Project-Nerd Post: Mojang Bought By Microsoft

Hey, guys! I’m at Project-Nerd again, talking about Microsoft buying Mojang. I hope y’all will join me over there! 

The rumor has been whirling around the gaming world for the past few days, and now it has been officially confirmed that Microsoft is purchasing Mojang for a cool $2.5 billion. Mojang is, of course, the company that is responsible for the mega-hit, insanely addictive video game, Minecraft.

Microsoft’s acquisition also signals the departure of Mojang’s creator, Notch (or Markus Persson), Mojang’s CEO Carl Manneh, and Jakob Porser. No word on the rest of the Mojang staff, or “Monjangstas”, but Notch said in a blog post published today he expects most of the staff will stay on with the company.

No word yet if Herobrine will be following Notch or Microsoft after the acquisition…

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#BloggerConfessions: A Nerdy Girlie Linkup


My buddy Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie (you might remember her from our Women in Geek series) from the awesome Google+ group, Female Geek Bloggers, is hosting a fantastic linkup where we bloggers share 5 confessions of being a blogger. You can see Megan’s confession post here.

So, here are my five Blogger Confessions:

1. I hate, hate, hate promoting myself. 


It’s been awesome reading some of the other Blogger Confessions, because I’ve seen that I’m not alone on this one. It feels really weird for me to post all over my Twitter, facebook, and wherever else, asking for people to come and read my stuff. It’s the same reason I’ve never tried to sell Avon or Tupperware. I hate any kind of sales-pitchy, self-promotion. Ultimately, I know that’s what is going to get my blog noticed, so I do my best.

2. I often bite off a lot more than I can chew. 


Any reader of my blog will know that I write a LOT outside of Distracted Blogger. Contributing to other blogs is something I love, and it’s a way for me to grow my platform. However, I frequently sign on to do FAR too much in the blogging world (and IRL, too) and I find myself swamped a lot. The problem is it’s tough for me to say no to anything blogging-related because I love it, but I really have to stay on top of myself to avoid spreading myself too thin. I do not always succeed at this.

3. I’m really bad at investing in online community–but I’m working on it. 

sheldon friends

As I’ve said in the past, I’m a part of the Google+ Female Geek Blogger community. It’s a great group of creative and fun women, but I don’t nearly invest as much as I would like (or as much as I should). I really try to plug in to what others are saying via Bloglovin’, Google+, Tumblr, or Twitter, but I am INCREDIBLY bad at being consistent with it. I can even be bad at keeping up with my IRL buds on social media. I’m trying to clean up my act, but it’s a process.

4. A “blogging schedule” isn’t a thing for me, but it should be.


Because I do a lot of “news blogging” for sites like Project-Nerd, it can be really hard for me to whip up an actual blogging schedule. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice that I have a board called “blogging tools”. It’s laughably under-populated compared to the legions of stuff clogging up my other boards. I would love to someday be that blogger who has a specific blogging schedule, and even have some blogs ready ahead of time. However, that’s definitely not the woman you see before you today.

5. Blogging has helped me get a better grasp on my dreams and what I want from my life.


It’s weird, but starting Distracted Blogger has helped me realize what I love, and what I don’t love. For a really long time, I felt like I really needed to aspire to be a novelist. I work in publishing, a lot of my friends are aspiring novelists, and for a while, I aspired to be one, too. However, I’ve realized pretty quickly that the novelist life just isn’t for me. I love blogging, and I love journalistic-style writing, and it’s okay for me to leave noveling to the pros. I’ve also realized that I’d love to some day parlay Distracted Blogger and my blogging life into some sort of a career in journalism. I don’t quite know what that looks like just yet, but I know that I love this stuff too much to not attempt to turn this into some sort of a real job where I make actual money. For a chick with an English degree who for years now knew that she just wanted to do “something with writing that isn’t teaching”, this is a really exciting and refreshing revelation.

So there you have it! If you want to participate in the link up, write your own post with your 5 blogging confessions, link back to Megan’s original post, use the hashtag #BloggerConfessions so we can all see it and Megan can RT, and leave your post in the comments of Megan’s post!

