch the surface of how awesome GGC is. If you’re interested in learning more about GeekGirlCon, head to their website. Everyone who works for the con is a volunteer, and they rely largely on donations. If you’re interested in donating to the con (they even have prizes if you donate certain amounts), you can do that here.

I’ll be posting again tomorrow with more info on the con, my everday cosplay endeavors, and what I’ve learned after my first foray into being a member of the press at a convention. Stay tuned!

Supernatural Recap: Reichenbach


If you haven’t checked out my recap of last week’s episode, head over here. And if you’re not caught up with Supernatural, this is your official spoiler alert.


 I’m gonna break this up into two sections. The Cas, Hannah, and Metatron section, and the Dean, Crowley, and Sam section.

Let’s start with Cas and Co:

Cas was in bad shape during the season premiere, and he’s only doing worse this week. While Cas seems pretty content to just let himself waste away, Hannah isn’t cool with him dying. So she pays a visit to heaven-jail and tries to get any remaining bits of Cas’ grace from Metatron. It doesn’t go too well, to say the least.


Metatron is willing (or at least he says he’s willing) to hand over what remains of Cas’ grace in exchange for his freedom. Hannah is willing to make that trade, but Cas walks in and stops her. He also does a bit of smack talking about how, though he may be dying, his happy place is resting in the knowledge that Metatron is rotting away in heaven-jail. Metatron does some smack talking back about how he’ll get out and kill everyone. You know, pretty standard. Ultimately, Cas is still dying, Metatron is still locked up, and Hannah is still trying to figure out a way to save Cas.

Unexpected favorite thing of this episode? Hannah. This is the first episode where I’ve started to actually care about her. We’re starting to see a bit more of her personality apart from being a soldier, and we also get to see her genuine care and concern for Castiel. More importantly, we’re seeing some of that angel awkwardness we haven’t really experienced since we were first introduced to Cas.

3beansurprise whats the surprise

I love this show, but I also know what it does to female characters that I love. I mean…


…and also…


…and lest we forget…


I could go on, but you get the idea. I have a real sinking feeling that Hannah is going to die and give Cas her grace. I mean, I don’t want Cas to die, but I’m really hoping that we don’t have to pick between Cas and Hannah. Her character has some real potential, and I’d love to see where it takes us. We’ll have to see what happens in the coming weeks. I’m pulling for ya, Hannah!

Let’s move on to Crowley, Sam, and Dean: 

Demon Dean was kinda intriguing in episode one, I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t as freaked out by Demon Dean in the premiere as I thought I’d be. He didn’t seem insanely different from Dean, just a lot more lecherous and a lot more violent.

That definitely changed in Reichenbach. Holy crap.

First off, he flashed the demon eyes a lot more this episode.

demon dean eyes

He defied the King of Hell (who had been helping Dean feed the Mark, remember) in front of two other demons, simultaneously hitting Crowley right in the bestie-feels:

no besties

When Sam finally found Dean and promised to help him, Dean responded by saying:

scary dean1 scarydean1

Then he threatened Sam again after Sam captured Dean, and tried to take him back to the Bunker:

no mercy

And, most horrifyingly of all, when Sam mentioned how messy the Impala was, Dean actually said:


Just a car?!?


Yeah, okay, I’m officially freaked out by Demon Dean. Major props to Jensen Ackles for his amazing portrayal of Demon Dean. Namely, his ability to find a way to make Dean’s usually endearing smile and snark inherently dark and terrifying:


For me, the big question of the episode is what is truly left of Dean? He spends the entire episode violently pushing everyone away from him, threatening the one person he literally sold his soul to protect, neglecting the Impala, and acting like a complete pig (That scene of him at the strip club? Yeah, not a fan of that).

At the same time, there are still glimpses of Dean. I didn’t notice this, and will have to go back and re-watch to verify, but word on the interwebz is when Dean sat down at the piano, he was playing “Hey Jude”–which is huge if it’s true since “Hey Jude” is the song his mom would sing to him as a kid instead of a lullaby. And even though Dean wasn’t thrilled to see Sam turn up…


…he was pretty quick to beat the snot out of Cole, the guy who had kidnapped and threatened to kill Sam in the last episode.

While it could just be defiance, it’s also worth mentioning Crowley commissioning Dean to kill a cheating wife after her husband made a crossroads deal to have her killed. Dean decides to kill the husband instead because Dean thought the husband was a creep–which he was, by the way.

While these are only brief moments, and they’re still rather dark, it makes me wonder how much of Dean is really still there. Dean’s always been riddled with guilt and feelings of worthlessness, so it’s possible that maybe Dean is embracing the Mark because he thinks he deserves it. However, he’s lucid enough to push those he cares about away from him so he doesn’t hurt them.

I might be grasping at straws here, but Demon Dean is kind of killing my soul, guys. Sadly, after checking out the trailer for next week’s episode, “Soul Survivor”, it looks like things are gonna have to get worse before they get better.

Check out the trailer for “Soul Survivor” below, and leave your thoughts about “Reichenbach” in the comments!