Nerdophiles Post: New Mockingjay Trailer

I’m over at Nerdophiles talking about the new, full-length Mockingjay trailer! Check it out!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. The promotion alone for this movie has been so incredibly creative and exciting, my personal favorites being the release of the Rebel Posters and propos from President Snow, including one where he’s flanked by a couple of victors.  If the promotion for this movie is any indication, Mockingjay Part I (in theaters November 21) is going to be AMAZING. Take a peek at the trailer…

Read the rest of the post and see the trailer over at Nerdophiles! 

The Year of the Deanmon

Warning: If you’re not caught up on Supernatural, and you care about spoilers, stop reading IMMEDIATELY. 


I’ve been talking a LOT about season 10 of Supernatural. If you’ve missed it, you can check out my posts on the musical episode, the season 10 promo poster and fan-made posters, and the “Road So Far“. This is gonna be a big year for our favorite hunters. We haven’t really ended a season on such an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger since Sam accidentally started the apocalypse.

sam oops

Well, after a ton of teasers, we’ve finally seen the official trailer for season 10. In short? It looks like Demon Dean,or “Deanmon”, which is what the CW is trying to make happen…

not gonna happen

…is going to be a BIG handful, and Sam is going to cause a lot of destruction trying to fix Dean.

One of the most interesting things I took from the trailer is the talk of what Demon De–I mean “Deanmon”

sam eye roll

–really is. We all know Dean still has his anti-possession tattoo, and we even see it in the trailer. Of course, nothing really possessed Dean after Metatron stabbed him. He was just sort of ushered by Crowley over to the dark side.


Though we only got snippets, obviously, there is a part in the trailer where it is mentioned that whatever has created Demon Dean has spawned from his own demons, which we know he has a TON of. It will be really interesting to learn the origin of what exactly has created “Deanmon”.

dean eye rollThe other piece of this–that wasn’t addressed in the trailer–is after Cain transferred The Mark to Dean, Dean promised Cain he’d kill him after right after killing Abaddon. As far as we know, Dean hasn’t made good on his promise to Cain. I’m hopeful this means we’ll see some more of Cain this season, and maybe he’ll be able to shed some light on what really happened to my favorite hunter other than, you know, the obvious:

demon dean

I’ve got the trailer below for your viewing pleasure. I’d love to hear what you think about season 10 in the comments!

Nerdophiles Post: Supernatural Season 10 Fan Made Posters are Amazing

I’m over at Nerdophiles (I promise I’ll be blogging here more, too, life has just been CRAZY) talking about the less-than-stellar Supernatural season 10 promo poster, and the awesome fan-made posters I’ve seen around the interwebz. I hope you all will join me over there

The CW has released the promo poster for Supernatural‘s 10th season. Honestly, it is kind of underwhelming. Take a peek:


I’m rarely fan of Supernatural promo posters, as they are usually some sort of generic shot of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles looking into the camera with varying levels of smolder in their eyes (add in Misha Collins and/or Mark Sheppard, depending on the season). Sure, those boys are pretty nice to look at, but for a fandom that creates so much cool and creative (and let’s face it, sometimes creepy) original work, I’ve always found it to be a bit of a shame the promo posters don’t reflect any of that creativity.  Also, is it just me, or does Jensen look taller than Jared in the season 10 poster??? I digress…

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Project-Nerd Post: Iron Man 4

Hey, guys! I’m back on Project-Nerd talking about Iron Man 4 (or the potential lack thereof). Check it out! 

You heard me right, guys. It looks like removing the arc reactor from his body at the end of Iron Man 3 is where Marvel has decided to end Tony Stark’s story. In an interview with Variety, Robert Downey Jr. said straight up, “No, there is no plan for a fourth Iron Man.”

I’ve got to be honest here. I’m really having a hard time believing Marvel is going to stop making Iron Man movies, especially when they’ve mapped out a giant plan for their cinematic universe to about 14 years in the future…

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Project-Nerd Post: Superhero Roundup

I’m back at Project-Nerd with a quick round up of the superhero movie and TV news that came out last week. I hope you’ll join me over there! Here’s a peek:

There was a ton of news coming out of the superhero movie and TV world last week. Ben’s already touched on a bit of it here, namely Dwayne Johnson’s official confirmation that he will play Black Adam in the Shazam movie. But that’s just the tip of what’s happening, so let’s get to it!

DC Registered Four Domain Names for DC Universe Films

Though nothing is officially confirmed, the fact DC recently registered domain names for Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam pretty much has everybody convinced those movies are in our future.

It’ll be interesting to see how the DC Cinematic Universe pans out. There has already been a big ruckus over the alleged “no jokes” policy for their future films, though people are already saying not every movie will adhere to this policy–namely, the Shazam flick

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Project-Nerd Post: Supernatural Season 10 Promo Poster!

Hey, guys! I’m back on Project-Nerd with another news post! The CW just released the season 10 promo poster, and I’m talking about it at Project-Nerd. I hope y’all will join me over there!

It’s been a decade since Dean pulled Sam out of college at Stanford because, “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” Since then we’ve seen both Sam and Dean literally go to hell and back, Sam’s lost his soul, Dean’s gone to Purgatory, we’ve gone through two prophets (#BringBackKevin), survived the apocalypse, but despite all that, this season promises to be one of the biggest of the show’s history….

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Saw Is Ten Years Old and Returning to Theaters Halloween!

Here, listening to this as you read might help you get into the proper mindset to read this post:

Just kidding. But seriously, can you believe it has been a DECADE since Saw was first released? I realize there have been seven Saw flicks since the first one was released, but for some reason my head just can’t wrap itself around the fact that an entire decade has passed since we were first introduced to the Jigsaw Killer…

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Women in Geek: Catrina Dennis

Women in Geek CD

For the past month, I’ve been featuring women working in various geeky professions here on my blog. If you’ve missed any, you can find them all here. It’s been an awesome month, and I’ve loved getting to talk to so many amazing women doing cool things in their corner of geekery. Alas, I’m going to be giving the series a break. I’m probably not done with it forever, but I wanted to give it a rest for now. I couldn’t think of anyone better to close out our month of geeky ladies than Catrina Dennis (who gets extra credit points for sending me several pics and gifs of her).

catrina iron throne

I “Twitter-met” (that’s a thing, right?) Catrina back when she was working for Geek & Sundry. When I decided to start up this blog series, she was one of the first women I approached. I’m so excited to get to have her as a part of the series, so let’s get to it!

What do you do in geek culture (on your own time and professionally)?

I work as a geek culture journalist and host, primarily covering comics-related media. Outside of that, I’m a blogger, vlogger, a huge comic fan, and an angry gamer. I’m also a pretty outspoken activist for inclusiveness in geek culture, and every once in a while, I like to cosplay.

catrina khaleesi


Do you have a day job, or does this pay your bills?

I’m the Channel Manager of all things Superhero over at Moviepilot! It’s a great mix of managing editor and community manager, which is right up my alley. Before this, I worked with the team over at Geek & Sundry as their Social Media and Community Manager.

How did you get started in your geeky line of work, and what got you interested in it?

I honestly fell into this by accident: I answered a craigslist ad for an on-camera personality to conduct interviews at E3, then ended up staying with that outlet for a while. I eventually started writing for them and other gaming outlets, while holding a day job in social media. After a while, I ended up with Geek & Sundry, which gave me more of an opportunity to do journalism based around comics thanks to a new show that had launched (Amy Dallen’s Talkin’ Comics Weekly check out Amy here! She’s awesome). I met my bosses-to-be thanks to my work with Geek & Sundry, and now I’m at Moviepilot! :)

catrina movie pilot

Who are some of your female geek role models, and why?

Gail Simone is the first person that comes to mind thanks to her vocal and at the same time completely charming activism when it comes to making comics more inclusive. She’s also one of my favorite comic writers of all time and has an incredibly inspiring tenacity in her work that I hope to someday possess, as I’m currently working on my first title.  Other names that come to mind are (of course) Felicia Day (one of the most passionate creators I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing), Janelle Asselin, Amy Dallen, Kelly Sue DeConnick, G. Willow Wilson, comicbookgirl19, and Ashly Burch.

You work (and have worked) in some cool places like MoviePilot and Geek and Sundry. What is that like? Do you get sick of asking questions about working with people like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton?

I love what I do because every new day is very different from the last: there are always new problems to solve, or new pieces of information to put out. Since the core of my work is within journalism, I essentially get paid to geek out over new bits of news that come out in regards to comics. In regards to getting questions about the people I’ve worked for/with, I actually don’t often get bombarded with them! When I do, it’s rarely too probing or weird. I get to work with some extremely inspiring people and I count my lucky stars every day because I’ve gotten to learn from many whom I consider the best in their fields.

Do you encounter any negativity based on your gender or your appearance, and do you find that your readers are more critical of your opinions because you’re a woman?

For me, luckily, the negativity I receive is the least painful and the easiest to combat: fact-checkers. Often, I’ll have commenters who doubt certain aspects of my articles, but a quick citation usually clears things up. What’s funny is that sources and facts are things i always make sure to include, but often end up repeating — because, you’ll find, most people who throw shade at you just skimmed your work before forming an educated opinion. On-camera, though, people can get a little vicious — I’ve been called fat, or boyish, ugly; sometimes, an actual threat to my life or body will make it’s way into the comments section. So, I’d definitely say that women and those of us who don’t fit the norm are given a much, much harder time when we out ourselves out there.

What is the best thing about your line of work?

Oh, this is a tough one. I think the coolest thing about what I do is that a chunk of my job just involves geeking out with other people like me. The sheer excitement you get when it comes to sharing a fandom with another person is one of the best feelings ever. I think my MOST favorite thing about what I do is when someone who’s seen my work decides to read a new comic that I had suggested. Their reactions are a total thrill for me to see.

What is the coolest/most meaningful thing you’ve experienced since working with G&S, Moviepilot, and starting your own vlog?

Really, it’s just that I’ve met so many people who are as passionate about their fandoms as I am. I’ve made some incredible friends, gotten advice from people I’ve looked up to since childhood, and have honestly had my career molded by the way geek culture is progressing. If you told me that I’d be doing what I’m doing years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you at all.

catrina mario

What do you find that is meaningful, special, and/or valuable about what you do?

Getting younger people into comics and crafting a world where everyone is welcome to geek out is my overall goal when it comes to what I do. Being a geek (for comics, video games, movies, and music) has not only provided me with the makings of a great career path, but also helped me lead a positive, goal-driven life working in a field I am so completely in love with. Everyone deserves to find joy in their hobbies and passions — especially if it means they can create something and lead a life that coincides with them — so that’s what I want to help provide for all geeks everywhere.

How do you handle, if you’ve encountered it at all, the negativity against women in geek?

I’m not a very confrontational person, nor am I nearly clever enough to come up with witty/hilarious Gail Simone-essque comebacks to trolls. A lot of times, my initial reaction is just to talk to the person that’s throwing shade my way, but more often than not people aren’t around for the sake of debate — they’re around to make you feel like crap for no reason outside of the fact that they don’t like to see someone that they don’t feel belongs. It’s mind-blowing that anyone would want to exclude another fan based on their gender, looks, skin color, or sexuality. I mean, why does it matter? But it happens often, and it can get scary. It’s ridiculous that I have to report people for physically threatening me just because of my gender or body type. It’s fandom, guys. Chill out.

There are lots of women out there who want to break into the geek industry, be it comics, gaming, writing, or fashion. What kind of advice do you have for them?

Be tenacious. Be open to advice and critique, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something — especially if they’re saying it because you’re a woman. Get every idea on paper or in some kind of physical form before you consider quitting it — seeing it comes to life in some form or another helps you make educated decisions and learn for the future. Put yourself out there and use the incredible tools we’ve been given as a generation to do it with. Most importantly, be supportive of your colleagues. It’s a huge challenge for women of all sorts to break this industry, so encourage other lady creators and help promote their work as well if you enjoy it.

catrina sdcc


What do you wish people knew about what you do? Are there common misconceptions about what it means to do what you do?

I’m honestly unsure of what could be a common misconception about my line of work, but what I do hope is that others know that this work isn’t just hanging out and reading comics all day: it’s being awake when a story breaks, cranking out content at 4 am, and having a deep-rooted knowledge of your passions. When you’re in a position like mine, your responsibility is to create content that fans like you want; entertaining, engaging and informative. You’re both the voice of your community and the central point of information for them, so being able to keep up and deliver your best to them can be both exciting and extremely tough. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because challenges like these are a thrill for me.

A big thank you to Catrina for talking with me, and thank you to the other amazing women that I’ve gotten to chat with: Sarah Rodriguez (who, incidentally does a podcast, the Rebel Base Podcast, with Catrina), Lindsay Cummings, Christina Janke, Megan Gotch, Kat Miller, Marissa Reynolds, Vicky Connolly, and Tiffany Wangerin. You can read the entire Women in Geek series here!